yay i finally made one

little things I love about regional at best

the synth in old version holding onto you is sO goOD

the extra “ups” in the first verse of ode to sleep, they’re great

the lil “doo"s at the end of slowtown are adorable

the “hands held higher, we’ll be on fire” repeats at the end of forest are so beautiful oh my goD

tyler’s lil voice cracks in glowing eyes ++ josh on the backup vocals

the most iconic moment in kitchen sink: “leave me alone, don’T leave me alone” i could listen to it on repeat forever

the distant scream in the middle of the anathema rap

probably the best moment in lovely: you say things with your mouth cobwebs and flies come oUUUUUUUT

the desperate “tell our dad i’m sorry"s toward the end of ruby ouch

the beauty of the autotune in the original version of trees, tyler really makes it work

the lil “alright” before the last verse in be concerned

clear: imposter, been fostered, then my new father drained my dirty blOooooOooOoood


When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside. I lay in tears in bed all night, alone without you by my side. You brought out the best of me, a part of me I’ve never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens.


Yay I can finally post these! I made this set of tarot cards for one of my friends as a Christmas present but I had to wait to post them until I was able to give them to her. But I wanted to share them here as well. I spent a lot of time making these and I’m very pleased with how they turned out. Enjoy!


The Week of Magic | Day 5 | Imperial Family

↳ Kou Empire’s third imperial prince, Ren Kouha

"Maybe he won't end up being the king of this world. Almost 
anyone who lives bathed in the sun probably won't choose
a man like Kouha as king... And yet, for us, there is no one
better than prince Kouha... You are our king, prince Kouha!"

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