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I Got You

Word Count: 1904

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of a car crash, drugs, alcohol, abusive relationship, fluff at the end don’t worry 

Request by Anon: Can I request a Tony x teen daughter one where she lives with her mom. She kept her hidden from Tony for 14 years. Tony finds out about his daughter when she got sick and ended up in the hospital. He also finds out her mom was horrible to her and kept her in poor living conditions. So he shows up at their door with a lawyer and papers to find her doing drugs with friends and his daughter locked in her room. He takes her home where she feels safe for the first time

Author’s Note: Yay I finally got another request done! Sorry for the wait end of the school year is always fun. Anyway hope you enjoy it :)


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You never liked hospitals so you tried to stay far away from them as possible. If you did get sick you would suck it up for a few days until your illness passed. Though, as fate would have it, you ended up in the building you hated. You were taking a cab home when a car pulled out too quickly hitting your side of the cab. No major injuries but you needed surgery to repair a ligament in your leg that tore in the crash.

Your mom, however, didn’t have that kind of money or at least you though she didn’t. When she instantly had enough money, you grew curious. Your mom could never hold a job for long and the jobs she did find weren’t high paying. When you asked her, she just brushed you off telling you that this was a discussion for later. You knew too well that she wasn’t going to bring it up unless she had to.

So now, here you were sitting in your hospital room alone while your mom goes out and parties with of few of her friends. Ever since you could remember, your mom always put partying before you. She rather get drunk or high with a few of her stoner friends than ever care about your well being. You couldn’t just leave even if you wanted to. Though she was a pain in the ass, you had nowhere to go. You never met your dad and he was probably just as bad as her.

What dampened your mood, even more, was that fact that you had to keep off your leg which meant you were trapped with your mother. You sighed sadly flipping through tv channels wishing you didn’t get in that cab so you wouldn’t be in this situation. Zoning out a bit, you didn’t notice someone was knocking on your door until you saw someone pop their head it.

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” A woman said as you sat up if your hospital bed.

“Yes,” You answered quietly trying to figure out who this lady was.

“I’m Mrs. Reynolds and I work with social services. I wanted to talk to you privately, your mother has already been informed.” She said as your blood ran cold. They were going to take you away and put you in the foster care system - something you did not want to end up in. “Miss?”

“O-Oh that’s fine,” You began clearing your throat, “What do you need to talk about?”

“Your mother recently reached out to your father when you needed surgery and he would like to meet you. He’s a persistent man so he’s currently waiting outside of your room. I wanted to make sure you were ok with this before I send him in.”

You stared at the women blankly as you tried to wrap your head around what was happening. Your father after fourteen years wanted to meet you. You always wondered what he looked like but your mom never kept any pictures of him. She didn’t even tell you his name after asking her many times. But here you were about to meet the man you always thought about. Nodding quietly you prepare yourself for the worst as Mrs. Reynolds leaned out into the hall summoning him in.  

You expected a nobody, someone who either had no idea you existed or just now realized he made a mistake. But your were dead wrong, instead walked in someone you immediately recognized. It was Tony Stark, Tony freaking Stark. Your mouth dropped in shock as you stared at the man claiming to be your father.

“So (Y/N) right?” He said sticking his hands in his pockets unsure what to do next.

“Wait is this a joke? How? I mean, I know how but it’s been-”

“I know fourteen years. To be honest I didn’t know you existed until your mother randomly called me asking me for money.”

“Oh,” You quietly said trying to process everything.

“How’s the leg? I heard it wasn’t serious but surgery is surgery.”

“It’s ok,” You answered unsure how to act around Tony.

Watching him sigh, he walked closer to bed trying to think what to say next. He seemed just unsure of you as you were of him. You didn’t know why he even bothered to come, he missed most of your life already and now after one phone call, he’s here. Still, you were grateful he actually was a good person than some druggy who couldn’t get his life together.

“Look I know this is awkward,” He sighed looking at your uncomfortable posture. “But I don’t want to leave this room and not see you again.”

“Me too.”

“Well then let’s start this off right,” He spoke excitedly extending his hand out to you. “I’m Tony and your name is?”

“(Y/N),” You replied with a small smile on your face.

And that was a start to a new beginning.

Three months later you were still visiting your father often but instead of taking a cab there, he made his driver Happy take you to him. After the cab incident, he made sure you didn’t have to ride with anyone else but Happy. Life was good for the most part, your mother was the same but you could tell she didn’t like you hanging around your dad.

