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Colors/Soulmate Renjun

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Request: Can i get a Renjun colourblind soul mate Au ?

can i request the soulmate thing but with renjun?

So I was intrested in your soulmate stories and would like to request one for renjun Thank youuuu ^^

Hey! I would have a request for your soulmate stories! Could you write one for Renjun?

A/N: happy birthday to this angel & im happy he’s getting so much love?? haha yay i actually did this concept with Mark’s and it was really fun, hope you enjoy reading!


“They resemble the color of chocolate, the cocoa brown strands shining brightly, with a few streaks of caramel-like strands popping from beneath.”

You nodded your head in excitement as your eyes glued to your mother’s mouth, anticipating what she was going to describe next. The woman in front of you reached her hand out and held your small palm in hers, which was huge in size as compared to yours. You smiled innocently at her, and asked with excitement, “Mommy! Describe more! I want to know what other colors there are”

Pink, orange, blue and green. All the colors you wanted to see but couldn’t at all, not until you met your soulmate.

As a child you had always been curious, as you’d beg your mother to describe all the colors she is able to see, as you let your imagination run wild. You were told that your cheeks were of a rosy pink color-a light and calming shade that many loved. Your mother had also told you that your eyes were of a light brown shade, as your rather pale and fair skin made you look even more lovable.

Your mother looked around, then picked up the small rose lying in a vase from the table. Pointing it to you, she smiled and waved, “This is red,”

You nodded your head once again, as you mouthed out the word in fascination, “Red”

She gave a small smile, then continued,“,red is normally seen as a symbol of love and romance. That’s why daddy got me this red rose, do you understand?”

The 8 year old you stared at her in confusion as you furrowed your eyebrows together,“Romance? What is that?”

She smiled and chuckled, then pat your head, “It’s something that happens when you meet your soulmate, you’ll understand later on”

Without saying much, you simply nodded your head and smiled, “Thank you mommy!”


You couldn’t remember exactly when you started to see those, but recently you had been seeing lighter shades of white and colors, but they would only last for a while.

In just a split second you were faced with many different bright and outstanding shades of colors, making it seem more vibrant as compared ti the black&white vision you had been having since you were born. But weird thing was, this sudden outbursts of colors did not last long. Everything would be back to the monotone two colors that you were so familiar with in just a few seconds, and moments later you’d be face by the same highlights again.

You were confused and scared at the same time- what if something was happening to your soulmate? What was going to happen from there?

Coincidentally, all these strted after you met him.

Although y'all had never once met up before, you could tell that he was a genuinely nice person, and was always there for you no matter what.

You came upon one of his song covers on the internet. Although he didn’t show his face, his angelic voice managed to capture your attention and next thing you knew, the both of you were constantly messaging and chatting with each other, as y'all seemed to immediately ‘click’.

One problem though-he lived far away from where you did, coming all the way from China. You cherished him as a friend and it broke your heart to know that there was a possibility that the both of you would ever get the chance to meet.

How’s your day going Y/N ah? -renjun ☆

I’m still seeing these random colors, is this normal omg? have you experienced this before -you

Maybe you’re just going to meet your soulmate soon? and nah, i haven’t met mine yet, everything’s still black and white for me –renjun ☆

they’d be so lucky though, being able to be yours -you

yours would be luckier -renjun ☆

Your heart almost stopped as you felt yourself blushing, you couldn’t be possibly falling for someone whom you’ve never met before, when you already have a soulmate right?


Three months passed but still no one, especially your soulmate, was appearing. You still had the random color ‘strikes’ occuring from time to time everyday, and it only made you more afraid and nervous.

Yet another thing that made you afraid, just last month Renjun had called you frantically telling you that he had seen a few colors that day too, and was similar to what you were experiencing.

He was going to meet his soulmate too and probably stop spending as much time chatting and calling you online. You knew he wasn’t the type to abandon his friends, but you still felt uncertain and part of you wanted to be his soulmate so badly.

You love him.

remember 7pm!! i have great news to tell you -renjun ☆

okay junjun, woah what’s so great? -you

don’t call me that >:-( you’ll know later hehe -renjun ☆

It wasn’t the first time the both of you were going to video call each other, and the first time the both of you did, you were stunned by his beauty and sharp features. The cute and small little smile he’d give when he was giggling melt your heart and for some reason, you could always see a little color whenever you were video calling him, but did not think much about it, assuming that it was part of the random colors you face.

You let your hair fall perfectly on your shoulders, as you looked at the reflection of yourself one last time before accepting his call. You were faced by his comforting smile and soft eyes, as they immediately brightened as soon as he saw you on the screen. He gave a small wave to you, as his mouth formed a small ‘o’, “i can actually see a light shade of colors now wow, anyways you’re looking pretty like always.”

Your cheeks turned slight warmer, as you shook your head and laughed, “don’t be like this renjun- anyways, what was it that you were so excited to share?”

Renjun’s cheeky smile shined brightly on your laptop screen, as he asked you to close your eyes. Listening to his orders, you waited for him to signal you to open them again patiently, as you heard the shuffling through your speakers, followed by his calming voice “Okay, open them now”

You squinted your eyes to read the small slip of paper he held in his hands in front of the camera and you screamed loudly- it was an air ticket to your country. Renjun laughed at your reaction, as he paused to continue, “also, my parents are planning to migrate there. We can finally meet up and spend time together!”

You were so happy you were at the verge of crying, as you jumped excitedly around your room with Renjun giggling at you-it was something you had never expected to happen.


You clasped your sweaty palms together nervously as you waited excitedly in your seat, your eyes checking the numerical digits on the big screen once every few seconds.

