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top 10 stelena otp tags (as voted by our followers): #5 otp: i never unfell for him

I love him, Damon. He came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly. No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him.

You’re Being Ridiculous- Tyler Seguin

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Ok anon, I hope this was what you were looking for. Generally you guys like fluffy so I made it fluffy! Hope you all like it!

Warning: cusses

Anon Request: I love your writing! Can you please do a Tyler Seguin imagine where he gets extremely jealous and you get into a huge argument? Thank you!!


              This was such a ridiculous conversation, you couldn’t actually believe you were having it with Tyler.

              “Why is this such a big deal?” you asked.

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jumin x mc secret dating but like the rfa is noticing hints like how mc and jumin like look at each other for just a second too long and then the rfa finds them making out in the bathroom or something idk i just love secret dating so much

OMG YAYS FIRST REQUEST HOPE U LIKE IT THIS TURN OUT TO BE SO LONG OMG I WROTE IT IN SUCH A SHORT TIME TOO I WONDER IF ITS OKAY (see notes) btw check out my cat!jumin x cat!mc fic      do leave some love <3

“Darling, are you here yet? I miss you dearly.” A popup message snapped you out of boredom while you were in an uber on your way to the second RFA party you coordinated.

Chuckling slightly, you texted back. “Yes, I’m arriving. I miss you too, Jumin, but please remember to keep this our ♡ little ♡ secret ♡ ”

“Texting your….boyfriend? I recognise that type of smile~” Your driver glanced at you with an iknewit smirk creeping up his wrinkled features.

“Oh nonono, it’s nothing like that! We’re just friends .” (Just in case Seven is eavesdropping this conservation as Seven was the one who picked your uber driver after some illegal hacking to ensure you and the apartment’s safety.)

~Fast forward to arriving at the venue~
You weren’t late but the guests were EARLY . The facade of the hall was already jam-packed with guests and reporters. Of course, Jaehee and Yoosung were already there attending to the guests while the oh‐so‐pretty Zen were ambushed by reporters. Your gaze wondered away into the hall, delving through the crowd, in‐search for Ju‐‐

“MC! You’re here, finally~ WOW, I thought you needed PhD Pepper but you look fiiiiiine tonight!” a familiar voice called for you from your left. Forcing a sheepish laugh, you greeted the energetic redhead, sight still focusing on the crowd. “Heya, Seven. Thanks for that ehem….m‐marvelous joke. Have you, by any chance, saw Ju‐‐I mean V??” Calm down , MC . You can’t show special interests in Jumin. Let’s just hope that he’s with V.

“V?” Seven imitated his own ’???’ emoji. “I think he is arriving a little late, MC.”

“What about V?” The husky baritone spoke from behind, with ever so trivial emotions. Cold shivers tickled down your spine as you turned around to meet gaze with the ashen orbs. Jumin Han was clad in a custom falcon Armani suit, with an amethyst handkerchief neatly tugged in the left pocket. It was unbutton though, but you liked that it revealed the dark platinum waistcoat that tightly secured his torso, lines formed by the buttons as a result. The innermost white shirt was paired with a black Burberry monogram necktie. His tight pants that contoured his lower body so perfectly probably came with the Armani suit. His patent leather oxford shoes were scuff‐free and shiny, the lace were symmetrical like no one has witness before. His eyes widened a little when you faced him. Jumin’s heart skipped a beat; you were smoking hot. Your crimson low‐cut evening gown had lace details covering your skin,yet in the meanwhile showing off your assets to the world and it was suffice to tease the corporate heir. The red lipstick encouraged him more to make you his right there and then, but also for your sake he was holding back all his inappropriate thoughts. Swallowing down his desires, he clenched his jaws.

