yay i made something at last

I figured I’d post a quick progress pick. When I first started this journey I didn’t take a before pick, because (if I’m being honest) I didn’t think it would stick. But the picture on the left was one of my breaking points.
It was about 2 years ago and when I was at my heaviest. We were celebrating one of my best friends birthdays and I thought I looked pretty good, then she posted this picture. I broke down crying.

I didn’t realize I had gotten that large, yet I continued to eat whatever I felt like whenever I felt like. That was until my mom was diagnosed with cancer early last year. Thankfully the doctors discovered it in stage one and she fought through it and we discovered this January that she was officially cancer free! YAY
I digress. It made me realize that I needed to take better care of myself, because I know I have a higher chance of being diagnosed with cancer than others. So I started a 28 day challenge that became a two month challenge that become my weight loss journey.
The picture in the right is me when my friends and I went hiking in Providence Canyon in Georgia, something that the girl on the left would have never been able to do.
I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, and even though I still have a long way to go, it’s amazing to have motivation and encouragement from not only my loved ones but y'all, fitnation!
Here’s to an even fitter 2017!

The Road So Far #3: Labor Of Love

So, I decided to change. I’m going to quit being the nerd scrawny guy and I’m gonna be a dumb rough workie lad. Yay!

Well, easier said than done.

This is the third post on a series of posts I plan to make here, that detail the changes I have made on my life for the past year and a half, in order to help me go from a white collar, middle-class guy, into a workie chav.

The Road So Far #1: Bye Bye Blues, Hello Colorado

The Road So Far #2: Workie School Dropout

I have talked a little about this subject on my last post, but it is something that deserves an standalone entry: Work.

Well, first things first.

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* John × Reader
* Hamiltime
* 37: don’t fucking touch me!
* Requested by anonymous

A/N: so here’s another one! I got two done in one night but I was without Internet or my computer so yeah…but now they’re up! Yay! So enjoy!

Word Count: 1.831


You huffed and pulled yourself to your full height. You needed to cross town and get to a store to pay for something your mother ordered. You hurried past the port which was full of red-coated soldiers. Those horrible soldiers lacked any manners and saw themselves entitled to whatever they wanted, be it food, drink, or women.

As you made it past you breathed a sigh of relief. Your relaxation didn’t last however, as you needed to cross the port once more to return home. As you hurried past you prayed to be unnoticed. Apparently your prayers were meant with indifference as a hand reached out and clamped down on your wrist and pulled. You stumbled toward the source of the pull and collided with a red coated chest.

“Well hello there.” A voice said. You looked up to find a soldier looking down at you. You knew no one would stand up to them. They were enforcers of the law and any action taken against them could result in jailing.

“Let go of me.” You said in the strongest voice you could muster. Unfortunately you were terrified and your voice wavered.

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4-23-17 | 61/100 Days of Productivity

23. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

School. Once my alarm rings, I wake up and freshen up for school because I do not want to look and feel like a zombie at 7 am :’DDD I got PE as my first class of the day, so feeling sluggish is the LAST thing I’d want to do in that class and the rest of my classes. Other than school, probably work? I work as a cashier at my mom’s mini mart on the weekends – good practice for work later on and I get some moola ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Made myself a lil something for the mythology book I’m reading in English; might have a test/quiz/something on the whole book tomorrow … yay? The pic on the right is a picture of a rose that my family and I recently grew - it’s finally blooming!!! Its petals are so pink and pretty ahhh

🎶 currently listening to : The Rain - Ladies’ Code

Of A Love To Fly: Chapter Four

Authors Note: So chapter four! Yay…. I think. 

Anyways, enjoy!

Once more thanks to @eyeloch, @aceofstars16, @what-a-strange-little-star for reviewing and editing and ideas,

A cookie or some other fun reward to the first person to get the title reference.

Chapter Four: Everything Will Change

The surgery had lasted nearly a day, and while they had made Kanan eat something around dinner, they could not make him budge from his seat in the waiting room. Eventually Zeb gave up and went back to his bunk. Ezra stayed longer, but he too realized that it wasn’t going to make a difference. Instead, he went to the Ghost, returning to Kanan a few minutes later with a pillow and a blanket.

“Just don’t overdo it ok?”