Today was the day you were finally going to meet him, your online best friend for more than a year now. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

At the same time, he colors you were seeing had been more defined and of more gradient lately, and they seemed to last longer than usual, was this a sign?

A big group of people emerged from behind the gate, as your eyes darted around the crowd to find that one person you were only looking for.

The young boy looked around confused as he knitted his eyebrows together, also only looking out for that one person.

You saw him, and you immediately shouted out, “Renjun ah!”

The boy turned and his blank and confused expression turned into a bright and happy one, as he made his way running to you, engulfing you into a big hug.

You looked into his eyes, and if felt much different as compared to when you were looking at him through the screen. Almost immediately, you noticed how the light pink color of his lips become darker and that you could see clearly the brown orbs of his eyes-something you couldn’t see ever before.

Everything around you seemed more lively and vibrant, as the colors slowly seemed to take their place. Renjun noticed too, as he grabbed your hand, “This is actually happening right?”

Already tearing up, you nodded your head as you hugged him again, this time the colors did not fade away once, even after a long solid one hour.

He was your soulmate.


“Why do you need so many of these plush toys, you’re 17 this year babe” you called out to him, as you help arrange his big collection of his moomin characters from the big box. Renjun gave a small scoff, then rebutted, “I love moomin shush, just help me in arranging that and we’ll be done for today”

You wiped of the perspiration on your forehead, before plopping down on his bed, lazily calling out to him, “You have so many things to unpack because you’ll be living here permanently from now on, are you sure you can finish doing everything”

Renjun flashed you his angelic smile, then nodded his head, “Yes i will, for now let’s go grab lunch shall me?” As he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of bed.

He then stopped and scurried to his backpack. You looked at him confused, but all he did was let out a smal giggle.

He pulled out a red rose from his bag, then held it out to you, “I saw this at the flower shop just now and i thought of you, i love you”

“red is normally seen as a symbol for love and romance,”

You blushed as you brought your lips to his cheeks, “i love you too”


this is so bad im sorry ;-;

Business Casual - Part 8 (Final)

Hey everyone! Here’s part eight, the final chapter of this saga. I have another multi chapter I’m going to start putting out maybe next week. That one is actually the longest fic I’ve ever written so yay!! But anyway, I hope you like this last part! You guys have been great and I’ve loved ALL your comments! Really truly you guys’s responses are why I keep posting. 

This last part has a good deal of sap so just gear up for it :D Thanks for reading!

Part 8:

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i have a phone interview later today with a well known intimates brand for a summer internship do you have any tips for me? i've already made notes on what to talk about but is there anything else i need to know? thank you so much!!

yay congrats! intimates are so much fun. i think the one thing that’s really helped me with phone interviews is getting ready and dressed as i would if i was going to an actual IRL interview. like put on the outfit you feel your best, something that makes you feel really cute and powerful !!!!! that confidence i think helps.

talk slow, let them talk more! relax, take deep breathes, and always remind yourself that this is JUST as much to see if they’re a good fit for you as vice versa. so keep that in mind and just be really optimistic and excited. good luck!! let me know if you get it  :)  

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dicta do you have any larry fic recs? nothing specific but just any fic that you loved a lot? thank you, your opinion on fics means a lot to me, and i feel like you'd probably know the really good ones!

Oh my gosh anon I love the wording of this ask so much. I’ve been meaning to make a larry rec list for going on a year but it just feels so official/overwhelming? But this, fic I loved a lot??? I can absolutely do that!!! and aaaaah there are SO MANY!!! I am not as organized about larry fic as drarry fic so this is, basically, like, a list of fics that stuck in my brain and/or heart and that are all so so good. SO GOOD! (and tbh there’s a whole other list of stuff that i’d rec but would want to reread before attempting commentary, and I have so many things marked for later and like….yeah….there’s a lot of good fic out there) And really, what better rec is there than “this is a fic that stuck in my brain and/or heart”?? Everyone should read them all!! So!! Things!! Listing them all up top, then full info and summaries and commentary/reasons you should read these below the cut!

an act of faith against the night by @elianefics

another hazy may by deLILAh

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by @conscious–ramblings

Don’t Look Down by zarah5

Fake you’re full and feel tomorrow by theglitterbee

Hold Me Closer by balanceds

like a boomerang by @youwilll

Love Is A Human Right by @conscious–ramblings

a prayer for which no words exist by @elianefics

Pull Me Under by zarah5

things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas

These Inconvenient Fireworks by mdasch and everydayslike (pdf here)

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner

whispering of fields half-sown by @elianefics

Young & Beautiful by velvetoscar

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Tag game

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Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better. 

Name: Katharina
Nickname: Kati (though I answer to pretty much everything starting with K…)
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 182.5 cm
Orientation: most likely ace, yay trying to prove a negative to myself (but I think there’s a good bit of supporting evidence by now)
Ethnicity: white-as-bread German (though being German I now probably need to specify what type of bread :P)
Favorite fruit: apples (particularly sour ones)
Favorite season: summer and… just early autumn, when it’s still warm but not murderously hot, nothing I’m allergic to is in the air…
Favorite book series: …you mean I need to pick one? Discworld and Harry Potter are in the closer selection, I just remembered I really really need to catch up on Rivers of London…
Favorite flower: surprisingly tough to answer, having to compile a herbarium has given me a love-hate relationship with lots of them. I’ve always been fond of dandelions, though - there’s a show by that name (translated) teaching kids about science and history and whatnot which I used to love
Favorite scent: old books (yes, I know, cliché), fresh green tea, and weirdly enough… you know that smell a room gets when there’s a lot of computers in it? That too
Favorite color: blue
Favorite animals: …you mean I have to pick? Though if I had to start the list somewhere it’d be cats
Coffee, tea or cocoa: Teeeeeaaaaa, though cocoa is a closeish second when I need a comfort drink 
Average sleep hours: dammit, it’s been getting closer to six hours again (11 pm to 5 am for added evidence I seem to like to suffer)
Cat or dog person