He was pretty clear that she wouldn’t get a dime out of him unless it was for you. Once she heard that, she started taking her anger out on you. Your mom still had full custody and every night she would threaten to stop you from seeing your father. You had to beg her just to go see him even if it was an hour or two, just to get out of the house and away from her.

You wanted to tell your dad what your mom was like but you knew he didn’t want to fully adopt you. He was an Avenger and billionaire, he didn’t want some kid ruining his style. So you kept your mouth shut and enjoyed the time you had with him. That, of course, didn’t make this easier on you at all.

“W-Where are you going?!” Your mother slurred as her friends started to snort random drugs. “You know I don’t like you leaving when we have guests!” She was definitely high from whatever she was smoking. Your mom couldn’t function like an actual person when she was like this and that scared you.

“D-Dad’s,” You whispered as her face turned to rage. “I-I’m sorry I-I’ll go back to my room.” You ran quickly as your mother continued to scream from behind you. Slamming the door, you quickly locked it as she banged loudly against it.

Sending your father a text that you couldn’t make it because of homework, you slid down to the floor trying to calm your breathing. Eventually, the banging stopped but you were too afraid to move from your spot.  

Tony sighed reading the text you just send as he ate a handful of blueberries. He had a bad feeling that something else was happening back at your place. He knew your mother and she wasn’t as stable as she thought she was. Though he couldn’t just take you away from her, she still had full custody. This was something that he was going change.

He called a lawyer down beforehand to try to get custody and today he was going to ask you if you were ok with him proceeding with it. Tony was going to try and ask your mother first before trying to take this to court. He was even ready to offer her some form of money just to get you away from her.

You never mentioned how horrible your mother was to him but he had a feeling when you kept showing up with a few bruises every now and then. So when you said you couldn’t make it, he knew something was definitely wrong. Without even thinking, he was out the door with his lawyer ready to finally get you away from that hellhole.

Even after three months, he never actually saw where you lived. Happy always picked you up a corner farther away from your house. Your apartment was definitely not what he expected it to look like when he pulled out front. Some windows were boarded over while some were just broken. The roof looked old along with the cracked brick covering the apartment complex. Walking into the building was whole other story.

The smell was awful and you could hear bricking a few doors down. The wallpaper was peeling and the ceiling was littered with water stains. Tony knew more than ever, that he needed to get you out of here. When he arrived at your door, he knocked only for the door to slightly open. Pushing the door open and walking into the apartment, he called out to your mom.

When he got no answer, Tony walked further into the room, only to find your mom and her friends passed out surrounded by empty beer bottles and drugs. Without even glancing at his lawyer, Tony watched as his friend pulled out his cell phone to contact the police. Now all was left to do was find you and get you out of here. Stepping over a few bottles, he made his way over to the hall where he heard a few sobs coming from behind a door. Realizing that was you, he tried to open it only to find that it was locked.

“Leave me alone,” You whimpered. 

“(Y/N), it’s me. Open the door,” He said hoping nothing happened to you.

Tony heard shuffling behind the door before he heard the lock quickly turning. Then the door flew open as you jump straight into his arms. You started crying harder finally letting out all the emotions you bottled up. Wrapping his arms tightly around you, he made sure you felt safe.

“Shhh, I got you, I got you.”

Once your breathing calmed down, you wiped your tears away before hugging your dad once more. “M-My mom,” You hiccuped as tears started to form again.

“Don’t worry, I got her taken care of. Let’s go back to my place ok?” He said as you nodded following his lead.

Once the two of you were back at the tower you were still shaken up but you managed to calm yourself enough to explain what happened to your father. He knew you didn’t want to cause any trouble but you were clearly not in a good environment.

“You’re not going back there,” Tony said feeling the anger boil in him. “I won’t let you, that women will not be coming near you again.”

“But she still has full-”

“Not for long. I have my best lawyers working on it, she won’t come near you again. And after than stunt she pulled today she won’t have a case.”

“Really?” You asked as he nodded. You smiled widely as you jumped up from your spot and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, dad. I glad I tore a ligament that day.”

“Me too kid, me too.”

At the end of the day, you knew your father was there for you and would project you no matter what. After fourteen years with your mother, you finally felt safe and found a place where you could call home.