“That was such an awkward 4 seconds witnessing the exchange of stares of amusement…Are you two…..? Hohoho~ I knew it! The rumor comes out‐‐ ” You interrupted Seven at the nick of time with your voice pitching a tone higher, “ANYYways…I was looking for V because I have something to discuss with him.” shit will jumin be angry with me im scared

Jumin furrowed slightly, piercing his stares right into your soul. “I know where he is. Come with me, MC.” He wasn’t giving you any options and took avail of your free hand, locking it with his and marshaling you through the crowd hurriedly. “Oh, and, Luciel. Assistant Kang needs your help.”
Seven went out to the entrance where Jaehee was. To his surprise, V was there.

“Wait. What? V? Oh. Ahhhh. WOAH. ” No one can beat this smartie pants. ;‐) ;‐)

With one arm snaking around your waist and another swiftly shutting the door of the tiny preparation room behind you, Jumin hungrily pulled your into a deep kiss, absorbing all your consciousness out. After somewhat of an eternity, you both parted for a breath. You could smell his luxurious Dolce & Gabanna musk lingering around his nape. He was still fixated on your twinkles while you trailed your phalanges down his well‐built pectorals, but he suddenly halted your movements by gripping on your left wrist firmly. “Is V the first thing you thought of when you reached here, my love?” He questioned imperatively. You were shocked by his concerns but let’s be honest, jealous men are the cutest.

“Huh? No way, Jumin. I was looking for you! I thought you might be with V. Don’t worry, I’m only yours.” You displayed a reassuring grind and it seemed to do the trick. He loosened his grip, using that same hand to explore every inch of your curves concealed by the fabric, and then slowly travelling down to your ass and groped it hard .He earned a lewd groan you failed to suppress that echoed the emptiness. A smirk burgeon like a bouquet of red roses on his visage, the left hand busy holding your left leg up to his waist, making you succumb to his dominance.

“I knew these red Louboutins suit your elegant legs. Glad you liked it. Let’s go for shopping again tomorrow, I’ll buy you more heels.” He surprised you with a chaste kiss, it was warm but complete, kind but fierce. This man truly missed you. Slowly caressing your flesh, he then relished you like an appetiser wine, pushing his tongue into you, familiarising himself with the foreign but welcoming oasis of yours, in a forceful but rhythmic tempo. You moaned slowly, sending vibrations on him. Jumin took that as an appreciation sign and went on excavating more and more moans from your mouth. You found your fingers intertwined in his raven hair as you encouragingly pushed him forward for a deeper sensation, tongue dancing with his. To him, you were bodacious tonight like a ripening fruit, waiting for him to pluck at the right moment. Through his body language, you knew that he was also stating that he would not forgive you for letting him be all hot and bothered. You have to pay. this. astute. businessman. back.

“Knock knock” ,came a voice from the other side of the wooden boundary. Both of you freezed in motion. Oh boy oh boy how did they know we are here;;

“Who’s there?” You replied in your best calm voice while you both readjusted each other’s disheveled appearance.

“Luciel~” Of course it’s him, who else would it be, you thought to yourself. But just to buy the both of you some time you decided to entertain the hacker.

“Luciel who?”
“Luciel come out now, MC and hyung lololol the party is starting in a minute~”

“It’s okay, princess. Just walk out like nothing happened.” Jumin straightened his tie and recollected his stoic composure. You took a thorough breathe, and unleashed the outer world. Sure enough, Seven, Jaehee, Yoosung and V formed a beeline for the two of you. Seven has his smile stretching until his ears, Jaehee had an I‐dont ‐ want‐to‐know‐about‐my‐boss's‐personal‐life face while adjusting her glasses, poor Yoosung couldn’t hide his blush and V was truly happy about Jumin (??) .

“MC had to readjust her dress. I was just trying to help her. That’s it.” Jumin simply stated with a poker face, thinking this could brush off their suspicion.

“It’s okay, Jumin. Why not we all gossip about this later? Let’s hurry up to begin the event before the guests get bored.” V gently hit Jumin’s back, hinting a got‐your‐back‐bro thing.

