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OiHina Monthly: September - Road Trip Prompt

Inspired by @mooksmookin‘s wonderful road trip au. ♥ 

Underfell Headcanons

How to Get into Underfell: Pirate the game from a shady website.  After a few minutes of download, you get an error message on your screen:


If you open it, the game looks perfectly normal.  Heck, it even says “Undertale” on the title screen.  You’ll only know that something weird’s going on when you go into the next room and meet…

Toriel: Yandere goat mom.  The death of her two children was more than enough to drive her mad, and now every single child that has fallen into the underground had to either avoid crazy goat mom or slip through the cracks of Yandere goat mom and flee to the surface.  Only one other child was able to escape goat mom.  Frisk, on the other hand, was able to get out because she looked very similar to her human child Chara, which causes a mental backlash.  Despite that, she does treat Frisk like her baby, and lets her go only because “the outside world is cruel enough for her to come crawling back”.

Flowey: The data has somehow allowed Asriel to feel again in Flowey form, and when you bump into him, he’s somehow fighting Toriel.  Knowing how Undertale works, you instantly assume he’s the bad guy and go with Toriel, until she ends up being crazy and Flowey becomes your friend.  He’s initially working with you because you remind him of his brother, albeit he knows you’re not the same person.  You carry him around in Asgore’s old shoe, left around in Toriel’s house.  Despite his more optimistic and best friend behavior, he is not above doing some MESSED UP things to protect you on your journey of escape.  How messed up?  Two words: Possession!AU.  God help the skulls.

Papyrus [might be tsundere on the evil side]: Oh, he’s evil.  Oh, he tries so hard to be evil.  However, the air of evil he emits is more on the level of Team Rocket: scary the first couple of times you bump into him, but after a while having him around is hilarious.  He constantly butts heads with Sans and tries so hard to one-up him with puzzles in order to try and capture a human.  Despite that, Frisk finds him funny and Flowey finds him annoying to be around.  The “date” with him is around the same as Undyne’s Undertale date, through trying to figure out what his favorite food is.  He still loves spaghetti and his brother, however, and will go out of his way to protect him.  Once you’re about to leave Snowdin, there’s a 50% chance that you end up fighting him.  His attacks are weak but his move lasts longer.  The other 50% has you fighting…

Sans [even more tsundere]: Gangster evil Sans.  Has a golden tooth that not even Papyrus knows where it comes from.  He’s a lot more bark than bite, though his “bite” is some of the more terrifying attacks you’ll see in the underground.  He seems to be especially bitter about humans, though he keeps you alive because he wants all the monsters trapped underground to “take a bite of revenge” out of you.  Despite that, he loves Papyrus and shows his affection by annoying the hell out of him.  If you’re able to get him to talk about him, he actually lightens up and talks like regular, Undertale!Sans.  If you do end up fighting him after leaving Snowdin, his attacks are super strong but quick.  If you end up killing him in this fight, Papyrus will always fight you in the judgment room.  Even if you don’t kill the others.

Undyne: She REAAAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYY hates humanity.  Flowey is very terrified of her and warns Frisk multiple times to avoid her at any costs.  However, she always seems to find you no matter where you go.  She even runs faster than you multiple times, and her attacks are one-hit KOs.  Befriending her is the hardest thing to do in the game, as it requires you to befriend Alphys first, and even then during the date, one wrong statement will result in her being unable to be befriended.  Despite that, she’s almost very similar to Undertale!Undyne, with the reason being that her inner determination has saved most of her code from being completely corrupted.  This is a plot point.

Alphys: The crazy mad scientist who has no moral limitation in what she wants to do.  She was the one who created Mettaton NEO and off-handedly created Flowey to serve as a vessel as one of her crazier experiments.  Upon first meeting her, she’ll just want to have you as part of an experiment on human anatomy, and will let you know damn well about the amalgamates.  She’s also a rabid anime fangirl, a troll on the Internet, and is openly into the weirdest kinks you’ll ever put your hands on.  The reason why she throws Metatton out to kill you is because she wants to see a human’s reaction to surviving a near death experience.

Metatton: A robot who makes a living as a performer and announcer of a Hunger Game-esque game…though no monster really dies in it and it runs more like Wipeout.  However, the Hunger Game-esque game is only real when he throws humans into it, and he’s personally responsible for four human kills.  The monster race sees him as a beacon of hope for their inevitable taking over of the surface, though he himself has actually become sympathetic of the human plight (killing four human children could do that to you), and plans to use your soul to fake his death and flee to the surface, knowing that the monsters should probably stay underground.

Napstablook: Like before, he didn’t get corrupted by the code and was able to leave perfectly intact.  He’s the only hint to Frisk that something is terribly wrong, and is scared of Mettaton.  However, everything is the same for this character.

Nice Cream Guy: He’s the same personally, but he sells the weirdest and horrible tasting ice cream ever.  Why?  Because seeing you cringe in taste makes him sleep well at night.

Burgerpants: He’s very openly suicidal and is almost black comedy incarnate.  Unfortunately, he knows that he’s in the shop menu and knows that you couldn’t kill him even if you wanted to, meaning that he will live forever in this game and it torments him on the inside.


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if it can be broken, it means it still works

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He hides it well, at first. 

A joke there.

(–I do intend to hold it over your heads for a very… long… time.) 

A quirk of an eyebrow here.

He’ll even throw in a smirk, time to time.  

He hides it well, which is why she doesn’t notice it immediately.

She brushes it off in the beginning –– attributes the weird tension in his shoulders to him having been a different person for, what was seemingly, an entire lifetime.

Plus, there’s that plot twist where he, you know, died.

So she gives him time to adjust. 

Of course there were the little things.

How he would veer away from knives (be it butter, paring or steak) or any sharp object, whether it was consciously or not. 

How his body would stiffen at the sight of any of the dwarves. 

The way his eyes would momentarily widen with something akin to… she wouldn’t call it fear, but it was a close thing. A reluctance, maybe, every time David and Mary Margaret approached him. 

But then he’d glide his fingers over such instruments smoothly, as if he never meant to take it in the first place. His movements would resume its easy and cocksure manner and those stormy blues of his would clear up, reluctance turning to fondness and teasing and it was like she just imagined it ever occurred at all.

It was happening so slowly… so quietly that when it turned to the big things, she was completely blindsided.

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