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Friendship Bracelets (Logicality)

Are you really trying to cover my face with a paper bag right now?

Thanks Bree for sending in the prompt, ily you angel!! 💖💖 seriously though, I needed an excuse to write Logicality fluff, tysm.

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Logic was knocking on Morality’s door, finding himself wanting to spend time in the cheerful trait’s company. As irritating as Patton sometimes was, he was Logan’s best friend, and Logic was strangely fond of him. According to his research, he might even have a…. small crush on the bubbly trait. So here he was again, knocking on Morality’s door, waiting to be let in. This was becoming an uncomfortably regular occurrence.
After a moment of silence, Patton’s cheerful voice streamed out into the hallway.

“Come in!” He chirped. Logic opened the door and walked into the familiar room, offering a small smile to Morality as he entered. To his shock, Morality’s eyes widened in horror and he leaped off the bed with a shriek. Patton rushed at Logan, who stumbled back in shock, and tried to cover his eyes.

“No, no, don’t look!” Dad yelled. Logic pushed his hands away and scowled.
“What are you doing?” He snapped. Patton whirled around and grabbed the closest thing to him: a paper bag that was lying on a desk. Morality grabbed it, the paper making crinkling noises, and attempted to gently but quickly put it over Logan’s head. Logic froze.

“Are you really trying to cover up my face with a paper bag right now?” He asked incredulously.
“Yup! You can’t see yet, it isn’t finished!”
“What isn’t finished, Patton?” Logic asked in exasperation, reaching up to tug the bag off his head. Morality gently swiped them away.
“It’s a surprise, Logan, you can’t look until it’s done. It won’t take long to finish, though!” He exclaimed, making Logic sigh.
“Ok, how about we compromise? I don’t like this bag on my head, it’s irritating and frustrating, and is making my glasses weird, so I’m taking it off.” Patton was about to protest, Logan could tell, so he quickly continued. “BUT, I will turn away from… whatever it is you are doing, until it’s completed. Do we have an agreement?” There was a second of silence, then Patton agreed.

“Ok, as long as you don’t peek.”
“I won’t.” Logic rolled his eyes, but he wasn’t really annoyed, mostly amused. He tugged the paper bag off his head and threw it back onto the desk, spinning around and facing the door. He listened and Morality padded back over to his bed and hummed to himself for a few minutes. It was the Winnie the Pooh song, how adorable! Logic was surprised when found himself smiling softly, listening to the bubbly trait hum along. After a few minutes the peaceful humming stopped and Patton called over to him.

“Ok, I’m done! Come and see.” Logan spun around and began walking to the bed, where Patton was sitting with his hands behind his back, hiding whatever it was he had been working on.

“Alright, what’s the surprise, Mo?” Logic asked, his curiosity taking over. Patton blushed a little.
“Well, since you’re my best friend, I wanted to give you something to remember that we’re good friends? So… I made us friendship bracelets.” He rushed bashfully, thrusting his hands out and revealing to Logan the surprise.

In each of Morality’s hand lay a woven bracelet, both made of the same sky blue thread, except one was intertwined with black thread the colour of the deepest, darkest night, and one was decorated with white thread the colour of the purest, fluffiest clouds. On the front of each was a gleaming golden charm in the shape of a heart. They were immaculate and pretty and Logan was kind of stunned that Patton had went to so much trouble creating them. To show how strong their friendship was.

Logic was touched; it was such a sweet and honest gesture, that a silly smile curled his mouth up into a smile, and a light blush dusted itself across his cheeks. Morality dropped the blue and black one onto Logan’s hand.
“Do you… do you like it?” He asked uncertainly.
“I… Morality, I love it. Thank you very much.” Logic told him gratefully, which made Patton beam, his smile as bright as the sun.

“Yay! I’ll put it on you.” He grinned, gently plucking the bracelet out of Logan’s hand and wrapping it around his wrist, tying the ends and tightening it slightly. They both admired it for a while, Morality still gently holding Logic’s wrist.
“Can I put yours on?” Logan asked tentatively. Morality nodded and smiled at him, stretching his arm out. Logic grabbed the other bracelet and tied it around Patton’s wrist, the charm glinting in the light. Now, for some reason, they were both still holding each other’s wrists.
“Thanks again, Morality.” Logic said quietly. Morality smiled a little at him.
“You’re welcome.” It was almost whispered.

Logic looked from their friendship bracelets back to Patton’s face, and wow, Morality’s eyes were really sparkly and pretty. There was silence in the room, and then Patton’s eyes flickered down to Logan’s lips, and then Anxiety’s obnoxiously loud voice echoed through the mind into the room.

“Logic! Where are you, can you come here, I need to ask you something!” He yelled. Logic sighed and rolled his eyes, and Morality looked away awkwardly.

“Well, thank you again for the bracelet, Patton.” Logan smiled. Patton smiled back, and a sudden surge of confidence hit Logan. Without thinking, he leaned forward and kissed Morality on the cheek. Immediately Patton turned bright red, blushing furiously. His eyes widened in shock, and he stared at Logan in awe. “See you later!” Logic called, hopping up and walking quickly out of the room, a delighted smile playing on his lips, fingers absently playing with the heart charm on his new bracelet.

Needless to say, to nobody’s surprise they began dating few days later.

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AkaKuro Assassins!AU -Part 2-

Yay part 2~!! You can read Part 1 here btw. So part 2 doesn’t have much but I thought I might just highlight the subtleties that Akashi and Kuroko share with only each other >/////<!! 

Current Setting: Akashi Estate, 3pm

Visiting the Akashi household was a tedious task before everyone in the mansion knew who he was. Now, it was calm and welcoming. Kuroko had no trouble driving into the estate at all. 

He pulled up somewhere near the grand entrance and carefully brought out the packed tofu soup and stuffed tofu. No one could come near Akashi’s mansion without his servants knowing. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when the familiar kind lady greeted him at the door.

She bowed politely, “Welcome, Kuroko.”

Kuroko bowed back, “I just came to drop off some side dishes.”

“The master is upstairs.” she replied without any context. It was a given that Kuroko should know what it meant.

“Ah I see. Then I’ll make myself at home.”

“Please do. Shall I take your offerings?”

‘She makes it sound like I’m sacrificing these tofus to the devil or something. Oh wait.’

“Yes please.” Kuroko responds as he passes the food to her.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think in season 3 hook went back just for Emma? Or do you think he went back for himself "to be a part of something?" Just wondering what you thought about that... you are an amazing meta writer so thanks for all your metas they are my fav.

Note: none of the gifs are mine. I had some trouble finding the source (looked for them on Google) so let me know if they are yours.

The love on my inbox lately is amazing! Thank you so much, dear anon. These little messages give me strength to finish my papers (one is already finished, yay!).

But answering your question: no. Hook didn’t come back just for Emma. I know some CSers believe and spread that idea that he came back for her, but if we analyze things on a deeper level, we’ll realize that Hook came back for three reasons: Baelfire, Emma and himself.

I put Baelfire first on that list for a reason - it was no coincidence their story together was presented on the same episode where Hook had his epiphany and decided to come back and help the heroes. And while Bae wasn’t the only person propelling Hook to do what he did, he certainly was the main one. But how so? More under the cut.

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