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Favorite fictional characters: …too many to pick from. In no particular order, so many Discworld characters, Inspector Javert from Les Misérables, Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter, I should probably stop at some point before it gets ridiculous…
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Dream trip: maybe another family road trip like the one we had around Lake Constance
Blog created: forever ago when I was an assy teen
Number of followers: what the heck 391

Tagging… hm. Mind like a sieve, so I probably will have trouble getting to twenty…  @toooldforthisbutstill, @toipilas, @nebty, @mater-lachrymarum@theherondaels, @tatzelwyrm, @toughbreaks, @black-cat-aoife, @chili-das-schaf, and whoever else wants to do this. 

headcanon time! so @deohsogay and i were talking and as we all know, vasquez is a giant fucking lesbian and has been out and proud since she was in high school probably and long story short, her gaydar is off the charts

so OBVIOUSLY she has alex figured out from the moment she steps into the deo. and at first she’s not sure if alex is just lowkey and private but then she realises wow alex does not know that she is in fact a giant lesbian

and this amuses vasquez to no end because alex is the gayest gay to ever gay in the history of gay, and she has absolutely no idea. and after a while it gets to vasquez and she cant hold it in anymore so their conversations go a little like this

‘vasquez i got a new motorbike!’
‘i said yay! how exciting!’

‘vasquez i went to the movies last night and saw this one with kristen stewart in it she’s so cool i really like her’
‘what was that?’
‘thespian! you love actors!’

and when maggie shows up on the scene, you bet your ass vasquez hears all about the stupid, short, dimpled cop with shiny eyes who annoys the shit out of alex and vasquez is like oh my god she has a crush is this what it feels like to be proud of your children and she watches closely at the way alex smiles when maggie is around and she sees the way maggie looks at alex and she’s like ‘i give them three months and theyll be engaged’

‘it’s okay, vasquez i dont need back up, maggie’s coming with me’
‘you are so gay’
‘excuse me?’
‘you sure youre okay?’

ANYWAY so after this back and forth for years, FINALLY alex approaches vasquez one day and is like ‘hey susan did you know that maggie and i are dating and also i am gay’

and vasquez goes OH THANK GOD! and she pulls out this huge fucking scrapbook and it’s called DEOh So Gay: The Gaygent Danvers Story by susan vasquez and it’s literally a scrapbook made up of sneaky photos she took of alex’s gayest outfits and also written down documentation of every time alex said or did something gay and alex is blushing and also laughing because she’s so happy she’s come so far and vasquez is a good friend and also maggie loves it and it sits on their coffee table for the rest of their lives

Fanfic Prompt List

Reblog this. Readers send a fandom (and a pairing, if you’re into that) +  a number to your Ask. You write a fic/drabble using that line in your piece. Yay, more fic!

  1. “It wasn’t your fault.”
  2. “You love me as if I deserve you.”
  3. “This isn’t what it looks like.”
  4. “I really wish you’d told me your mother was in town.”
  5. “You don’t believe in an afterlife?”
  6. “I just came to say goodbye.”
  7. “I never say no to a picnic.”
  8. “There’s only one bed.”
  9. “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?”
  10. “You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.”
  11. “A woman’s sexuality is a moving target.”
  12. “You’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people.”
  13. “I made the mistake of thinking ‘This can’t get weirder.’ Sorry.”
  14. “We’re in love with the same person. Friendships have been built on less common ground.”
  15. “I didn’t know you could dance like that!”
  16. “I found it in the recycling bin.”
  17. “I know what I want, when I want it. So get over here.”
  18. “This is… exactly what it looks like.”
  19. “There’s so much blood.”
  20. “You should see me in my old uniform. I’m pretty sure it still fits.”
  21. “I know you really want to hang it on the wall, but…”
  22. “I hate everything about Christmas except…”
  23. “We bet and you lost, so you have to do it.”
  24. “Is that a tattoo?”
  25. “I could tell it was your favorite book because of all the notes you wrote in the margins.”
  26. “What do you think?  Is purple my color?”
  27. “That is way too expensive.”
  28. “Girls night in?”
  29. “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.”
  30. “I was scared and I ran.”
  31. “I’m yours, in every way you’ll have me.”
  32. “You’re acting like this is your first threesome.”
  33. “The bow was perfect before, but then I got paranoid and had to check to make sure it was still in there.”
  34. “You might not like me, but you definitely want me.”
  35. “If a zombie bit you, I’d be heartbroken, but I’d also shoot you twice in the head.”
  36. “I’d be fine having sex with the same person for the rest of my life, if it wasn’t the same sex every single time.”
  37. “I want to hike up your skirt and take you right here.”
  38. “I lost the baby.”
  39. “I love you. I just love her more.”
  40. “A package arrived for you, but there’s no return address and the box looks really old.”
  41. “If I die, I’m going to haunt you.”
  42. “I didn’t say “sex party” as in orgy.  I said “hex party” as in witches.”
  43. “You wanted me to walk in on you.”
  44. “This is a totally inappropriate soundtrack.”
  45. “Let’s get wasted and then go piss on his grave.”
  46. “I scalped my Hamilton tickets to pay for it.”
  47. “Hold my hand until it’s over?”
  48. “If you want to get me naked, you’ll have to convince me it’ll be worth my time.”
  49. “I’m a level 72 Rogue and if you tell anyone, I’ll deny it and I will kill you.”
  50. Author’s choice!