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Teru Headcanons (Pt. 1)

i finally finished another headcanon post!! yay me! i actually finished this about a week ago but tumblr deleted them all and i cried for like 10 minutes it was upsetting :’( but anyways! i got them done again! yaaay

Mob // Ritsu // Shou //

  • the wig was on purpose
    • he knew it was a disaster he just had to be sure no one remembered him falling from the sky naked and bald
    • like? i would do that too tbqh
  • he actually has terrible fashion sense though
    • he just? likes being colorful? the more color and patterns the better in his mind
    • plus that just means its easier to see him
    • im almost 100% sure he owns 8 pairs of floral sneakers that are all apparently completely different
    • everyones sure theyre all almost identical if not the same shoes
  • love at first fight
    • like…. it wasnt immediate but by the time he got home he was like ‘wow that timid guy kageyamas pretty cute and hes really nice hahaahahahaa fuck im gay?’
  • theatre gay teru is real and i will not stand for anything that suggests otherwise
    • hes actually really cool to the drama club after the fight?? like he becomes the person that Always gets the lead but u know they deserve it and ur always happy to find out that they did
    • he doesnt get the lead in musicals but he does get like the lead supporting role and hes always just as excited to be in them
    • on opening night when everyones Nervous hes like ‘squeeze my hands as hard as you can’
      • it is a good pressure stim…
      • and it makes the person feel a little bit better!! win-win
  • his apartment is really lonely so he likes to surround himself in very heavy blankets and some tea so it aint as bad
  • in fact he never cleans it so it looks lived in
    • when it is clean it feels even less like home
  • once he befriends the Esper Squad he invites them over a lot
    • mob is usually the only one that says yes rip
    • but they have a fun time
    • even tho terus internal process the Entire Time is literally ‘fuckfuckfuck im so gay???/?/??????/??????? shit’
    • especially when mob does the Sof Smile……… he fucking dies
  • the first time mob comes over after they start Kind Of Dating™ terus literally screaming internally at all times
    • when mob kisses him for the first time Very Sof he almost cries bc its so pure and hes so gay
    • hes also bright fucking red
    • mob finds it really cute
  • the first time he visits Spirits And Such hes really nervous
    • hes heard from mob that reigens really awesome so he knows that mob values reigens opinion and hes Very Afraid reigens gonna hate him
  • it takes all of 5 seconds for reigen to decide hes now responsible for another kid
    • teru also thinks of reigen as his unofficial father
    • the first time reigen does a Dad Thing like ‘im so proud of you’ or hugs him teru hecking cries
      • reigen thinks hes fucked up but then he sees terus smile and hes just ‘oh. heh.’
  • tome is his best friend and they meme all day
    • the group chat
      • teru: *string of emojis that have no rhyme or reason*
      • ritsu: what
      • ritsu: the fuck
      • shous phone is constantly dead so he never responds ever
      • mob: …. yes?
        • poor baby he just wants to be Included in the joke
      • tome: ME AF @ TERU
    • tome is constantly sending him the randomest fucking shit
      • tome: hear me out
      • tome: mothmans gay and really likes caramel macchiatos
      • teru: tru??????
    • they are a pair of gays and its good™

thats all i got for now………………. but uh. yeah :D

Park Place (5/7)

Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: One cuss word. A little bit of angst I guess? But there’s still some cuteness in there too :)

A/N: Yay! I finally got my crap together and wrote everything out, so now you know exactly how many parts are left! Since this series is almost over, if you’d like me to write some more stuff in the down time before I post another series (I have the first part mostly done), send me requests! And, if anyone reads this, how do people feel about the possibility of smut, whether in one-shots or in a series? I’m just nervous to post something with it in case it sucks. Please let me know!

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 When you went back to the Avengers tower to see Bucky, you were welcomed by the others, too. Once again, you had brought more cookies, since they were such a hit last time.

         “Everyone agrees that we’re hiring Y/N to make us cookies, right?” Sam asked as he shoveled three into his mouth.

         “Hey, I’m broke, I could use the money,” you admitted. “Glad you like them so much.”

         Bucky welcomed you with a hug, which you reciprocated immediately. You two were growing closer, and you were a bit scared of your feelings for Bucky – with who he was, it would be no normal relationship. But at the same time, wouldn’t it be? If you two wanted to be together, shouldn’t that be the only thing that mattered?