That had been several hours ago. Kanan remained in his chair, unable to sleep. At least he was far more comfortable with the things Ezra brought. He sighed into his hands, unable to find peace currently. After Ezra’s initial speech he had calmed considerably, but Hera had been in there far too long. He tried to quell the panic that begin to rise within him, threatening to bubble over and cause him to do something terribly stupid. It didn’t help that no one had come out since the surgery began, but he figured it meant she was still fighting. He took a deep breath, reminding himself to listen to his apprentice.

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Just sending a hug

*hugs you*

I might’ve shared some of this already, but here - want a piece of the last proper full Like Sugar story? From near the beginning.


He checks the oven. Pizza nearly done, perfectly timed. He could’ve made something fancier; Chris likes pizza. This one’s hand-prepared, though.

He throws a salad together, minus dressing so it won’t get soggy, and sticks that in the fridge. He nibbles stray raspberry-infused cheese from a finger.

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ok so just an update on like over the past few months i’ve been trying really hard to lose weight but since for me that usually just means starving myself, i lost like a good amount of weight pretty quickly but then over the last like 3 weeks i’ve just kind of said “fuck it” and just started eating p much as much junk food as i can get my hands on like i mean stopping at the gas station daily omw to work and getting like $15-$20 worth of candy and chips and soda and shit and idk i guess because of the weight loss or something idk what all the fat is kind of going to my stomach rn which i am OVER THE MOON about and so even though i’m kind of around the same weight i was at b4 (like 180 idk my therapist made me get rid of my scale lol) i like the proportions of my body so much better at the moment so.. yay. idk if this is going to last bc my brain is awful but at the moment i’m really happy with my body and i might post pics later even tho i said i wouldn’t post pics any more but if enough people want it i will 😇🐷

Cameron Dallas - Different

Request:  hey:) can you do an imagine where y/n is good friends with the boys but she is very insecure because she is a little chubby and Cam has a crush on her and the boys tease him about it but y/n don’t believe them because of her insecurity. And yeah in the end they’ll come somehow 2gether or something like that :D Thanks <3 and btw love your blog:)


I was so fucking nervous. It had been a few weeks since I last seen Cameron and the mean time I started a new diet and I was wondering if he will notice it. I had a huge crush on him, but I knew I wasn’t his type, I had struggles with my weight and I thought he would never look at me like a girlfriend material.

“Yay, you made it!” Aaron hugged me as I arrived.

“Of course! You know I wouldn’t miss hanging out with you!”

I had been friends with the boys for a while and from time to time I hang out with them. This time it was Nash, Hayes, Matt, Cameron and Gilinsky who had a free afternoon to hang out.

Everyone was there by the time I arrived. I hugged each of them and when I saw Cam I felt my heart-beating speed up.

“Hey Cam,” I said smiling at him as we hugged.

“Hey, I missed you!”

“Aw, look at them! Aren’t they cute?” I heard Nash say we turned to him and I saw that all of them were looking at us.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Cam said laughing awkwardly. I was so sure he was saying this because he didn’t want to get involved in anything with me. But that was okay, I was used to it.

We agreed on watching a movie. The couch were a bit too little for us, so it was a bit crowded I was sitting at the end of it next to Cam.

“Do you have enough space?” he asked smiling at me. He freed his arm from between us and then put it behind me.

“Woah, guys, didn’t know it was a romantic movie night!” Aaron said looking at us.

“I emailed you, you didn’t get it?” Cam replied sarcastically. It was funny how they joked around with us, but they didn’t know these were things that I was wishing for to happen in real life.

It was so good to sit this close to him, I even could feel his heart beating. I barely could focus on the movie anymore. After a while I felt too awkward sitting there, next to him.

“Uhm, I’m gonna go and get some fresh air,” I said and before they could ask anything I walked out to the kitchen.

Earlier it wasn’t that hard to be around him, but with the boys teasing us and him being physically close to me was a bit too much at once.

I sat down to a chair and tried to pull my shit together, when he came in.

“Is everything okay?” he asked sitting next to me.

“Yeah, I just… ate too much popcorn,” I lied.

“Y/N, you didn’t even eat from it,” he said raising one of his eyebrows at me. I couldn’t believe he noticed it! “Are you on a diet or something?”

