yay i made another one!

sunflower asks;

these are all inspired by the ethereal glo of sunflowers (and different types)

pacino: if you could be any age, what age would you be?
ms. mars: what kind of flower or plant are you?
goldie: do u wake up early to catch sunrises?
maximilian: who is/are your current sunshine/s?
vanilla ice: are you a plant or an animal person?
pastiche: what is your favorite color (include the perfect shade)?
red sun: would you rather have a planetarium or a botanical garden?
autumn beauty: who is the sun to your sunflower (a person that you look up to)?
moonwalker: do you consider yourself an idealist or a realist? why?
valentine: make a playlist (with at least five songs) that reminds you of home?
velvet ocean: what is your latest dream?
sungold: are you alright? really?
teddy bear: what’s the best present that you have ever received?
sunspot: what’s been bothering you for a while?
florenza: post a sunny selfie !!!
goldy double: what is/are the name/s of your pet/s?
sunrich limoncello summer: would u rather live in the ocean or the forest?
mammoth russian: what’s your height? and dream height?
little becka: what’s your favorite seed?
lemon queen: can u bake? what are the pastries that you could bake?
jerusalem artichoke: what do you normally do before sleeping?
willowleaf: what’s your favorite autumn outfit?
rosinweed: who are your favorite people?
purpledisk: are you living ur dream life? if not, why do u think so?
serpentine: what’s your most favorite birthday memory?
lakeside: what’s something that you like to do but you cant do it often?
prairie: what are the most beautiful things about your pet/s?
sawtooth: what’s a superstition that u can’t believe u believe in?
downy/ashy: describe your dream significant other!

WOOHOOOO! New recording!
Thanks to my good friend, @ellaenchanting for the inspiration for this recording.
Her most recent induction on permission (which is phenomenal, by the way. Please take a listen to it if you haven’t) inspired me to be devious and completely make the inverse.
This recording is all about being a rebel. No permission needed. Be rebellious.
Hope you enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

are you alive...?

Yeah, I’m sorry. I spent a whole summer without any real anxiety attacks and had one of my worst ones ever early last week. I was stuck in bed for two days and the thought of going on the internet made it worse. It wasn’t tumblr related but for some reason social media is making me sick rn. 

I wish it hadn’t lined up with the end of the season but right now even typing this I feel awful so I’m going to stay off of tumblr for a bit. I might go in and answer some asks if I feel okay, but it’s not looking amazing. 

*chicken dances my way to better mental health*


When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside. I lay in tears in bed all night, alone without you by my side. You brought out the best of me, a part of me I’ve never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens.

@coffin-of-eternal-darkness heyyyy, I’m back and I did another #elizabeth103 challenge! Isn’t it great, I actually haven’t run out of ideas, my phone just broke is all. And at this rate I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas! I can go on forever. (stares off into the distance, eyes glazing over) forever…. anyway! I made another Elizabeth! Yay,

This one is called Elizabeth. She’s an Elizabeth. Cool. She runs a tavern. Owns it actually, after saving up for years and building it herself. She gives her work her all, the establishment called ‘Old Fella’ a decent place with a good crowd each day. And her left hook is also well known by the merchants, to keep rowdier customers in check.

Meliodas started working there to pay off the debts a couple street kids had. And then he just kept working there. She died two years later, murdered by a knight she refused to service.


{make me choose} → furiouskitten asked: royai or superhuman tag team


oh my girl - liar liar performance mix