I’m back writing your prompts, yay! My writer’s block is gone for good finaly so here is another one-shot! I really liked writing this one, having Jughead the one losing his perpetual composed self. I hope you will all enjoy it too!

(P.S. I’m not ignoring your older prompts, I was just craving to write this after last episode and Jughead’s pain, which I’ll never get over. Don’t worry, darlings, I’ll write all your prompts during this hiatus to help all of us deal with all those beautiful Bughead feels! <3) 

The glass doors of Riverdale’s General Hospital closed with a light swoosh behind a rushing Betty Cooper, her messy bun bouncing vigorously with every urgent step her white sneakers took. With her white pajama t-shirt still under her maroon grid bomber jacket and a pair of grey yoga pants – the girl minutes away from dozing off to a dreamless slumber just before her phone disrupted the calmness of her room – she anxiously jogged down the quiet corridor, due to the hour, and stopped abruptly in front of the reception, the elder head nurse shooting her an exhausted glare.

“I’m looking for Forsythe Pendleton Jones.” Her voice came out with difficulty, Betty now registering how out of breath she was, probably by the fact that her house was at the other side of town and she had chosen to walk, or most correctly run, all the way to the hospital.

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CS AU || Not What You Expect 

Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
 - Snow White, 3x11

Princess Emma, along with her parents, ruled over the kingdom Misthaven in relative peace… until one night, the Dark One comes to collect on a deal that her parents had made to ensure her safety before she was born.

Emma decides to strike a counter-deal with Rumplestiltskin: if she could find her true love by the next new moon, he would leave their kingdom and her family alone for good.

Not one to sit around waiting for a prince to come save her, Emma then sets out to find the one who spent his whole life (and then some) hunting down the Dark One—Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, notorious pirate and scourge of the seven seas. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the Dark One once and for all… and perhaps find true love along the way.

Happy Valentines to @beautiful-unfolding!
your CSSV, xoxo

Imagine being Daryl’s younger sister and Negan taking you captive along with your brother

(Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 I really loved this one XD Sorry for the late post btw…But Yay Daryl :) and Negan XD Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owner.)

After Abraham’s head was bashed, his lifeless body fell on the ground. Negan, the man behind all of this murder, was laughing and smiling about the whole thing.

You had screamed in fear of the horrific sight and cried in sorrow to see the blood spewing out and splattering over you. Out of breath and shaking, you just stopped. You couldn’t think of anything else and froze.

He moved all over the place out of excitement, showing off his bloody bat and looking at you with wide eyes and a big smile.

He was mocking your dear friend by imitating his last words and suddenly you just couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much. Your hands gripped your thighs, trying to cope with what was happening and hold back your tears.


The more you heard the words coming out of his mouth the more you wanted him to shut the fuck up. In a fit of sheer anger, you couldn’t hear your friends trying to stop as you got up on your feet and finally reached over to punch at Negan’s jaw.

A solid crack was heard and he flew to the side. He found his foot back and in that moment, his angered showed.

“You! You punched me?! You fucking punched me!? What the fuck?!”

As he held his jaw, his men rushed over to hold you down. They threw themselves at you and grabbed your limbs to make you submit. Despite giving them a fight, you found yourself being slammed against the ground, cheek in the dirt and the weight of a few men they were putting on you.

Daryl could be heard during the commotion, only telling them to let you go and trying to get up.

With the men pointing their guns to the head of everyone, he knew he couldn’t reach you and just started to beg them to let you go. You, yourself tried to fight your way out of their grasp but it only served for them to push you down even more.

It suddenly made Negan laugh and he walked over to crouched down near you.

“What a badass! Jesus! Gettin’ up and punching me! Wow…”

He grabbed a handful of your hair, to get a good look at you. He smirked rubbing his jaw and with his gaze, he seemed to remind you of who was in charge. You gritted your teeth in anger and moved, trying to get his hand away.

He looked over at Rick and the others, and yelled, “No more of this…Is it clear?! The next one of you pussies that gets up! I swear! I will shut that shit down!”

He let go of you and stood back up rambling about on and on. You saw him making his way towards to face the others in the line.

Strangely, he had calmed down. He was apologizing for all of this, saying he couldn’t let that behavior of yours go, you knew you were going to be taken away or outright killed but out of nowhere he raised his bat up in the air again.

Screams were being heard again and his laughter was in the mix as he had just claimed Glenn’s life. His eye popping out of his socket, terrified yet made you tear up even more. As he whispered his last words, his life came to an end.

You were in shocked and confused all at once suddenly freezing and feeling your body tense from each of the swings.


As the sun rose, you tried your best to calm yourself down, while your brother, Daryl looked over at you. From his eyes, you knew he was trying to comfort you while as well blaming himself for all of this somehow.

After everything that had happened that night, you had found yourself locked up in a cell while being looked upon by Dwight. Your brother had been taken as well under the excuse that you would now serve Negan as his soldiers.

He smirked looking down at you and knew you were going to be of interest for him.

It was dark and dirty and you couldn’t figure as to what was happening. You laid on the ground opening your eyes slowly, only to hear a jolly song being blasted through the place, reminding you where you were.

It had been days since your arrival and from the start, your “caretaker” has been showing you around the camp, making a big deal about the fence full of walkers.


“See that…That’s where you and your brother will end up if you don’t rise up…Take your place here…and you’ll never suffer…”

Those words ran through your mind as you stayed in your cell but each time you were permitted to be out, you forgot about them and only thought of how to escape.