“Uh why?” I asked feeling so awkward that I was talking about something like this with him.

“You look… different,” he said.

This word, different sounded so… hurtful. I wasn’t expecting it from him and it was awful. I felt offended.

“Yeah, you know, I started to do this for someone, but obviously it doesn’t matter.” I said suddenly feeling so angry and sad at the same time.

“What do you mean?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows at me. I sighed, giving it up. I was tired and reached the point where I didn’t care anymore if he liked me back or not.

“Cam, I started it because of you.”

“What?” he asked with wide eyes.

“I really like you and I thought you would notice me if I, I don’t know, lose some weight.”

I wanted to tell him this a long time ago, but now I felt it was time for it.

“Wait you mean you like me?” he asked looking surprised.

“Yeah,” I said shrugging.

“I can’t believe it,” he laughed which made me feel even worse.

“Yeah, I know, it’s hilarious,” I frowned turning away from him but then he grabbed my hand and turned me back.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then how did you mean it? Tell me Cameron! Because this conversation just made me feel like I-“ And with that made me shut up in the best way. With kissing me.

I melted into his lips immediately as I felt his mouth on mine. He put his hands around me and pulled me close to him. I put my hands onto his cheeks and wished this moment never ended. He kissed me again and again, our tongues met from time to time and I felt like the happiest person alive.

When we eventually pulled away he kissed my cheek and then looked at me in the eyes.

“I’m glad you like me because I like you too, a lot,” he said smiling down at me.

“You do?”

“Yes, didn’t you notice how the guys were teasing me when I was around you?” he laughed.

“Yes, but I thought they were just joking.”

“No, they knew how much I like you and took advantage of it,” he said rolling his eyes. “But was it true that you started a diet because of me?”

“Uhm, yes,” I admitted. “I wanted to look better so you would notice me,” I said keeping my eyes down. But then he lifted my chin and looked at my eyes.

“I think you look beautiful either way. Don’t torture yourself.”

It was so good to hear it from him, I felt so happy.

“Okay,” I said blushing.

“Good. Now come on, we will miss the movie. And you will sit on my lap after this, and I don’t want you to protest. I’m the boss here.”

I laughed at him, but I didn’t try to argue with him.

“Okay, boss, I get it.”

Fuck? Pietro Maximoff Smut

Sequel to “well i saw you coming” 
sorry it took so long, and that its a shitty ending. But this is the first smut written on my new laptop. Yay for smut!

yebat’ menya= Fuck Me 
krasivaya devushka= pretty girl

“Fuck?” I questioned Pietro.

He nodded and spoke again. “Now another one”

He had been teaching me how to swear in Russian for the past half an hour and so far all I had gotten was the basics.

“Sooka” I managed to get the word out. “Bitch”

Pietro smiled at me, holding up his hands for a high five. “You are doing very well krasivaya devushka”

Our hands slapped together into out elaborate handshake. Something we made up on our last mission, which started off with a seven hour plane trip and ended thirteen hour scope. With not a lot to do, we distracted ourselves with the game ‘slaps’ which turned it into an ‘super secret hand shake’.

With a final slap on our forearms, ending the hand shake I pressed my chest against his, kissing him with a force I had not intended to.  His lips were warm and mouth tasted of my lip balm he had borrowed mixed with some sports drink he had drank earlier. Pietro slowly moved his hands towards my hips, the pressure of his touch only light.

“Can i teach you one more thing?” he asked, pressing soft kisses along my cheeks.

I nodded, feeling his lips turn up into a smile.

“yebat’ menya” The words rolled of his tongue before he pulled me into another kiss.

We pulled away, each desperate for a breath. Through pants, i repeated the word although butchering it terribly. Pietro laughed, repeating the word slower, as if that could help me say it better.

A couple more times, and i had the word although it was still foreign on my American tongue but it was the fact that i tried that hopefully made Pietro happy.

“Say it again” He instructed, pushing my hair behind my ear.

His demeanor had changed, it was something more X-rated.  What did he have me say? Was he that easily turned on?

Judging by the sudden boldness of him attaching his mouth to my neck and the not so subtle grinding against my thigh  my question was answered.