         But you shook your head, pulling yourself out of your thoughts. You didn’t need to think about that now. You turned to see Wanda look knowingly at you. You’d have to talk to her later, as she was getting to know you, too. The girls were much better confidants than any of the boys. The moment you’d tell Steve, you’d suddenly find yourself standing in front of Bucky with him knowing your feelings the next. The man couldn’t keep a secret when it came to things like that.

         You and Bucky went upstairs to his room, where you both sat down on his bed to talk. You noticed Bucky seemed a bit distant, and you decided to bring it up.

         “Hey, are you okay, Bucky?” you asked, placing a hand on his arm.

         He sighed, and looked to you. “We got called in for a mission, in South America. I’ll be honest with you – I tried to get out of going, tried to offer up replacements instead of me to go so I could spend time with you, but Fury wouldn’t have it. They… they need me. At least Steve does.”

         Your face paled a little, but you couldn’t be shocked – this was their job, after all.

         “When do you leave?” you asked.

         “Saturday morning,” Bucky answered. “If all goes well, we should be back by Wednesday.”

         You took in a deep breath, and let it out, nodding. “Well, bring me back a souvenir.”

         Bucky smiled, but it was forced. “I don’t want to leave, doll. I’d much rather stay here and run with Lola and learn more about you. But I have to go.”

         “I know. You have to go be a super soldier,” you said, nudging him lightly.

         “Mr. Barnes, Y/N, your presence is requested in the living room,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang out.

         “Who wants us?” Bucky asked.

         “Mr. Stark and Mr. Rogers, sir.”

         “All right, if it’s not just Tony,” Bucky grumbled, standing up. He helped you up, wrapping your arm in his right one, leading you downstairs to the living room.

         You separated before you got there, not wanting to look too conspicuous. Wanda winked at you, and you tried to hold back your smile.

         “Oh, hey, Y/N. I have a quick question,” Tony said, turning to you.

         “I’m not going to like this, am I?” you asked hesitantly, looking at Steve. He shrugged.

         “I’d maybe give it a listen,” he said.

         “We all know I always speak pure amazingness, so yes, you should listen. As Manchurian candidate probably already told you while you two were canoodling, we’re all off on a mission. That would leave the tower empty, and I hate for it to be lonely,” Tony said. “That’s where you come in. You’d stay here while we’re gone. You don’t even have to do anything – just sleep here, maybe enjoy some of the thousand amenities we have. And your pooch can stay here too, if you keep her off the couches. And we’ll pay you for the extra gas money it takes to commute, and just for what you’re doing.”

         “You’d pay me to house-sit?” you asked. “Except it’s not even house-sitting – the damn thing can take care of itself with all of the technology you guys have here. Why do you need me?”

         “Come on, Y/N,” Steve spoke up. “It’s just you staying here for less than a week. You come here so often anyway. Our guest wing is very comfortable.”

         “‘Guest wing?’” you repeated, your voice a few octaves higher.

         “Okay, another reason for you to stay,” Sam interjected. “It sucks to return home to an empty house. It’d be nice to have someone here to come home to. Maybe with some baked treats if she feels so inclined.”

         You rolled your eyes, but Sam’s idiotic comment did tug at your heartstrings a little.

         “Yeah, you get to welcome your soldier home,” Tony joked. You blushed, tossing a glance to Bucky, who was trying to hide a smile.

         “I don’t know,” you sighed. You looked around at all of the people looking at you, all of them seemingly wanting you to do this. They were all basically giving you the ASCPA look, way stronger than any standard puppy dog eyes. Your resolve crumbled when you saw Bucky, a soft smile on his face formed as you looked at him, and you noticed the faint rims of tiredness around his eyes.

         “Okay,” you muttered, barely even audible. “I’ll do it.”

         “You’re the best, dear!” Tony exclaimed, and pulled you into a sudden hug. Steve followed next, and eventually you were passed on from Avenger to Avenger until you reached your favorite, Bucky. His hug was obviously the best.

         Friday night, you drove back to the tower with your duffel bag filled with all of the stuff you needed, as well as Lola in the backseat.  You were settling in the night before, so you didn’t have to worry about unpacking while saying goodbye at the same time. Bucky came out to help you with your bags, and he surprised you by bringing you up to his room, not the guest wing.

         “You can sleep here,” he said. “My bed is way more comfortable than the guest wing’s.”

         Slowly, you nodded. You were only a few months into knowing him, and here you were moving in, even if it was just for a few days.

