yay i finally bought the book


Look what came in the mail today!! I bought the one that has the same color scheme as the book because it looks a bit better than the gold N with orange SF (aka the movie version) in my opinion. Can’t wait to wear this places and finally have a baseball hat that won’t have people come up to me and try to talk to me about sports or why their team is better than the one I root for. Now I just have an awesome BH6 hat!! And if anyone does approach me because of it, then they’ll be fans of BH6! Yay!!!!!! What do you guys think of it??

That thing that I talked about here is finally here, yay!

I don’t think you have to like this pairing (although it most certainly helps) in order to appreciate that craftsmanship and the talent involved in this book and the free stickers it came with.  

Drawn by fans, published by fans, bought by fans.