The door suddenly opened and as usual, Dwight offered you a sandwich. You quickly took it from him, knowing it’ll probably be your only meal and ate it eagerly.

He stood by the door waiting for you to finish it. After a few bites, he reluctantly had to grab you by your given shirt to lead you outside.

He told you to be quiet as you walked out only to suddenly be stopped by Negan.

“Ah finally…I get to meet you personally, Y/N…Still pretty! Still badass! Am I right?!”

He eyed Dwight and instantly made him move away so he could grab you instead. He held you not as tightly as Dwight but pulled you much closer to him.

“Leave us alone, Dwight…I’ll take care of the young lady…”

Dwight nodded and left you alone to be with Negan for the first time.

He then whispered in your ear, “I missed you…”, before chuckling jokingly. You couldn’t find the strength to fight back and only ended up following along with him.

“So I hear from my men…That you never…give them a clear answer as to what you want…I mean…You gotta make a decision, beautiful…”


His endless questions and sweet tone, threw you off. The compliments were even worst and truly disgusted you, he had killed your friends so cold bloodily, and was now acting like he was your friend, how in hell could he just act like that, you thought.

Still not answering him or looking at him, he simply chuckled at your answer and suddenly a thought occurred to him.

He stopped in the middle of the hall, still holding you but suddenly letting go and turning to look at you.

“Oh…When my guys showed you around…and told you about the place…Did they show you…”

He carefully leaned in closer to you to the point you could feel his warm breath and he continued, “Door number four…”

You simply looked down once again and shook your head understanding the meaning. There was another option for you, apart from working on the fence, for the points or for Negan. From his tone and attitude, this one scared you for some reason and you were in no hurry to find out.

As you answered him, he scoffed and backed away smirking while eyeing you up and down.

“I see…Then how about I show it to you…”

He reached for your hand and to your surprised, he held you softly. He lead you down to another hall and slowly you noticed how different the feel was.


You could hear some slight laughter and chatter coming from women and you couldn’t help but wonder as to was going on. As he finally got you to the lounge, instantly you raised your head up and were surprised by how nicely decorated the room was.

Countless women in lingerie and tight little dresses were sitting around, playing card games and talking, eating as much fresh produce as you have ever seen.

The sight was overwhelming and you couldn’t process as to what was happening. You glared at them and as they walked pass you, you backed away avoiding them slightly.

Negan, seeing your reaction just chuckled and went back to being incredibly physically close to you. Holding you by the waist to him, he showcased you the women with his other wives, talking to you in a low voice.

“You see all those women…they are all mine…they can have whatever…and I mean it whatever they want from me! As long as they are loyal to me…and only me…You get what i’m saying…”

You frowned hearing him and looking at them. In a few instant, you knew that they were most likely the wives or girlfriends of his men and just felt your stomach turning.

He eyed you again and tried his best to get to your head.

“Look at you…All dirty…and still pretty! It’s hard to believe your family with old Daryl back there! But tell you what…Marry me…and I’ll clean you up real good! You’ll just look even better than you are!”

You glared in disgust at him, in hopes he’d stop but unfortunately he didn’t noticed you and rambled on as he noticed your bare feet.

“You’ll even have shoes to wear…no heels! just to hide those cute little feet of yours…a tight dress to let me look at your body when I walk by…”

He finally looked back up and at this point he just wanted you to say yes. He loved the fierceness you seemed to show him mixed with your lovely features, remembering how you had punched him and thinking about how it could’ve went another way, then only turned him on.

He wanted to convince you and keep you here as long as he could and knew the perfect way for you to think about it.

“Think about it…If it assures you Daryl…doesn’t have this option but if you stay…I might consider to let him go…He can go back to Rick…Cause we both know how he needs some men now…”

As he remind you of everything, you grew angry and just fought to get away from his grasp.


He chuckled for a moment but suddenly called over his men.

“Dwight! Get over here! Get this little bratty girl out of here! She needs her time out! Before she can get clear mind about all this awesomeness!”

You were brought away and once again you found yourself in the darkness of your cell. This time, you thought about Negan’s fourth suggestion and couldn’t help but wonder if he’d keep his words over your brother.

You knew how anxious he was about all of this and from the commotions coming from the other side of the hall, you knew how he had been trying to find a way out.

You held your knees, thinking about it and as you noticed the picture of your friend Glenn in the corner, guilt came back to you. You cried quietly and suddenly a different song was being played and it made you a wreck.


You fell asleep after a while and for an odd reason, as you woke up, you had the idea of trying to open the door.

It was unlocked, you suddenly smirked and got out of your cell. You paced around and knew you couldn’t ever stay or accept any of this. Instantly, you walked over to your brother’s cell to open for him.

He freaked out but as you put your finger to you lip and indicated him go follow you.

“What the hell are you doing, Y/N…They’ll find us…”

He got up as you took his arm to get him up on his feet and answered him simply.

“No…No they won’t…We can’t stay here…Let’s go…”

You both made your way as subtle as you could and avoided the few Saviors that were in the rooms.

You got to the back door and as you opened, he rushed to the first bike he saw, trying to find a key. You did just as him with the other bikes and quickly paced around.


However, a whistle was heard and a few men had slowly circled around you. You backed away towards your brother and he tried to shiled you as best as he could.

You ended up being backed to backed and were just ready for a fight until Negan made his presence clear.

“Hot diggity dog! Ready for a fight! That’s amazing…A shame you’re like this, only because you want to leave me…What did i ever do to you…”

You knew he meant it for you and you couldn’t face him properly. Although, his tone was joyful, his eyes were full of anger.