On reverse retellings-gender swap

Here on tumblr we’re comfortably throwing around (and taking in) ideas that stretch the mind, and attempt to cross the boundaries of society confines and stereotypes. Which is cool, but sometimes it can get a bit… detached from the actual real world that we’re trying to change (but still, lardely, haven’t, cause change is hard, if not impossible.)

So, basically, tumblr-land can be miles away from the whole rest of the land. It’s important to remember that this is a place of ideas, but not of the realization of these idas. That happens in the outside world, the real world, known also as

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Immediately you’re going: “Oh no, don’t ruin it. Don’t expose it to THEM. THEY don’t get it.”

But they must. Just whining to each other on here, although fun, won’t change anything. Going out and doing stuff will.

So, let’s do an experiment, shall we?

We shall.

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(Trust me, I’m a physicist.)

Let’s take this (amazing, if I say so myself) idea: A reverse retelling of Jane Eyre.

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She is the one with the sercret, mad spouse hidden somewhere, thirsting for her flesh.

She is the one who wanted to grasp that little glimpse of happiness with another man, even though she knew if was forbidden.

She is the one who has to be set on fire (both metaphorically and literally) before she can be free of her demons.

She is the one who needs to be rescued from the horrors of her own life, and they both have equal flaws and good things to bring to the relationship. (In the book, Rochester needs to be freed of his wife, but other than that he’s supposed to bring more to the marriage, not morally, but materially.) In this reverse story, they are equals morally. Although she’s still kind of poorer, so that stays the same, as do a lot of other things, (because Charlotte is a genius and that story is already waaaay ahead of its time, and people would probably hate SO much on it because of feminism and stuff, but they can’t cause it’s a classic and you go, girl.)

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What if he, in reverse, has had a sad, emotionally abusive childhood, and has lived a dry, melancholy life? While drownig in riches (nice contrast there). 

What if he is the unspoilt one, has never given his heart to any woman, nor has be promised marriage to one, although he’s had women salivate after him for years?

What if he is the one who has to come back to her in the end, and find her ruined, and promise to her that she is more worthy of him now than she ever was?

What if he has to rescue her morally and emotionally as much as she? (That’s the only thing that doesn’t happen in the book, Jane is the moral anchor throughout, and he’s trying not to drown in the sea of his sins. But what if she is a sinner too?)

What if, in short, the roles are reversed? What if the woman is the one with the guilty secret? Is she then worthy of love? Do we even dare to consider it? What if the man is left bewildered and wondering if she likes him AT ALL, and asking her to trust him with her secrets, and left at the altar (or near it)? What if he is the second man in her life (the non-virgin antitrope -is that even a word? Now it is) but she the first woman in his?

What if the man, for once, is not the one in need of emotional rescuing, but does the rescuing himself, even though he isn’t qualified to do it? But he becomes someone who can lead them noth to a stronger moral standard. He isn’t the rescuer, but he BECOMES the rescuer. Because there’s nobody that will save him, if he won’t do it himself. That’s what I’m talking about. What if he is their only hope of ever working things through?
What if she is good and kind and faithful, but maimed? Ruined? Is it good/romatic/relatable that he should want her at all? And is she in a place to even be attracted to him, after what has been done to her?

What if they are both ruined, the girl as well as the guy?

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Well, I’ll tell you what happens then.

People don’t GET IT. Most people. Some do. And yay. But most don’t get it. (Or if they get it, they don’t like it.) Ewwwww why isn’t she pure? Ewww she’s married, I don’t read books about girls like THAT. Ewwwww that’s not a heroine, that’s a *** Ewww why would he want her? Ewww Eww Ewwwww


In case you don’t realize what I’m talking about yet, it’s not ok for a woman to have a dark secret, to need rescuing, to not hold herself to a higher moral standard. All the things that make us go “my poor baby” for Rochester, would make us go “ewwwww” for Jane.

