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Parents Are A Nightmare Part 3

So, in my children’s museum we have this area designated for facilitated crafts/other dumb stuff. Which means there is always one of the museum floor staff standing there helping. Like it should be cool, but most of the time it’s just a coloring book page and some crayons. But on this particular day we actually had a cut and paste craft. Which yay because we actually get to do something but omg no because a bunch of toddlers wielding scissors is just a recipe for disaster.
So I’m just chugging along, helping the kids whose parents have abandoned them with me for some free childcare, and all of a sudden I hear screaming and look over to see one child has ripped a pair of scissors out of another child’s hand, cutting them a little bit.
I rush over to help the child who was cut, getting all the necessary first aid things, and then I turn to the other child and so “no, we do not yank things out of other people hands. ”
And then, out of nowhere, the devil child’s mother pops up next to me.
“Ma'am” she says. “I understand that you must be stressed but we don’t use the word no with our child.”
And me, in my shocked state, trying to soothe the poor injured child whose parent isn’t with them, just look at her and say “…. what.”
“Yeah, see, the word no is such a strong word and we don’t like to restrict our child’s choices like that. So we prefer to reward him for good behavior and redirect his behavior if it isn’t aligned with what we think is ok. But we never use the word no.”
And I’m just like, about to blow. Because while she is saying this complete and utter bull crap, her child is again trying to yank things out of another child’s hand. And just like, what the actual hell am I dealing with right now?
So I, with a straight face, look at this mother and say, “well could you please redirect your child’s behavior before he stabs another child? Thank you.”
And she just looks at me in complete shock. And then I walk away with the crying, injured child to find their parents.
I’m lucky that the parent never complained about me, (in fact other parents complained about that child and he was not allowed back in the crafting area), because I probably would have gotten fired, but for the love of god. Parents, the word no is a wonderful word. Please use it so that your child doesn’t end up harming others because of their spoiled behavior.

Saddle Up, Cowboy: 13x06 Viewing Notes

Long post ahead! Focused mostly on the destiel moments, because have you met me? I got to watch live tonight (yay!) so I actually had some time to type stuff up…


Dean standing there completely and utterly frozen like if he blinks or breathes, Cas is going to disappear. Cas looking everywhere but at Dean.

“I don’t even know what to say,” says Sam.

“I do,” Dean says, as he walks slowly towards Cas, a cross lit up behind him, and romantic music swelling in the background. The same music that changes tone for the Sam/Cas hug because something is different. It’s maybe even a little ominous sounding for the Sam/Cas hug. Foreshadowing perhaps?

“Welcome home, pal.”  Pal? Really, Dean? REALLY?! *eyeroll*

THE HUG. Dean’s grimace, and that little smile. Cas’s slow double blink as Dean hugs him. Misha’s no Jensen, but he’s quite good with micro-expressions too, because that blink Cas does? I’ve seen that before.

Compare this (from idjitlovespie):

With this (from canon spn gifs):

It’s Cas’s tell when he’s feeling a strong emotion, or startled, or can’t quite believe something’s happening and fuck am I here for it.

“Too damn long,” says Dean, with actual tears in his eyes.

Yes, yes, YES!!!! says me. 

(Also, I’m a little confused, because I thought Cas wasn’t supposed to remember The Empty. My 13x05 coda for last week specifically addressed this after it was brought to my attention. Nobody listen to Misha ever, he’s a lying liar :P )


THREE different hugs for Cas in one episode is still not enough. Hug him always. Please.

“Watch this! I can move the pencil.” He’s so CUTE. ARRGH. Jack is adorable and precious and I can’t take it. I CAN’T TAKE IT.

Dodge City. Dean’s a dork. And Cas know’s all about it with that knowing look.

Two salty hunters, one half-angel kid, and a dude who just came back from the dead again. Team Free Will 2.0. HERE WE GO.


They brought costumes… and Dean has a hat box!

The Wild Bill Suite! Dean, you gigantic bisexual dork, checking out all the cowboys on the wall. Hey-oh!

