yay i finally made a gif i like

Animating again…but this time… it’s a but better
I have no sound or anything to get it, plus I just started to continue animate like 2 hours ago so give me a break about the timing of the talking…plus other parts are very lazy made because I’m suppose to be asleep but I wanted to finish this so….have a Story of Tonight reuprised

Hamilton/smol boris- @asksmolboris
Laurence/smol bendy- @asksmolbendy
(The other two…and because I couldn’t think of who else)- @boris-in-the-wild

Enjoy and finally! GOOD NIGHT

Intro: Yo! Hey. Hello. What’s up! So it has been a little over a month since I made this blog. I finally had time to make my introduction post yay.  \(*^▽^*)/.  I created this studyblr primarily because I am in need of motivation and inspiration, so seeing how this community is, I feel like I’d be welcomed with open arms hopefully…and I’d  like to keep my grades at an “acceptable” level. This blog will include my works and study habits I have none and I would also be willing to help you with your subjects, of course with ones I have taken or am currently taking.

About me

- My name is Jazmin (Jazzy)

- I am fifteen and from LA, California (US of yAy)

- Currently a high school junior 

Interests / Fun Facts

- Your stereotypical Scorpio & Ravenclaw

- Kpop & Kdramas (they are a thing, yes)

- Honestly you name it, i praise…I tend to like things quickly 

- I really love Peter Pan

- Owls and Koalas are my favorite animals

- Boba, tea, and coffee are my go to drinks

- I make a lot of puns so anticipate those if you plan on sticking around

- MORE ABOUT ME and courses. 


The people listed below are a few blogs that have inspired me to continue working hard. I love stalking their content.

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@studyquill || @thestudynotes

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@studyign || @localstudyblr

@shellstudies || @studenting

@focusign || @studypetals


I am so excited to be able to take part in this community and see my progression from now on and all throughout my school life. I look forward to learning what strategies work for me, with your help of course.  Thank you so much for reading this. I like you already.

If you came this far into the intro post, LET US BE FRIENDS! If you are a studyblr, langblr etc. make sure to LIKE / REBLOG. I’ll make sure to follow you. Please message me, I don’t bite…that hard.  (´・ω・`) I will track #krazeystudies and #heykrazey

This is my favorite quote. Keeps me motivated 110% of the time

Finally, I’ve reached my goals yay! So this is my second follow forever, I think I just made a follow forever two months ago lmao I didn’t say hello to some of my new mutuals because im so busy anyway I’m so thankful for all of your support, especially @s-uhyun. I wanted to show my appreciation to all the blogs that I follow and you guys are so talented. I feel like I want to kill you and absorb all your talents. \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

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