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That’s gender swap in the real world, my friends. How do I know that? Because of this. I did it, you see. I did the experiment. And I am thankful every day for people who GOT the story from the first second, like @tea-books-lover @velutluna @pagesfullofstars @celebangel @bassguitarwitch and soooo many others who beta-read, reviewed, or just plain encouraged me with this outlandish idea.

Because, let me tell you.

I’ve gotten hate. (The ewwwws we were talking about, see above. So many EWWWS)

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ewe? close enough. 

I’ve even seen people read the synopsis and go, why would I read a book about a heroine like that? I don’t read books about ruined heroines.

People message me (most of them don’t dare post reviews) telling me they loved the writing but WTH? I reply, it’s reverse. They say ewww the heroine isn’t pure. I say she’s like Rochester, he isn’t pure. They say well, yeah, but he’s a guy. It’s ok for the man. That’s not a Jane Eyre retelling (A LOT of them don’t even get that. They don’t even recognize the Jane Eyre plotline or the characters once I swapped the genders. I mean it when I say it’s a different world out there, you guys. People have no idea. No. Idea.) I say -I usually say nothing, or just bye, but if it’s a nice person who wants answers, I reply- it’s the same story, governess goes to work for rich dude, mad spouse, fire, impossible love, morals, wedding stopped, the works. But it’s reverse.

There’s even lines in the book that are a direct nod to the masterpiece.

“You are my bright angel.”

“You can be mended, if once you were ruined.”

“Take off your mask, little ghost.”

“You tranfix me quite.” (Ok, that’s a lie, I didn’t put that last one in, just love it.)

Aaaaan feels.

Anyway, I am really happy with how this story turned out (and a lot of other people are happy too, it seems -yay- special thanks to the person who left this

 in lieu of a review, you’re my favorite thing in the world, person). And if I can do a TINY BIT to bring about some change in this world, then:

1. Books are the way to do it (or one of the best ways, subtle but powerful), I really believe this, and history backs it up.

2. I am proud and happy and blessed.

3. I don’t mind the occasional thick head trying to push itself into my inbox. Maybe it’s the sign of someone trying to wake up. Or refusing to wake up. But you know what? Something made them almost wake up. And if that something was me… then that’s all I can ask for.

Anyway, I jsut wanted to share a bit of my experience on “the other side”, which something actually went out and did in real life. It changed me in so many ways, and I really hope it might have changed someone else too. Even the littlest bit.

I always reblog reverse story ideas, and now you know why they’re so close to my heart, but I wanted to share my story of actually going out and DOING THE THING. You should always do the thing, even if you’re scared. Also, if you’re scared, I’m here. Talk to me. I know about scared.

Which brings us to:


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Read read read

Then write write write.

Then repeat.

Learn the rules, and break them. Like Charlotte did. Like a boss.

Let’s keep writing new things, let’s break the rules, let’s be respectful and educated, and then let’s think outside the box. Let’s RUIN the box (see what I did there? Pun, anyone? No? Ok.) 

Who’s with me?

(Also, if you happen to be with me not only on the swap gender ranting thing, but on the feels, here you go:)



In a surprise turn of events, I actually finished a piece of art and broke my summer drawing slum yay! Here’s some Steve/Bucky. And for the love of god enlarge it to see it in good quality.

Sidney Crosby #4.2

Because I know a lot of you weren’t happy with this Sidney Crosby drabble, I did a part two!! Yay! <3 I hope you like this one. Enjoy!


Word count: 1, 061

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You know how when you spend too much time with a person, you catch all their quirks and you become more alike? Your mom, who hated Japanese food, turned out loving sushi after being married to your dad for years. Your cousin eventually liked listening to All Time Low after dating that punk-rocker wannabe… things like that.

