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because it was honest to god A Mood

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself now. But this is the start of the second song from act 1, “Need a Pen?”. Again, not exactly a song as there’s no singing and there’s kinda crappy audio and I think there’s a few pops in this one too, but eh? Also, all disclaimers from the last post still apply. I do not claim to know much about music and this was once again made using garageband loops. Lyrics are written by me and I was still sick when I recorded this too.

The beginning is in reference to what was supposed to be the last line of the previous song, “Cigarette Filter”, which is the millport coach saying to Neil, “Neil, someone’s here to see you. and put out that cigarette please.” which also explains the first thing the coach says in this song. So yeah. Yay for explaining things.

Now, clearly I put a bit more effort into this one, but again. My voice isn’t the best overall and I definitely can’t do different voices, so I apologize for that. The rest of the song was supposed to be Wymack singing and asking Neil to sign, Neil identifying who he is and starting to panic, then explaining to the audience who he is and why he can’t join the foxes. He then runs into Kevin and Andrew. Kevin would start to sing as well, telling Neil to stop wasting time. They’d all start singing together at that point and it’d be the coaches with Kevin while Andrew waited in the bg blocking the door.

This song has more direct quotes from the book, since there was an actual conversation going on and I could take pieces of it to add to the song. The reason I didn’t finish recording is because I can’t sing, so I don’t want to ruin anyone’s ears, but yeah. Hope y’all enjoy ^^

This was inspired by a list @thepalmtoptiger created.

What is Aromanticism?

Okay, I’m probably not the best person to try explaining this, but I’m gonna give it my best. Keep in mind, there are different experiences and levels of aromanticism, much like asexuality. My feelings on it do not reflect the whole group. This is just me trying to explain it to the few friends of mine who don’t get it.

Basically, aromanticism is the complete inability to experience romantic attraction/feelings towards another person. It doesn’t mean we’re asexual (though a lot of us are, I am grey-ace myself) and it doesn’t mean we can’t date. It just means we experience dating differently. I, personally, don’t get butterflies or feel ‘lovey-dovey’ about other people, and it’s more like going out and having dinner with a friend when I DO date. 

Some of us are actually really bothered by romantic conversations and situations. I.e., when a partner says something like 'I love you so much, you’re my entire world’, it might not go over that well, and will leave us feeling uncomfortable and, sometimes, scared. 

A good way of explaining it, at least for me, is that I feel the same way about that stuff as a sex-repulsed asexual feels about sex. It’s just very uncomfortable and not something I want to experience because it is so far outside of what I want and can even feel. Not all aromantics feel this way, but some of us do. When someone says something like that to me, I get closed off and I feel extremely uneasy and sick to my stomach. 

There is nothing I can do about this and I can’t be 'fixed’. I’ve been told by partners in the past that there’s something wrong with me and I’m 'damaged’, and that’s bullshit. If you ever say this to someone who is aromantic (or asexual) you need to go find the nearest trash can and climb in. And stay there. Because it’s one of the worst things you can do to someone like us. We already spend enough time trying to recover from thinking that about ourselves, we don’t need it from other people.

Aromantics aren’t that different from other people out there. We might not be capable of feeling the same way about our partners as other people do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. Platonic love isn’t weaker than romantic love. It’s just different. Just because we don’t say 'I love you’ a lot and don’t wax poetic about our feelings for you, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel anything. 

A lot of aromantics don’t date, a lot of them do. All of us are different and it’s always good to know more about people and their individual needs. Always research things you’re not sure about, and be open to others’ feelings and comfort levels.