He walked over to your brother and asked his men around who they were, with no hesitation they all answered “Negan”. He started to talk about the options laid put for Daryl and your fist curled as tightly as when you were ready to fight.

The thought of your brother maybe being brainwashed this way scared you and you couldn’t help but put yourself between him and Negan.

It angered Negan to see you so defensive but at the same time, he felt more than amused. He wanted to smirk, smile and just pinch your cheek for being so overprotective of your big brother.

For some reason, that feeling made him do something he wouldn’t ever do to a woman. He talked to you in an angry tone, “You if you don’t step the fuck away…I swear I’ll kill you!”

As his words, came to an end, he swung his bat at you but came to stop the instant it was near your head.


Oddly, you didn’t flinch. You didn’t move or blink or anything. You couldn’t explain why but you thought that maybe, you were that way because you were going to take for your brother or maybe you just felt like you deserved it for doing what you did to Glenn, whatever the reason, his bat didn’t scare you at all.

It had scared Daryl and stunned Negan. Both their eyes had widened in shock for different reasons and they both tried to get you.

But as Negan stepped in closer, Daryl was pulled away. Negan was more than impressed and he didn’t hide it at all.

He stared at you, smiling and smirking. He nodded as you avoided his gaze and in a low tone said, “You don’t scare easy…I like that! No I love that! Now that is what I want in a woman! What I need!”

Your brother hearing such words tried to get you but was instantly pushed to the ground by the men.

With no hesitation they started to beat him and in a fit of fear and distraught, you tried to get closer.


However, Negan’s grip had gotten to you first and suddenly he continued, “Don’t like seeing your brother beaten up now do you?!” while keeping you completely still with the other men.

You looked at him in dispair, only for Negan to find his opportunity to make you his. It was almost to perfect for him and he just couldn’t hide his excitement. “Y/N baby! Say the words…and i’ll make this whole thing stop…”

You didn’t want to say it, you didn’t want any of this life and stayed quiet for a while. But in between, the sounds of your brother’s bone cracking and his winces, you couldn’t handle it anymore.

With some struggle and reluctance in your voice, you ended up accepting his sick deal simply to end the abuse your brother was in.

“I-I…I’ll marry you! i’ll marry you! Please just stop everything! I’ll be your wife just as you like! Just stop hurting him!”

Negan chuckled and looking over at his men, he yelled out his order.

“You heard my new wife! Stop beating my brother-in-law! Fucking christ! You don’t hurt family like that! That’s fucked up! Get off him!”

He made his way toward them to shoo them off and got Daryl on his feet. He could barely stand up and you just felt terrible to have let him go through that.

Negan noticed your tears and made his way back to hold you. He wiped your tears and stroked your hair, doing his best to comfort you.

“Honey…Don’t cry…It’s all over…Your my wife now…No more harm to your family…you know cause it’s mine too now!”

He laughed at his comment and Daryl didn’t understand as to what was happening. He stared at you despite the bruises and simple said, “What? Y/N…What does it mean?”

You couldn’t give him an answer too humiliate about what had just happened and simply closes your eyes as you cried.

Negan had different reaction and simply gave him what he wanted to know.

“Daryl…For your little sister, there was a door number four for her…and now she just took it…”

Daryl felt his heart ache worst than any of the pain from the poor fight he gave earlier and just didn’t want to believe that being Negan’s wife was your solution.

He tried to reach you but Negan’s men put a stop to him.

“You let go of her you fucking freak! She ain’t ever going to stay here as your wife or anything!!”

He struggled to get to you but came to a stop as he heard your voice.

“Daryl! Please stop! I-I’m doing this to save you…He’ll let you go back to Rick…Besides I deserve this…It was my fault…again…”

As they both heard your reasoning, it hurt them both to hear you say such things. Daryl shook his head wanting to comfort you and let you know that it isn’t.

Negan felt bad himself, to hear your strained voice and simply pulled you closer for a hug.  

“It’s not your fault…Stop blaming yourself…”

You couldn’t find the courage to hold him back but you hide your tears in his chest as much as you could.

He rubbed your back for a while and started to make his way back inside as his hand reached to hold yours. You reluctantly followed him back and as you walked through that door, Daryl was let go to leave on his own.

But he stood still, wondering if he should go back and retrieve you and probably die in the attempt  or do as you asked of him, and just wait for the right moment.

As much as I love the SasuSaku piggyback scene, must I remind whoever came up with that idea of this:

anonymous asked:

hey!! did you hear about the nike pro hijab that was recently released?

I did…. I’m not really pleased though, sorry to say :S

Like…ok the best thing that can come out of Nike’s ad is the general push for social acceptance and adds to the overall trend of people wanting to include Muslims in western media. That’s cool yay

But the ad itself reeks of white savior complex… like Muslim women didn’t have anything to work out in before Nike came in and saved the day? Nah man there are tons of more affordable options than freaking NIKE. Nike is known as one of the most expensive sports brands, and there’s that quote that goes “if your activism is not accessible to the poor, it is neither radical nor revolutionary”

And to add on top of that, Nike uses sweatshop labor in Muslim countries.