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How well I think the v3 characters were handled
  • Kaede: wasted. just, her main purpose was to be framed and die. no. her execution however was the best I've seen
  • Amami: same as Kaede, except we never even got to see him in trial which kinda sucks because he'd be extremely helpful given his insight.
  • Iruma: never really expected much from her, but she was a fun character with pretty standard motive
  • Ouma: they just HAD to make him a Komaeda.
  • Kiibo: good god someone save this cinnamon roll please
  • Tsumugi: too obvious a mastermind. Her motives were pretty crap and her execution was too boring. loved her junko cosplay though
  • Saihara: another twink protagonist without any actual talent, yaaay. It would have been nice if he turned out to be evil but it seems kodaka thought no.
  • Gonta: wish he had more time ingame to not just be an ouma slave
  • Maki: another killer, yay. Have to admit her screentime was used well though
  • Ryouma: I like how he's conflicted over his lack of will to live but he shouldn't have died so early on
  • Kirumi: a good woman. nuff said. However, chapter 2 had too many death flags.
  • Shinguuji: the personality twist was rather unexpected, but it made him into some sort of creep nobody missed in the end. except me. Shinguuji is best woman.
  • Tenko: I'm glad they made her more than a boy hater. Seriously Tenko is too good and pure
  • Angie: a murderer angie would have been nice. Her personality didn't change much throughout the game and even towards her death.
  • Himiko: too pure. Character development pretty cool. Also probably the only "short loli girl" to survive a killing game
  • Kaito: good grief where do I start, Kaito Momota is perfect and his character development was off the charts, that twist was brilliant, he died for my s i ns

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Do you have any short writing prompts to get in the mood for continuing a book?

Wooo Yeah! Let’s do some inspiration and shit. I don’t know what your book is specifically focusing on so I don’t know what prompts you want, but here’s a list of good things that probably wont help, yay:

  • Reread, the whole thing or just the last paragraph
  • Add a love part
  • Add a conflict part
  • Add another character
  • Add a new scene
  • Change your characters point of view of or original intention
  • Give your character an urge to go forward with something
  • Make your character guilty
  • Make your character want something
  • Add a rival
  • Bring back a rival
  • Make your character greedy
  • Make your character drunk on power
  • Give your character a side kick
  • Make your character hate the side kick at first
  • Give your character a huge problem that they can only solve with the help of their rival
  • Give your character something they honestly don’t need at the minute
  • Tell your reader a cute past time of your characters
  • Give your character conflicting emotions
  • Write a flashback or bad memory of a characters
  • Give your character a hobby or particular talent
  • Make your character seem really stupid, them not realising how clever they actually are
  • Describe something in precise detail
  • Leave your character on their own. Literally, leave them to their own thoughts and make your other characters leave them alone for a while
  • Take away something vital that your character actually really needs
  • Give your character a nice big dose of heartbreak
  • Give your character someone to loathe
  • Make another character betray your lead character
  • Kill a character off (I honestly know how heartbreaking it is, but do it)
  • Give your character a form of emotional or physical pain that they have to deal with
  • Be kind to your character every-so-often, they’re probably alright people in reality ;)
  • Give them a new look
  • Give them a revolution
  • Don’t be afraid of rewriting parts, you can totally do that

I don’t know man, you’ll probably cry with how shit this is, but personally it’ll probably come in handy when I get stuck next time! Thanks for the ask and good luck with the remainder of your story, I hope it turns out how you want. Lots of love, from Yasmine xox

Shit, sorry I didn’t realise how long this was… :/

First Kiss;Jaehyun

Genre: fluff

Request: hello! Could you please make a First Kiss thingy with Jaehyun?

A/N: yay another first kiss scenario , these are so cute tbh ,, and also i love torturing myself with jeffrey so :’)

okay honestly idk where i was going with this plot , it’s not exactly a first kiss but it depends on how you look at it but i apologise if this is so bad


“ Camera rolling , okay start ! ” the producer called out from behind the camera , as the audience in the background starting clapping and cheering loudly .

You took a deep breath and gave a big smile , nodding your head slightly as the camera turned to face you .