         You went into the bathroom, changing into a pair of pajamas. When you came out, Bucky surprised you by being in a chair pulled up beside the bed, his ankles crossed on it as he leaned back.

         “What are you doing?” you asked him.

         “Sleeping,” he replied. “I’m not going to make you sleep in the chair, doll.”

         You rolled your eyes at him. “Well, I’m not going to either. You can sleep in the bed, Bucky.”

         “Doll, I don’t want to have you—“

         You crossed your arm, raising an eyebrow at him. He did the same, and there was a ghost of a smile on his face.

         “You can’t win this, Y/N,” Bucky told you, his eyes glaring playfully into yours.

         Sighing, you shrugged, grabbing one of the pillows. “I guess I’ll just sleep on the floor. I mean, if you’re not going to take the bed, I’m not going to either.”

         He sighed. “Doll—”

         “You can’t win this, Bucky,” you repeated his words back. He rolled his eyes.

         “So what, you want the chair?” he asked you.

         “No, obviously not. I was thinking we could share the bed since we’re both so stubborn – it’s certainly big enough. I-I mean, if you’re comfortable with it.”

         Bucky’s eyes widened for a moment before he cleared his throat. “Only if you’re comfortable with it, too.”

         “I obviously am if I offered to share it with you, dummy. Now hurry up and get settled.”

         Bucky smiled, and stood up, pushing the chair back to his desk, lifting up the covers to climb in on the other side of the bed. You scooted in next to him, keeping a respectable distance between you as you flipped off the light. But the room was a bit cold, and you could feel the warmth of his skin radiating underneath the covers and next to you, and you wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against him.

         He broke the silence first. “Do you mind if I—”

         Knowing what he wanted, and smiling at the fact he wanted to as well, you both moved closer together, you resting your head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, drawing you closer. He pressed a featherlight kiss on the top of your head.

         “Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

         The morning came way too early, and you ignored Bucky’s suggestions of just going back to sleep, as you wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Especially him. You had gone and gotten feelings for an Avenger, and you knew it was going to be difficult, even if you never told him.

         After getting dressed, you sat back down on the bed, watching Bucky pack his things. He started putting on all of his tactical gear, and you shook your head in disbelief as you watched him.

         “How do you deal with that many buckles?” you asked.

         He laughed and shrugged in response. Once he was packed, he stepped up to you. “Listen, Y/N, I… I wanted you to have this.” Bucky pulled out a small band from a pocket in his vest. Grabbing your hand gently, he dropped it into your palm. You turned it over, examining it. “It’s a communication device. It taps into mine, and mine only, so we can talk without the others hearing in. I promise I’ll contact you at least once a day, no matter what.”

         You smiled, relieved at the thought of being able to contact Bucky while he was away. This would certainly ease your mind a little, being able to ask him how everyone was doing, or how the mission was progressing.

         “Thank you,” you muttered, clipping the band around your wrist. You reached up, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, pulling him into a tight hug. “Please stay safe, okay? You’re the only one Lola loves the most besides me.”

         Bucky laughed as he wrapped his arms around you as well, squeezing you lightly. You wanted nothing more than to just stay here forever, to keep him safe here. To stay with him. “I won’t leave my favorite girl,” he responded.    

         You rolled your eyes, being glad he couldn’t see your sarcastic response at him saying Lola would be who he would miss the most. But Bucky reluctantly pulled away with a sigh, and kissed the top of your forehead. “I’ll talk to you later, doll. We’ll be back before you know it.”

         You somehow knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.

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cuddling with newt would include?

I finally got these done, yay! 