I don’t wear hijab but a sister of mine who does suggests an ethical (and again, affordable) brand called Capsters


Hey guys!  I started to watch Yuri on ice few weeks ago and I’m in love with this show! *W* Victor is soo cool I really like him c:
I wasn’t really in a drawing mood today..so actually I really didn’t wanted to draw something.. but my Sister asked me to do a Victor fanart and I couldn’t say no c: His hair was hard for me to draw XD but I had a lot of fun! I’m planning more YOI arts in the future c: especially from yuri and Victor ;w; love them <3  one of the reasons for my lack of creativity is my Birthday preparation for Monday (yay finally 18 years old XD) so I decided to do just a sketch..but well..couldn’t stop. ^^  I hope that you like it nevertheless! <3

Westerberg Team Building Exercise
  • Therapist: Okay, people. The best way to understand a classmate, or a co-worker, is by "stepping" into their shoes.
  • Heather C: But I'm a dainty size three and Heather McNamara has the feet of a Sasquatch!
  • Heather M: He means we act like someone else to see their point of view. For example, I'll be you. *snaps* "Mint me, Candy Girl! Even though you're busy, forget the other customers, 'cause I'm more important! Haha, YAY ME!"
  • Heather C: (as Heather M) "Sorry, Heather. I can't right now because I have to tell you a really boring story about one of my weird relatives. Do me a favor and pretend to listen, would you? While I go on and on and on wearing my REALLY UGLY CLOTHES!!!"
  • Heather D: (as Heather M) "Oh and let's not forget: Now that I'm back from saving the penguins, I want everyone to drop what they're doing and do it the way that I want it!"
  • Martha: (as Heather D) "And I'm Heather Duke! I'm gonna make you do what I say 'cause I'm tough and can crush you like a grape!" *Heather D glares* I was talking about another Heather Duke....
  • Heather D: Uh huh.
  • Veronica: Oh, I'll do Miss Flemming! (as Miss Flemming) "Well... *messes with hair* I suppoooose I could get you to finish dinner in time to see Veronica Sawyer's show, but that would mean working haaaard...."
  • JD: *stands up excitedly* "Coach Ripper! Coach Ripper! Can I take this thing that's working perfectly well and do some convoluted thing to it until it breaks?!" *giggles*
  • Veronica: JD, I don't think you're supposed to do yourself.
  • JD: Oh, I thought I was being Kurt..... *sits down*
  • Kurt: (as Coach Ripper) "Ohhhhh, very wellllll...... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! You do that while I just sit in my office talking to my MOMMMY!"
  • *everyone starts fighting*
Preference "What their kink is" (NSFW)

(So here as so many requested the kink preference XD Yay for our fav being kinky XD PS. I didn’t feel comfortable putting the younger characters so I took out Carl, Ron and Enid for this one. I also tried my best to make all the kinks different and be descriptive as possible for this/ Sorry if it isn’t as specific as some of you would’ve liked it to be, I really tried my best! Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- His biggest kink would involve you suddenly taking control and dominating him completely while he was having his way with you whether he’d be thrusting into you or having you on your knees. He’d love hearing your soft voice suddenly ordering him what to do and how to please you right and satisfy you and he’d love it even more once you’d tie him up. Seeing you take your pleasure out of him and him letting his guard down completely to you would only turn him on even more than usually.

Daryl- His biggest kink would involve tying you up to the bed and anything else to make you feel and appear as vulnerable as he can, sometimes even going as far as to pull out his knife to seductively threaten you. Hearing you beg for him to touch you and seeing your soft and innocent expression switch to a much eager and satisfied one when he’d heed to your requests would only make want to pound into you even more.

Rick- His biggest kink would involve you undressing him and looking at your hand reaching over to his belt to take it off and him slowly putting his hand over yours to stop you. He’d slowly take his unloaded gun out to seductively warn you about what he’d do to you if you don’t obey him right now and trace the cold steel to see you shiver. He’d even sometimes make sure you’d do exactly what he wouldn’t want just to punish you the way he’d like.

Merle- His biggest kink would involve you being his dear little pet and doing whatever he’d ask of you. He’d just love bounding you up with whatever he can find and taking his pleasure out of you in so many different ways, just to hear you beg and plead for him to touch you as much as he can, all while making sure you’d call him “Daddy” for everyone to hear, and whether you’d say it sweetly, wantonly or eagerly it would turn him on even more.

Glenn- His biggest kink would involve the both of you having sex, in a rather public place/situation and him pleasing you to the point where you just couldn’t hold in your voice or moans anymore. He’d love seeing you bite your lips or onto him to keep quiet, all while he’d whisper to you to keep quiet, reminding you of how much of a shock it would be for the others to discover you like this.

The Governor- His biggest kink would involve you purposely slapping him/disobeying his orders and him having to teach you a lesson. He’d love to drag you to a more secluded place and just hike up your skirt or unzip your pants and simply bending you over his lap to torture you right then and there either with his fingers inside of you or slapping your ass as revenge so you’d understand he’s in control of the situation.

Abraham- His biggest kink would involve you purposely teasing him in countless of ways throughout the day, whether it be the way you’d dress or the looks you’d give him. He’d try to keep himself calm as long as he can and not to give in too easily but in the end, he’d grab you out of surprise and you’d always have him letting out his pent up frustration.

Eugene- His biggest kink would involve just feeling how wet and seeing how ready you’d be for him. He’d love to find new and different ways to tease you just to feel you getting warmer and wetter for him. Hearing you voice beg for him would make him want to make your every wishes a reality.

Jesus- His biggest kink would involve you blindfolding him and you taking him by surprise in countless of ways. Whether you’d slowly start to jack him off or ride him slowly and suddenly hard, whatever it is as long as his sight is gone and his other senses are heightened, he’d let you do anything you’d want and make sure you’d hear him beg for more.

Dwight- His biggest kink would involve him choking you while thrusting into you and hearing you gasp and moan out for air. He had always had a fixation and a fascination over your neck, so one night he put his hand around it and tightened his grip to see your reaction. Instantly, he was satisfied to feel you tightening around him even more and hearing you moan louder.