“ Today we have Nct 127 & Y/N here with us , it’s such an honour ” the host called out , pointing to you , then gesturing to the group beside you .

Instinctively, the black haired nodded his head to the others , as they all bowed in sync , doing their greeting - which you were too familiar with .

The camera turned to face you again, and as you bowed and waved , then smiled again , “ Hello everyone ! It’s Y/N here ”

A loud clap beside you could be heard , as your head turned to look at the person - Jaehyun

His eyes made contact with you , as he gave you a warm and loving smile , the one that always made you feel better no matter when and where . The side of your mouth unknowingly raised up, as you tried your best not to give yourself out .

His eyes didn’t leave you once , as you found him nodding his head to every word you said , smiling to himself as he watched you try not to stare at him , as much as you wanted to .

Taeyong noticed , and nudged the side of Jaehyun , giving him an intense stare , then whispering something , making Jaehyun look away finally , his hands fidgeting with the hem of his shirt .

Don’t make it so obvious , Jaehyun .


You could clearly remember your first encounter with him ,

His smile and dimple caught your attention at first , to the way he’d always laugh and giggle at every word you say . Both of you were backstage , and Jaehyun was preparing and practising his script , ready to be the emcee for your comeback stage that day .

“ You look gorgeous in that outfit ”

“ Thank you , you’re doing great as an emcee too ,”

“ Haha , i’m Jaehyun from Smrookies by the way , nice to meet you . ”

“ I’ve heard of you , i’m Y/N , nice to meet you ”

Two years back - he was still a trainee , but yet he had the power to capture your attention , as you found yourself looking forward to small little conversations you’d have with him before your performance .

He gave you all the attention you needed , and just like you were with him , he was enchanted and lost in your beauty .

Small little talks before and after performance stages slowly turned to small casual secret dates in far away cafes , to practising and training together during free times , as the both of you struggled to keep up with each other despite having busy schedules .

Both of you were madly in love .

The day he officially asked you out , was the day his company told him that he was going to debut in a month’s time .

You were happy and excited for him , but part of you wanted him to stay as a trainee for a longer time , as him officially becoming an idol meant that your relationship had to be kept as a secret .

But you couldn’t care less anymore , you just wanted to be with him , and all he wanted to , was to be able to be happy with both you and his career .

“ Jaehyun , what if one day our fans find out about us ? What will you do ? ” you curiously asked him , as the both of you laid together on the soft folds on his bed , your legs and arms entangled with each other .

He leaned forward , then pecked your nose , “ Everything will turn out fine ! I don’t think anything would change honestly , i’ll still love you for who you are ”

You knew you made the right choice - no matter what happened , you had to stay with Jaehyun ,

he was your everything .


The host suddenly turned to you , then jokingly teased you , “ So .. Y/N , i’ve heard from some interviews that you actually mentioned Jaehyun as your ideal type , is that true ? ”

You mentally sighed as you blamed yourself for making it obvious , as you tried to keep a smile . You noticed Jaehyun giving a small smile from the side of your eyes , his eyes blinking in anticipation as he waited for your reply .

You hesitated before nodding your head , “ Uh … Yes , i did mention it haha ”

The host nodded her head , as she gave small smirk , then gesturing for the staff crew to bring in a small wrapped box.

She reached out to grab the small packet , then opened it quickly . You saw its contents and your eyes immediately widened , knowing what was coming up for you . Jaehyun noticed too , but all he did was smile to himself , as you noticed his cheeks slowly starting to turn pink .

The host raised up the biscuit stick and showed it to the camera , which then turned to focus on both you and Jaehyun . “ Y/N , this could be a chance for you to get close to Jaehyun , let’s play the pepero game ! ”

Could be a chance

As though voluntary, Jaehyun stepped out into the middle , as the other members gave each other looks , as they knew what was up between the both of you . Jaehyun’s soft and loving gaze called out to you , as next thing you know , you were standing infront of him , the biscuit in your mouth and on the other end , was his .