I repeated the words, Pietro shifting so I was now sitting directly on his lap. His hands on my butt, holding on.

“Again” he demanded.

Following his request, I spoke again felling him push harder into me but he wanted me to take control this time. He hadn’t rolled us over yet because he wanted me to decide what would happen next. He wanted me to control the amount of time it took to get him coming.

I could feel my own stomach muscles tightening, with each push into my crotch, it felt closer and better.

Pietro threw his head back, muttering in Russian and  letting me do all the work. His eyes were closed tightly, chest heaving and sweat had formed on his forehead. His silver hair now stuck to his skin, and his mouth opened up. Shallow breaths and deep moans coming from him as he continued to thrust against me.

“Dont stop krasivaya devushka ” he whined, his movement becoming more frantic.

“Say it in english” I pleaded, feeling my own stomach muscles tighten.

If one of us was going to come so would the other, ain’t none of this others before yourself shit here.

Pietro groaned again, grabbing onto one of my hands and moving it to his hair. He pulled my face back to his, his tongue slipping over my lips and teeth biting down on my bottom one. His hands went up my shirt, gripping onto my back to hold me against him. Each noise and breath that came out of him was desperate.

“Pretty girl. You are my pretty girl” He managed to choke out before his hips, snapped up against my own and he lost it. A strangled groan ripped from his throat, his chest heaving as he tried to breath but i didn’t seem to be working. Sweaty and  panting, with eyes closed and lips rushing out Sokovian curse words.

I came a few seconds later, after having him look me in the eyes and feel his hands push me up against his crotch. i shivered, repeating his name over and over again until I collapsed on his chest.

Once we both caught our breath, he took my hands in his face and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“You are such a pretty girl” his voice thick and accent strong. “you look so pretty when you come”

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Ah, I just got around to reading the last two parts of wrong number right call, and I was smiling so much at the end! I really like the way you write, and this was something so sweet, it really made me happy^^ Thank you for writing it! (though at the end I kinda wondered about the reaction of the rest of big bang to this ^^' you mentioned a last chapter, will something like that be included? (no stress if there isn't tho :D )

Yay! Making people happy is exactly what I was going for. :)
Since I’m posting the ending tomorrow, I’m not going to spoil it for you.I’m going to be an evil writer and say, “You’ll just have to read and find out!” lol
Please come back to let me know what you thought of it!


(hi guys!!! so this friday I’m gonna be celebrating my birthday! yay! so anyway, to celebrate, I’m going to start an event called “ARCHIVES OF THE THERAPIST!!!” where for the next 5 days, I’m gonna write stories about all the characters on my blog, including “Jakob Anonymous,” “Anthony Jones,” and last but not least “Therapist Anon!!!” if you would like something made for you, please put it in the ask box or message me about it. I can promise you, Each story has not yet been done, is completely original, and has all the double meaning, mind melting, brain fuck, MENTAL DICKING YOU EXPECT FROM A BLOG ABOUT THERAPY!!! prepare to have your mind bent in new shapes and figures, CAUSE THATS WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!!! the first story will be coming soon, and I hope to get 5 or more into the week. so ladys and gentlemen, ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!)

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You know the little thingy on the right hand side of your screen that shows you how far you have scrolled down.......well, when ever I am reading Something to Tell You I get so angry at that thingy when it gets past halfway down my screen.....SO ANGRY! Because this story brings me so much joy, and I DON"T WANT THE CHAPTERS TO EVER END. Good job, yay, woohoo, I bloody love this story, you are the BEST! xx

Oh my god I love how emphatic this is. You’ve made my Friday.

And I know that feeling because I had it only earlier this week when I was finishing the last chapter of Born Losers (shoutout to sylwrites). It’s crazy to me that Something To Tell You has anything even remotely close to that kind of an impact on you but I love you for it ❤️

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Marie... I heard your last assignment didn't go well. I made you a scarf... A-And I tried to bake you something. Do you need a hug...? (badlydrawnmirandalotto)

@badlydrawnmirandalotto thank you miranda, i owe you something back. if you need anything, know that i am here

Happy Valentine’s day! 