Morgan- His biggest kink would involve pulling your hair and looking at you eager and satisfied expression. He’d usually be gentle and soft with you whenever it came to your intimacy with him. However, on some occasion his jealousy over someone flirting at you would get the best of him and that’s when he’d be rougher than usual to remind you of who you belonged to.

Shane- His biggest kink would involve him walking in on you taking a shower and looking at you until you’d invite him over. He’d get in with you and immediately start to get you hot and bothered in every way you’d like before suddenly pressing you against the walls and thrusting wildly, all because he loved hearing your moans and the sounds of both your skins slapping echo against the tiles.

Milton- His biggest kink would involve pinning you down under him after a silly tickle fight or whenever you’d jokingly try to bother/distract him from his work and seeing you acting over dramatic about it. He’d love feeling in control over what he’d do to you and making you realize he can be as rough and tough as any other man.

Aaron- His biggest kink would involve him leaving hickeys and bite marks on you as much as he can and feeling your body react to him. He’d like to take his time to appreciate your body and although he wasn’t usually so possessive, on some occasions he’d like to remind you and even others around you who you’d belong to.

Gabriel- Despite feeling guilty about it, his biggest kink would involve you just pulling him by his collar roughly to kiss him or to drag him over to your room. He’d never admitted to anyone but he loved seeing how eager you were to be with him, to the point you just can’t take it, as well as seeing you simply taking pleasure out of pleasing him as much as you can.

The Wolf- His biggest kink would involve him convincing you whenever he can to get on your knees and pleasuring him orally. It wouldn’t matter where, he’d usually whisper his pleas or sometimes his orders for you to please him. The idea of you on your knees and him having control over you turns him on and makes you even more desirable to him.

Michonne- Her biggest kink would involve seeing you slowly change from being a kind/gentle lover to a rougher one. She’d appreciate every intimate moment of connection with you but slowly she’d try to provoke you to get you a little irritated here and there and have you treat her the way she’d want.

Maggie- Her biggest kink would involve you tying her to the bed and seeing you taking pleasure out of pleasing her. She’d love knowing much you desired her and the efforts you do to get her tied up and undressed. Just the thought of how willing you were to do anything to satisfy her, would only then turn her on ever more.

Andrea- Her biggest kink would involve you making her feel powerful and in control of you in the moment. She’d love pinning you down to where you were and take her pleasure out of you, only to make you beg and plead for her to return you the favor.

Jessie- Her biggest kink would involve finding your most sensitive areas to please you. She’d always love trying to find new ways to make you squirm and scream as well as feel you react differently from usually.

Beth- Her biggest kink would involve her teasing you with some candle wax. She was always curious about it and after you told her you were down with it, she had been using it to tease you as much as she could whenever you were at it. She loved taking care of your small burn marks and kissing the pain away, to remind you she was doing it out of love.

Sasha- Her biggest kink would involve you giving her a relaxing body massage leading to you slowly pleasuring her. She’d love being in a peaceful mind set and simply enjoying you caressing her all over and suddenly feel how much she meant to you and how eager you wanted to be with her.

Rosita- Her biggest kink would involve her being blindfolded but still being in control over you. She’d love deceiving you into believing she was going to submit to you for the night and slowly make you realize that she was the one dominating you. Telling you how she’d want you to touch her and please her right.

Tara- Her biggest kink would involve you pleading for your release. It wouldn’t matter how she’d be pleasing you, whether it be orally, with her fingers or any other way, she’d make sure to make you feel special and hear you beg her loudly to make you come.

Skinny Love


Hey! Would you be able to write a Daryl x reader where she has feelings for Daryl but she notices his obvious connection with Carol & tries to suppress her feelings by turning her attention to someone else in the group (can either be someone made up or someone in the ‘family’ part of the group) and then Daryl ends up getting jealous because he actually does have feelings for the reader as well :)

Hi! Can you make an imagine where Daryl gets jealous because you’ve become quite close to a new guy member of the group. You can take it off from there and do it how you’d like. Your imagines are amazing!!! Ps can you add like a semi big argument into the imagine? Xo

A/N: Yay! Another one!! I’m really pumped to write all of your requests and once I get caught up, I’ll open them again! :)

Song: The City by The 1975


Sweat made your hair that didn’t fit in the messy bun on top of your head stick to the back of your neck, the sun beating down on your skin as you haphazardly stabbed walkers. They snapped their teeth at you and hands reached out to grasp flesh. They were all focused on you considering you were the only one on fence duty.

You stepped back, taking a break to rest the muscles burning in your arm. As you turned towards the prison, you could make out a certain hunter walking around accompanied by Carol and they were just talking without a care.

You grit your teeth and suppressed the emotions boiling down to the back of your conscious. You couldn’t focus on something that wouldn’t happen.

You had been with the group since Atlanta and had always taken an interest in Daryl, intrigued by his mysterious front. The two of you were close; you both loose canons when it came to protecting those you love and masking your feelings came relatively easy. But you wanted more.

The blue in his eyes just drew you in at the sight of him. He always managed to make you feel lighter when in the same room; you’d always felt like an outsider, more so than him at times. You arrived at the Atlanta group with no one. Your family died soon after the outbreak spread and the rest of your friends were dead within months. You were the last one standing.

Daryl was close to you but even closer to Carol. He trusted her, looked at her with admiration. You just knew he was in love with her the way you were with him. Ever since Sophia was found, they bonded and he opened up to her. He never looked at you with that caring you knew he looked at her with. It killed you to see it.

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