yay i made art

“Under this gentle glow…”

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“And then there was light…” 
“A place in the sun…” 
“Run, run, run…” 

I hope the border made it look complete v - v/ anyway! I made a ship ; _ ; I just adore these two together <3!! Their my new otp on alola game! SO DON’T CHU DARE JUDGE ; ^ ;!!! I can’t help but see this happen <3!! And actually thanks to pokemon sun game making me meet this wonderful characters it made me make some art ;v;!! Yay~

But yeah I don’t own models, effects, poses nor the accessory. 


YAY! I finally made a comic for @starrycove‘s awesome Breakdance AU!!

lol I wanted to make this since June from last year :v it’s not what I had in mind but I still like it :D That song is very catchy…


@knittinggiantbeanies I made you a thing


YAY I finally made a commissions post! I will be taking a few commissions so I can afford to buy a couple things while in school. My marth icon in the first image is by @gayest-loser

These are traditionally drawn in calligraphy/ink and copics!


  • Message me in my askbox FIRST if you are interested first I will ask for your email!
  • I can edit white or transparent backgrounds for these.
  • I will draw any humanoid ocs/fanart!
  • I cannot draw furries but I can draw little ears and whatnot
  • I will not draw nsfw but I can draw blood/gore
  • I will ask for half payment ahead of time as soon as the sketch is finalized and approved by you
  • I will be using Paypal for monetary exchange
  • Be patient with the work it should take me a week (+/- ½) to get these done, I’m an engineering student

I am only opening up a few slots at first so make sure to message me, I will update this post when I am full.

More Samples of my work can be found here

Thank you!!