This is a little something i made last year, could be taken as a preview to stuff i’m gonna post when my self-imposed fanwork-making holidays end :D You all deserve to get some happy merthur (+ kilgharrah) love for a change, enjoy ♥

Short Valentine's Day Imagine. (Yongguk)

It was Valentine’s Day and you were home with your jammies on and a bunch of snacks ready to watch your drama.

“Am I the only one that ship Eun-Sang and Young-Do together?”

You thought to yourself while you stuffed a piece of chocolate in your mouth and stared intensely to your TV.

Your phone had vibrated and it was a text from your boyfriend Yongguk.”

“Jagiyaaa, what are you doing? I’m coming home late tonight so you don’t have to wait for me to eat dinner.”

“Okay, get home safely and don’t stress yourself out too much! Love you.”

“I won’t! Love you more. :)“

Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays you and Yongguk don’t really celebrate because of the hectic schedule you both have. You were already use of being alone on this day and just eating snacks and enjoying your drama were you daily routine for this holiday.

-Knock Knock-

“What? It’ can be Yongguk, he usually gets home in an hour or two.. Who could it be?”

You went to the door and looked through the peeped hole and it was the door man from downstairs.

“Oh, hello sir how can I help you?”

“Sorry to bother you Miss ___ I know it’s late but there’s a package for you downstairs.”

“What? A package this late?”

“Yes and the person want you to go downstairs and to sign the paper.”

“Um okay thank you.”

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the elevator is down so you would have to use the stairs.”

“WHATTT?! That’s like 4 floors down!”

“I know ma’am I was tired coming up here too.”

“Ugh okay, you can go down first I’ll meet you there later.”

You went inside to grab a pair of shoes and walk to the stairway.

“Ugh I have to walk down 4 flo-“

Your eyes widened as you open the doorway to the stairway. The stairs was decorated with rose petals and on the wall had a post it on it and you took it and read it

“Hey remember how we first met? You were at my fansign I remember you the most out of all people because you fainted while you shook my hand haha! - Yongguk”

“Omg, why would he bring this up? That day was so embarrassing!”

You went down another level and it had another post it on it.

“Haha, you have two more floors to go! It’s okay baby I know you can do it, you’re a strong girl. Fighting.~”

You laughed and went down another floor.

“Hey are you tired yet? I‘m getting kind of sleepy can you hurry up? Jk, take your time I’m waiting for you.”

Finally you had reached the last floor.

“Finallyyy, you made it. Yay~ Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world!” You opened the door to the lobby and notice no one was there but the door man.


“Oh hello Miss ___” follow me.”

He leads you outside and walks you to the nearby park where the walk way was decorated with lights and little hearts.

“Just follow the pathway and you’ll see something nice.”

“Thanks, I’ll give you a big tip later.”

He laughs and walks back to the apartment.

You follow the pathway and you finally reached the end.  You see a blanket and a picnic basket lying on the grass and you could see the back of Yongguk and you stood there smiling.

“I’m here.”

Yongguk turned around with a bouquet of roses in his hands and slowly walked up to you.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby, I know that we don’t really celebrate this holiday as much but since this is the first I wanted to make it special for you.”

You smiled even harder and gave Yongguk a hug.

“Yongguk, being with you is already special. Thank you, but why did you make me come out like this? Look I’m still in my pajamas!”

Yongguk  smiles and leans in gives you a passionate kiss on the lips.

“I like it when you look like this you’re prettier this way.”

The two of you had your little picnic together and watched the stars in the night sky.

“Hey oppa.”


“I still didn’t finish my drama can we go back and go watch it?”

He laughs as he kisses you on the forehead.


You guys arrived back safely to your apartment and both of you were in your pajamas lying in bed watching the drama.

“I’m still mad she ended up with Kim Tan! My poor Young-Do!”

Yongguk laughs as he kisses you on the cheeks.

“You’re so cute.”

“Oppa, do you want to be my Kim Tan?”



“Because I’m your Bang Yongguk.”

“LOL, you’re so cute.”

You give him a kiss on the cheek and lay your head on his chest.

“I love you Yongguk.”

“I love you more ___” Happy Valentine’s Day.”