Originally posted by newtsobscuro

  • The two of you just enjoying one another quietly. 
    • With you sitting in his lap, facing outwards, Newt finds himself digging his face into your hair and shutting his eyes to think.
    • Other times, he’s tilted to the side so he can read. Usually while you’re napping in his lap, or while you’re reading as well.
      • Newt likes to make you tea before the two of you cuddle.
      • He makes an amazing cup of tea, one of his many talents.
  • Your cuddling positions on a couch vary.
    • Between a “Sitting cuddle”, where both of you are sitting up, but you are sitting on him, or in his lap, and snuggled close to one another.
    • More often than not, if it’s a night of relaxation by the fireplace, the two of you enjoy the “couch cuddle” where he snuggles into the corner of the couch and pulls you close to him. Brushing out your your hair, he gives you smile of affection.
  • Snuggling up to one another while watching his creatures.
    • Usually starts with you sitting on the ground by yourself, watching some of his creatures intently and he comes up behind you and sits. He stretches his legs out, and you scoot backwards and lay against his chest. He kisses your hair and asks you what you were staring at.
      “Just admiring all the work, love and care you give for them…”
      “I give all of that and more to you.” He admitted and kissed your forehead once again. You smile gently, your heart beating faster and faster in your chest.
  • Ghost cuddles. 
    • Usually happens when he’s not there, but you’ve still got his jacket and you can almost imagine him there holding you and assuring you that everything is alright.
      • It happens with him as well, but Newt closes his eyes and just pictures your face, and pictures the warmth of your body to get him to relax.
  • Winter wonderland arm around the shoulder.
    • It’s the middle of winter, snow is falling from the sky in a very tranquil fashion. It’s completely silent other than your feet crunching the already fallen snow in the ground. Snowflakes are getting caught on your eyelashes, making you chuckle every once and while. Newt had already stopped a few times to kiss the snowflakes away.
      Looking up at Newt as he walked beside you, he gives you a smile before wrapping his arm around you and pulling your body towards his. Without even saying anything, he did what you wanted and the two of you walk back to your place in silent warmth.
  • Talking about your day while cuddling on the couch next to the fire with a cup of tea.
    • He talks about his creatures and what may have happened during his day. Sometimes, he has his notebook within arms reach so he can grab it and show you some of the sketches and notes he jotted down that day.
    • And in return, he listens to you talk about your day and what you may have gotten done. Newt intently listens, his eyes shutting a few times to listen to the pure sound of your voice. It’s moments like this, seeing you so gentle yet so passionate about what you do, that remind him why he had fallen in love with you in the first place.
  • Cold night cuddles.
    • One big fuzzy blanket on top of the two of you when you snuggle up together. Especially in the wintertime.
    • You playfully put your cold feet against his.
      • He squeals, and the situation ends up on the floor after the two of you rolled off the couch with a loud cackle. Smiling down at you, for now he was hovering over you, he leans down and kisses you. Without the will to move, he lays himself on you gently and listens to your heart beat. 
        Your fingers are brushing through his soft hair.
        Newt could fall asleep like this.
  • Early morning cuddles, when he’s awake enough to process things, but not awake enough to get out of bed quite yet.
    • You’re resting next to him, and Newt is so careful about laying on his side and rolling closer to you so he could hold you for the last few minutes of sleep the two of you have.
      • Some mornings you detest, but always fall submitted to his absolute warmth.
  • Big spoon/Little Spoon while sharing a bed.
    • Newt actually likes to be the little spoon, and you don’t mind being the big spoon as long as you close to him.
    • Nuzzling your face into the nape of his neck and breathing in his naturally musky scent. He always tells you that it tickles when you do that. Running your fingers up and down his arms, and pressing hot kisses along his back.
    • When you’re the small spoon, Newt wraps both his arms around you comfortably and pulls you as close as he can. Your legs entwine together and he presses his face into the crook of your neck lovingly. He takes a deep breath in and lets it linger for a few moments before exhaling. He feels safe.

sorry there’s not a lot. There’s only so many cuddles you can do lol. Reblogs and likes are appreciated, thanks! I hope you guys liked this! Stay tuned for more Newt!


o~m~g… (=   [ ] =) *YAAAWWWNNNNN* finally… finally done… YAY! (O wO) WELL!!! another successful doodle day has come to an end! if you missed the first, here’s the summery from that one! Things got a lot more colorful and detailed this time since i was home alone and was able to concentrate more. (though i did manage to snap, mentally, a little about half way though! LOL! so maybe the distractions were good!? LOL!) Next time though i think i’d like to find some kind of happy medium and try to get five or six done. both sessions were about 15 hours in length but i was only able to do 4 pieces each time - so i’ll try to push myself to do at least one more next time. the to-do list will never shorten if i don’t manage to get more done! HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks to everybody for taking part and for your support and encouragement! these things are only so fun because i’m sharing them with you! <3 i hope everybody enjoyed it! (^>  w <)^ goodnight for now!!! love love!!! *hugs*

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I THOUGHT SO TOOOO but please enlight the rest of the lost puppies why it was more believable/realistic, i want to hear this :D

Why I thought you’d never ask milady! I’m gonna also bring up the characters themselves, if that’s okay with you! So listen up puppies! [if you’ve already seen Dragons 2 that is]


Look at this picture and really think about it;

One of these women is bashed and criticized for being different, expressing her differences, and embracing them.

