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AkaKuro Assassins!AU -Part 2-

Yay part 2~!! You can read Part 1 here btw. So part 2 doesn’t have much but I thought I might just highlight the subtleties that Akashi and Kuroko share with only each other >/////<!! 

Current Setting: Akashi Estate, 3pm

Visiting the Akashi household was a tedious task before everyone in the mansion knew who he was. Now, it was calm and welcoming. Kuroko had no trouble driving into the estate at all. 

He pulled up somewhere near the grand entrance and carefully brought out the packed tofu soup and stuffed tofu. No one could come near Akashi’s mansion without his servants knowing. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when the familiar kind lady greeted him at the door.

She bowed politely, “Welcome, Kuroko.”

Kuroko bowed back, “I just came to drop off some side dishes.”

“The master is upstairs.” she replied without any context. It was a given that Kuroko should know what it meant.

“Ah I see. Then I’ll make myself at home.”

“Please do. Shall I take your offerings?”

‘She makes it sound like I’m sacrificing these tofus to the devil or something. Oh wait.’

“Yes please.” Kuroko responds as he passes the food to her.

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