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@severeprincesswitch Happy Rhackiversary!! :D It’s been 1 year today since I started shipping these two nerds. Was saving this for today :3 I hope you like it!! Sorry for taking so long!!



On the Road
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Sweet Caroline


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Just Waking Up & In Bed
Kylo (& Hux) w Male Reader HC’s
Kylo Disguised as Matt with ADHD Reader HC
Kylo Treats Reader Like Royalty HC


Ride or Die


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Spanish Coffeeshop AU
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Cuddling Out of Necessity


Undercover & Undone
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Hawaii with the Triplets HC
“I have a crush on you but it comes off as creepy…” HC

Every ending has a new beginning.

sisterofiris  asked:

Hi! How are you? :) I was wondering if you could help me out with something? I'm researching religious vocabulary in Indo-European languages for a uni project and I was wondering if you knew of any Slavic/Slovenian religious terms (god, sacred, altar, offering...) that come from PIE? I've mainly got Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Germanic words at the moment and it would be awesome if I could bring in another perspective. I hope you don't mind me asking, I thought it might be your kind of thing :)

Hi! I’m doing great, especially now that I got this very stimulating question :D I hope you don’t mind if I answer this publicly, since I figure this might be interesting to others as well (and to spite that anon from ages ago who complained about the lack of Proto-Indo-European content on this blog lol).

First of all, I don’t know if you’ve already been using it, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: the general and most comprehensive work (that I know of) that tries to reconstruct as much as possible about Proto-Indo-European culture (material and otherwise), society, environment etc. based on reconstructible vocabulary is The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World by Mallory and Adams (which I’m sure you could find somewhere here, if your nearest library doesn’t have it :P). Admittedly it only has a small section devoted to exclusively religious vocabulary (6 pages or so), but it’s quite dense and you can find religious aspects in other sections as well (which does (unfortunately) mean you’ve got to look through basically all of it, but there is stuff like that there too).

Now to turn to Slavic, there’s Proto-Slavic *bȍgъ ”god”, with descendants in Belarusian, Russian, Rusyn, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian бог, BCSM (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrin) бо̑г/bȏg, Slovene bọ̑g, Lower Sorbian bog, Upper Sorbian bóh, Slovak boh, Czech bůh, Silesian bůg, Polabian büg, Kashubian, Polish bóg.†

If the reconstruction from the PIE root *bheh2g- “to apportion, to give a part, to distribute a share” (also reconstructed as *bhag-, though that might be controversial, as many believe that *a did not exist as a phoneme in PIE) is correct (the form we’re discussing is then ultimately a formation like *bhh2g-o-s), then it has cognates in Avestan and Old Persian baγa “god, (the) lord” (some also propose it was actually borrowed from the latter into Slavic), from the same root also Sanskrit bhāgá- “a part, a share, an inheritance, Vedic also lot → fortunate lot, good fortune, luck, destiny” along with the verbal root bhaj- with the same meanings as the PIE root, Ancient Greek ἔφαγον “I ate” < *“I received a share”. So “god” in this view is something like “the one who bestows things upon you” (be it material goods or good fortune/luck).

The word has a wide family, to give examples from Slovene: bogínja “a goddess”, bóžji “related to god”, božȃnstvo “a divinity”, božȃnski “divine, god-like”, pobọ́žen [ə] “devout, pious, godly”, pobọ́žnost “devotion, piety, godliness”, brezbọ́žen [ɛ-ə] “godless” etc.; capitalized Bog means the Christian “God”.
—{LIV, NIL, Fran, Wikt}

Because this is long, the rest will be under the cut. Words featured below are: *svę̑tъ “holy, saint”, *žь̋rtva “an offering (to the gods), praising of gods”, *žьrьcь̍ “a (pagan) priest”, *dȗxъ “a breath, a spirit, a ghost, secondarily a demon, as well as mind (=mental ability, mentality)”, *duša̍ “a soul”, *bě̑sъ “a demon, an evil spirit”, *čűdo “a miracle, a wonder”, *vȏrgъ “an enemy, a foe, a murderer”, *vorža̍ “divination”, *vě̋ra “faith”.

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More Mystic Messenger Merchandise for me yay!!!

So I made sure to get everything again hahaha. Got the cushions with the stickers and emoji pin set so cute! Also, finally picked up a mouse pad yay!

Then got the two body pillows of 707 and Jumin (but I didn’t receive a Jumin letter weird…. unless we only get one or the other? can anyone confirm?) But yay! it came with the mugs~

But yeah they really went all out! I wasn’t expecting the little “gifts” from the guys. Like from Seven, you get the gloves in a red pouch. And from Jumin, you get the red ribbon.

I would open these out but I just don’t have room for them yet! 

Anyways my old post with the space cushion~ http://otomesynopsis.tumblr.com/post/154055094644/707-spaceship-cushion-my-707-cushion-finally