The other is applauded and worshipped for the exact same reason.

I know factors come into play.

But something isn’t right here.

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Prompt: Sherlock has a migraine, so Molly looks after him

Ah finally got another one done, I am so sorry it’s taking me so long, but yay hopefully i’m back.

I really adore this story, and I hope you guys will too ^^

Molly was at work when she got the call, the ringtone on her phone bouncing of the walls in the morgue; she rummaged quickly through her bag, pulling out her phone from the very deeps of it. ‘Hello,’ she answered, waiting for whoever had called to talk back.

‘Molly i’m so sorry to do this, but Sherlock has a migraine, and i’ve seriously got enough work with one baby at the moment, so I was hoping that making you could look in on him after work,’ she could hear the regret dripping from his words.

She shook her head, John really was a good guy, and she knew how much he hated to ask her. But then again, other than John, she was the only one who could stand the detective for more than ten minutes without going crazy. ‘Sure John, don’t feel bad, i’ll look after him,’ she told him calmly.

She could hear the breath of relief over the phone, and could only imagine the look he had on his face. They exchanged a few more words before they hung up, and Molly went back to work, thinking about what she should get from the store on her way to Baker Street later.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly, Molly only had some forms to fill out, and she did so while listening to her iPod, enjoying the silence that seemed to roam through the hospital, the silence soon to be switched with a possibly pouting consulting detective.

Molly went to the locker room to clean up, taking a much needed shower to wash the day at the desk out of her muscles. She dried off, put on her clothes, and left the hospital, ready for an evening with an annoyed and sick consulting detective as one could possibly be.

She remembered bringing a brain, a few eyeballs and three toes, sure it would brighten his mood, even if he did have a migraine, he always did love his experiments, she rolled her eyes, and giggled, boys and their toys.

She went to the store on her way, buying something to drink; cola usually helped her when she had a headache, and if Sherlock didn’t want any, more for her. She went by the apothecary to get some Tylenol, and she took a detour stopping by Angelo’s to get dinner, she’d been there once with Sherlock, a long time ago, but Angelo still remembered her.

Now she found herself outside of 221B Baker Street, she took in a deep breath brazing herself for whatever horrible deductions she would most likely be the target of as soon as she walked inside. She knocked on the door firmly, waiting for someone to open the door, when nothing happened though, she just walked right in, the door was usually open anyways.

She reached the door of Sherlock’s flat, opening it quietly, she looked around the living room, finding the detective on his couch fast asleep, she smiled softly; he looked so peaceful in his sleep, free of any care in the world. She went to the kitchen; she wanted to pack away the food for later, also putting the cola in the refrigerator.

Sherlock stirred in his sleep, his lids were jumping, and Molly didn’t have to guess to know that he was having a nightmare. She went to his side, sitting down next to the couch on the floor, she ran her hand through his hair, down his cheek, and further down his neck.

His hand suddenly flew to her wrist, she stopped her motions, he was mumbling, but looked surprisingly better, Molly got up from the floor, trying to move away, but Sherlock’s grip tightened, he pulled and she landed next to him, he muttered a word she could understand, ‘safe’ as he placed one arm over her waist.

She couldn’t stop the blush creeping down her cheeks and throat, sure she was much more comfortable around him, she didn’t stutter when he spoke to her, and she even stood up to him, feeling much more secure about herself, but as his body was pressed up against hers, the shy pathologist was without a doubt back.

Molly couldn’t move, he was holding her so close, so she did what she could, she fell asleep, tangled in the arms of the man she still and always would love, his even breathing lulling her to peace, and to a dreamless, silent, peaceful sleep.

When she woke up Sherlock was watching her, she blushed yet again, she wanted to explain what had happened, that she hadn’t just gone to lie down with him, but before she could speak he brushed his lips softly against hers.

He snuggled into her neck, closing his eyes, uttering the word from last night ‘safe’ and went back to sleep. Molly was for lack of a better word, speechless. Sherlock Holmes had just kissed her, his lips unbelievably soft, just like she’d always thought they would be.

Sherlock spoke of this night on their wedding day, finally confessing that he never actually had a migraine. Molly had figured that out as soon as she’d entered Baker Street, and Sherlock said that as well, adding that this made his choice easy, he was indeed in love with Molly Hooper.