“He really likes cowboys”
“Yes, yes he does.”
Cas could not be more the long-suffering spouse in this instant if he tried.

Aw, look at my boys, bonding over their lack of sleep.

Sam spotting that Dean’s in a good mood now all of a sudden. The unspoken implication there is of course, that their mom is still missing. Curious, isn’t it, Sam?

Cas = A pretty damn big win. Oh look, he spelled it out with his words in actual text. What the hell is happening right now?!

Cas and Jack bonding is so perfect. They’re both so good and pure!

Look at Dean all soft and snoring and perfectly relaxed and OH NO GUN!
Coffee first. And then the glare Cas gives Dean? HA. 
“I told you, he’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear.”

Okay, let’s break this down. We know canonically that Cas has watched Dean sleep. What we’ve now had confirmed, is that he’s also woken Dean up from sleeping. And if he knows that Dean wakes up like a grumpy old bear when he’s startled, how many times has he done this? And with that knowledge, how does Cas wake Dean up? I have a mighty need to see soft and gentle good morning murmurs between these two.

Also! Cas plunking his ass back down to wait for Dean to finish his coffee with no words exchanged. Gah. Give me all the domestic destiel. All of it. 


I laughed so hard on first watch of this I had to go back because I didn’t even catch any of the dialogue. Dorky, bickering hunter husbands. Yes please! 

I don’t have a lot of notes for this scene, even on a second watch, because it was still just too much to take in. So I’m just going to sit here and think about Dean and Cas watching movies together, Cas giving in and watching the bad ones because they make Dean happy. Dean being happy that Cas is back, not because he can zap them places, or bring a man back from the dead, but because he’s the weird, dorky little angel he loves who watches stupid movies, deadpans the lines, and still doesn’t blend in, but goes along with the costumes all the same, because Dean asked him to.


The undertaker is pretty… Sam thinks so too. Aww, and you just know that if Jack hadn’t been there they would have talked and bonded over Amanda Palmer. 

Her boyfriend is a colossal, abusive dick though. Blech.


Poor Jack. Why can’t Cas bring the bank guy back? I’m confused…

Can everyone stop almost hitting Dean with cars while he’s trying to chase bad guys? That’d be great.


Dean: “Aw hell.” I laughed so fucking hard at this. “Mnh- nope. I don’t wanna.”

Dean going headfirst down a dirty hole, grunting and sputtering…


Baby has gone with Sam, and Cas, and Jack. Which is probably for the best, because a few scenes back, Dean just left her parked in the middle of the goddamned road. I was horribly offended for her.

Cas: “It’s a mistake. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be better. Do better. I believe that. I have to believe that.” OOF.


I find it interesting that last episode Dean was ready to die and ready to pull the trigger himself. This episode? At gunpoint? Dean’s doing everything he can to draw attention from the innocent in the room, but he’s also plotting, and planning, and doing everything he can to live. Because, oh hey, he has something to live for again.

There’s also a marked difference between how Dean talks to the deputy here and how he talks to Sheriff Barker in 13x01. Here, Dean’s trying to preserve some of the illusion. With Sheriff Barker he was absolutely all out of fucks, and it was so atypical for Dean to just blurt everything out like that.


While hilarious and awesome, I think it’s really telling that Cas has as much insight into Dean as he does, and much of it without words. How much Dean loves cowboys, how he sleeps, how he wakes up, how much coffee he needs. All of this contrasted with last episode and Sam’s misguided insight into his brother that we saw was painfully off the mark at times. Curious…

Hubby Watches Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 - A Kiss Before Dying

We are back guys. We watched with a couple of drinks at hubby’s request as it as he says gets too intense for him. And I managed to stay spoiler free so we were reacting at the same time which was awesome.

(Also hubby rides a motorcycle so with the introduction of a motorcycle into the show I have prepared myself for long diatribes about how the show is using motorcycles wrong etc.)

So here we go with the season premiere.

Me: You want me to skip the recap?

Hubby: Nah I can’t remember what happened. You probably can you’ve seen it that many times.