As soon as the host mentioned that it had started , the audience started clapping and cheering again - same for the other boys . Haechan was trying his best not to laugh and tease the both of you , afraid that he might make it too obvious . Johnny and Taeyong sat in their seats nervously , praying that things would go as they expected it to be .

But you were lost in his eyes, like always . It was not until you felt a soft pair of familiar lips touch yours, when you were shaken back to your senses , as Jaehyun’s face was just a few millimetres away from yours .

You heard the audience gasp , as the host let out a small awkward laugh , as the boys teasingly gave small laughters , in attempt to brighten up the awkward atmosphere .

Your eyes widened as you slightly stepped back , your hands reaching out to touch your lips , then shooting Jaehyun a shocked expression , which he returned with a smile .

He turned to the camera and bowed slightly , “ I guess i was too fast haha ” , then patting your head and returning to his seat as if nothing happened , leaving you dumbfounded , frozen on the spot .


“ Babe what was that ” you called out to him as soon as you stepped backstage , but making sure that you were only soft enough for him to hear .

Jaehyun giggled to himself , then held your hand in his , “ I’m sorry , i couldn’t hold myself back ”

You rolled your eyes and squeezed his hand tightly , “ But people might misunderstand- ”

He pushed you against the wall of backstage , as he pressed his lips gently to yours again . His arms found their way around your waist , as yours found theirs around his neck . Caught by surprise , you tried pushing him lightly away ,but Jaehyun stayed put and did not move .

Your hands were now lost in his soft and blonde locks , as the both of you struggled to catch your breaths , his hold around you tightening , as though not wanting to let you go .

“ Jaehyun and Y/N standby- ” the voice who called out stopped and you were faced with the producer .

Flustered , you let go of Jaehyun immediately , as you tried to fix the smudged lipstick on your lips . Jaehyun nodded his head lightly to the producer , his hand still grabbing yours “ I’m sorry , we’ll be there soon ”

The producer nodded his head awkwardly , then turning around quickly to leave , shaking his head as he pretended that he saw nothing .

Jaehyun turned to you again , then pecked your lips , “ I’m sorry babe , i had to ”

You couldn’t help but laugh at your words , as you shook off his hands lightly , “ Fine , but now because of you , i have to go fix my makeup . See you later , love you ”


this is so bad im sorry ;-;

this was theoretically going to be my contribution for FMA day…we can all see how well that turned out ahahaha. Anyways, here, have Al and Winry making flower chains and waiting for Ed :)

(on a side note, Den is the most precious and I love her)


I’ve been trying to make a Bendy plushie since I first saw the game. 
But I never actually got to do it. But now, with chapter two and all the new fanart around, I took a break to create this little buddy! Yay!
The design is inspired by the little Bendy plushie sitting on the chair in the first chapter.

Bendy is so sweet and small, but I’m still kinda creeped out when he’s sitting on my desk and staring at me. But still - soooo sweet!
His body is only 10cm tall (without the legs) and is fully sewn by my embroidery machine. I love how he turned out!

I’m thinking about giving some of these small Bendy Buddys away.
So if you’re interested in a Bendy giveaway, please reblog! I’ll probably only do one if enough people are interested.Otherwise, I made quite a few of them - so if you’d like to buy one for yourself feel free to message me!

Jealousy and Matchmaking

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Request: anon asked “Robb Stark x Targaryen!reader Where the reader grew up in winterfell with the Starks because Ned saved her from king’s landing when she was a baby and brought her home when he brought Jon to winterfell. The rest is up to you :)”

and another anon asked “Can we get some jealous and possessive Robb in one of the requests???”

Warnings: some random dude flirting and being kinda a creepo

Word Count: 1131

Notes: i used a name generator to come up with that guys name, he’s no one from the series.  also i don’t want to spoil what happens but i did change some things from the show. enjoy!

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