-admin bambam

Genyatta Week 2016

Day 1- Firsts

So for day 1 I went with something simple like their first kiss, and I just question could Zenyatta feel that and just made the last two panels to resolve that question, besides in my mind this would also be Zenyatta’s first kiss so yay double firsts idk this ship is too cute and is killing me so i have to participate on this week 

Silence hung over the pair as Shiro continued to smile at a stunned Keith. It wasn’t until Shiro shifted his leg slightly did Keith finally say something.

“Shiro…I- “he uttered, however his words were cut short as Shiro’s smile twisted into a pained grimace.

And then, the tears Shiro had been desperately trying to hold back finally flowed out.

Shiro forcefully buried his head into Keith’s chest, attempting to hug him as tightly as he could, but the strength had left his arms. He wanted to hide his pain, but he could no longer do so.

Shiro wept hard into Keith’s chest, breaking through the sobs to wheeze “I don’t want to leave…” over and over again. Keith sat there more frozen than before, staring at the top of his head. Keith had tried to ignore the reality of the situation by focusing on his own pain, but in doing so, he had caused more; more pain in the one person he never wanted to hurt.

He was scared. And Keith finally realised how much so.

Shiro’s anguish and fear washed over him like a blanket of torment that he had caused. Shiro needed him more than ever, but all he had been greeted with was anger and his own selfish rage – which needed to change before it was too late.




Keith reached up and held his trembling head, quietly reassuring him.

He had intended to help, but the comforting only made Shiro more distraught.


“Don’t worry, I’ll find you again…”

Keith said in a soft voice, pulling Shiro’s head close.


I’m sorry this is so late D: I’ve been really sick over the last couple of days and have been struggling to get it done in time :( sheith week is gonna end up going on longer for me I feel XD

These descriptions are getting longer and longer and sadder and sadder, BUT ON THE PLUS SIDE I GOT TO DRAW SOMETHING THAT WASN’T ANGST IT’S JUST HAPPY SAD YAY (ノಥ,_ಥ)ノ彡┻━┻

Day 4: Flashback/Reality

Ty again :)

Mystic Messenger vs. Other Otome Games

Normally, if I take for a comparison a good-written otome, you kill it in one go, suffering along the way, but this way you at least recover from emotional drain faster.

Since Mystic Messenger practically interferes with my time for months now, I doubt I’ll ever really recover from its impact on me. And because every route takes practically more than two weeks of your life (if you go for bad ends along the way) it has a tendency to grow on you.

So basically the difference is that normally the span of fan love for these games goes like that:

• You play
• You get interested
• Congrats, you’re an emotional wreck
• You finish everything in one go because you got attached to characters/world/whatever
• Now get over it, it’s over

Mystic Messenger goes like this though:

• Hey, there is a chat with pretty boys (and a girl), have fun~
• Quick, no time to explain, take these memes, cats and Zen’s selfies.
And you probably want to keep last two apart from each other, just sayin’
• Okay, about what we said earlier… This thing miiiight have more to it that you we’re initially warned you about, but not time for you to worry about that… yet.
• Btw, it’s about time you branch out to somebody
• Hopefully you’re okay with heart wrecking drama though.
• Oh, you fell in love? Too bad, it’s plot development time!~
• Do your best to stay sane and figure out how to manage the situation through your words.
• And… make sure you’re awake at 3 am while you’re at it. Menz will tell you to sleep but remember: they don’t mean it. They just love it when you’re sleepless at 3 a.m.
That’s where shit gets real, hon
• You still here? Amazing! We should show you how much we care for your well-being. DID YOU EAT? YOU SHOULD EAT AND WE’LL REMIND YOU TO DO THAT EVERY TIME WE HAVE THE CHANCE SEE WE CARE
• By this time you should learn that chips and energy drinks are a combination of gods (I know I did I regret nothing)
• What’s with those bags under your eyes? And… Why are you sobbing?
He/she is a good person and deserves better?
• Well, proceed to good end then, that’s what you’re here for after all
• Oh, you missed too many chats at night and got a bad end.
And now you’re even worse than before. Oops.
• Wipe that snot off your face, take your time and… repeat last few days to change something
• Yay, you got an anticlimactically abrupt ending! Pat yourself on your back, you made it despite your sleep deprivation!
• Now you can sleep off all your sleepless nights… or go for another route and sell your soul to Mystic Messenger hell while you’re at it.
…You already know what you’re gonna choose, don’t you?