Hubby: He hasn’t heard of an ambulance? Then again it is Archie.

Hubby: I think they might kill Fred.

Originally posted by stayingupforlove

Hubby: Who tells their mum they almost had sex with someone.

Originally posted by bettytail

Hubby: He is revving that way too much. He’s going to blow up. Actually it might be a *something about model of motorcycle, me too busy admiring Juggie on said motorcycle to take much notice. *

Originally posted by gabbiesworld

Hubby: Is this really the time for shower sex? It seems a little inappropriate.

Originally posted by putrislsbl29

Hubby: They should walk. They both need to be wearing helmets. Basic motorcycle safety. He is right though it is better to go faster… *continues on about some motorcycle stuff as I tune out*

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Hubby: She’s a little bit of a psychopath.

Originally posted by yearsofbadbehavior

Hubby: Actually she’s a lot of a psychopath.

Originally posted by riverdalesource

Hubby: So Jughead is like the funny one now, when did that happen.

Originally posted by cheryls-bombshell

Hubby: You should tell him you had sex that’s positive. Betty told her mum.

Hubby: YAY for Fred he’s back. Do you think that maybe you have been a bit harsh to Archie?

Me: Me?!

Hubby: Yeah, you didn’t say very nice things about him.

Originally posted by riverdalesource

Hubby: Archie is going to defend himself against a gun with a baseball bat… Archie gonna get himself killed.

Hubby: I knew she was a Pedo. *Jumps in seat* Oh Shit!

Hubby: Is there another one?

Me: No it only releases every week.

Hubby: Oh…

Hi everybody! :D

Felt like drawing a hatless boy after seeing someone else draw him hatless heh I’m actually really proud of how he came out, I really am getting better and better at drawing him yay! Also, a big thanks to one of my best friends, she helped me out with shading and stuff. There’s still room for improvement of course, but this is the best I’ve done in a long time (tho I had no idea what I was doing with those hands lol). I hope the background looks fine to, it was a bit difficult on deciding what I wanted to do with it, but I like it yee

Hope you guys like it! :D

Give me reasons

I was happy to start writing again and eventually share but as time goes by, I feel I should stop (even deleted some links I shared on FB because there is not point in sharing my stuff – my current thoughts actually). Why should I keep writing about characters people already wrote about and so much better than I could ever do. Yeah “keep doing what you like” but what is the use of going on if you don’t share your work? I feel lost.

There are so many amazing fanfic writers whose stories are stunning, creative and well written. Think I had an idea and start writing about it? Yay, good! Only to discover that someone had the same idea and wrote/posted their text… Scared of being accused of plagiarism/harassed.

I’m not a writer – never will be – but I now understand the feeling of some writers. So…
What is the use of going on then?
What is the use of  going on when your work remains unnoticed?
What is the use of going on when you don’t know if your story/wording is good or crappy?

I miss the point here.

I’m taking today off for myself and that includes this blog. I’ve been hardly on for the past couple weeks. I wrote a fucking coda for eps 13x02 and 13x03 that I never had time to actually proof read and post. And a little metaish about ep 3. I honestly don’t know what the point of posting it now is. I have asks that are old af and still need to be answered. I have like 200 posts that can be easily queued up. But I don’t actually have time to do any of this.

So fuck everything else. I’m taking this beautiful J2 Sunday (yay!) off of rl and rl’s shit t work on my tumblr stuff, because that’s actually what makes my feel good.

Anyway, there’s no point in this post, really. Maybe only that if you feel like life is crap, take one day off and only do what you want. Try not to think about your problems (easier said than done, I know) and just do something that makes you relaxed and happy. Clear your head, it might help :)

I also wanted to thank all 786 (holy shit!) of you for sticking around! Lova ya! 

Have a nice J2 Sunday!

Scout/Sniper © TF2/Valve

I dont normally draw stuff like this, and if I do I keep it to myself for some reason, but I figured I was bound to get something out there eventually xD

Anyway, this was actually fun to do. Dont hate me for it xD


even more copyright infringing costumes, this time based on 2 games by nanaon-sha
bun already enjoyed their games, and when she thought of the costumes she had to introduce birdie to ‘em, who took a liking to parappa
then bun as vibri was kind of a no brainer, even if her costume has some creative liberties

but yes more halloween stuff yay i’ll try to do some actually spooky-ish stuff soon i guess

All of my drafts are finished. All that needs to be done is proofreading and final edits, which unfortunately I’ll have to do tomorrow :/ I’ve had so little time to write, that most had to be typed up via mobile. My work load has been double since I took a wee break for the convention, and I’ve had to hit the ground running. No worries though! All my owed stuff will ACTUALLY be posted at some point tomorrow :D yay me! For now though, bed. It’s 6 am and I’ve gotta be up in a few hours ;(

@enirgomega asked and they shall receive


Warm cuddles in bed were now their pass times and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Yuri woke up with a small, soft smile on his face. He loved that, the way he was awake but also staring at a dream.

‘A dream come true,’ he thought.

He poked a toe from out of the covers. Nope, too cold, definitely need closer cuddles now. As Yuri shifted to hold Victor closer, he felt him stir.

“Love that,” Victor mumbled sleepily, eyes already closing again.

“Love what?” Yuri asked, a playful smile spreading across his face, slowly waking him up.

“You, Makkachin, warm,” Victor tried to explain, taking a moment to remember how words worked and which language he was supposed to be speaking.

Victor smiled a bright smile down at Yuri, finally finding the word he needed, “Together.”

Yuri’s face just became more beautiful in Victor’s eyes as he blushed, eyes full of so much love, Victor felt he would burst from looking into them for too long.

Yuri pulled Victor closer, “I love all of that too.”

Makkachin, woken up from both his owners mumbling and shifting, pounced on them happily, licking both their faces as if to say “Me too!”.

The couple chuckled, rubbing Makkachin’s head in return.

“What time is it?” Yuri yawned.

Victor looked briefly at his phone, “Well, in Barcelona, Spain it’s 4 AM.

Yuri’s eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to figure what that meant in Japan’s time.

“So… it’s… 12 or so?” Yuri asked.

Victor nodded, tapping away at his phone to change the internal clock.

Yuri sighed, “So we should probably get out of bed then.”

Victor whined what sounded like a no, burrowing into Yuri’s neck and pulling in him as tightly as he could.

Yuri giggled, “Victooooooooor”

“Yuriiiiiiiiii,” Victor whined back.

Makkachin jumped off the bed at that point, deciding moving beds were not comfortable beds and that he could smell food somewhere and was determined to beg until he got it.

This time Yuri whined, Victor wasn’t the only self heated pillow he had and losing the other felt like he was freezing to death.

“Makkachin, noooooo” Yuri desperately pleaded but Makkachin was already gone.

“10 more minutes?” Victor mumbled helpfully, still buried in Yuri’s neck.

“Fine, but no more. We do need to actually do stuff today,” Yuri complied.

“Yay,” Victor mumbled happily, squeezing Yuri and then comfortable falling asleep again.

‘You. Makkachin. Warm. Together. I love all those things so much,’ Yuri thought before drifting off with Victor.


so I literally couldn’t get Suga out of my head cuz I was listening to the new BTS Album so much XD  and I really liked Suga’s voice in it! 

Don’t get me wrong I stan Jimin and I ADORE AND LOVE his voice, but Suga’s some how kept getting stuck in my head. 

And well I wrote something before but that was stupidly stupid which wasn’t satisfying me so I wrote this one :3 

I also have some drabbles I need to post up QWQ but Suga held my head hostage till I put this out!! so I’ll post the drabbles up soon!! please don’t hate me who ever sent them in!

Pairing: Suga/Reader

Type: Smut and stuff

Word count: 2,145

GIF/Pic inspired me: So this time I made a post while ago asking my friend for help on which GIF/ Pics to use for inspiration and that is here Here

but the main one was this one… 


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