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So I was just listening to Quiet Uptown and...

You know how through the musical whenever Hamilton had an issue or problem blocking his path, he would right.

When he had to get himself from being poor in the Caribbean to something greater in America? He wrote his way out and everyone was so moved by his writings and helped him out

When he wanted to have Eliza’s heart? He wrote dozens of letters to her in hopes to win her over and it sure did swoon her.

When he wanted to help make America’s new government since the Articles of Confederation clearly were an issue? Hamilton helped write the constitution and the federalist papers and eventually won many over.

When Eliza and Angelica begged Hamilton to go take a breaks and go upstate with their family? Hamilton just stayed and kept writing to get his financial plan through congress.

When he figured out he soon could get blackmailed from James Reynolds from sleeping with Maria Reynolds and as well from the democratic-republicans who thought Alexander was stealing from the government? He wrote the Reynolds Pamphlet to prove he wasn’t stealing money BUTTTTT he was just cheating on his wife to protect his political reputation.

Even before he would be shot at Weehawken around sunrise, he wrote a letter for Eliza of his final words to her to try and convey his words to her for he wouldn’t be able to in person, in hope to that rather than saying nothing at all.

But you know the one time where writing wasn’t even an option for Hamilton?

When Philip died.

Hamilton didn’t write. He spent hours in the garden, walked around countless hours, even try praying.
He didn’t even pick up a piece of paper.

Cause what good would that do? It wasn’t going to change anything of the past. After all death doesn’t discriminate and it takes whatever it pleases. Philip’s death was something that hit Alexander so hard that it just so unimaginable and drowning down seemed to be a better as the the ink would slowly dissolve in the water.

Now of course it makes sense he was devastated for his child had died which any parent would feel the same. But the fact the one time where Hamilton was facing one his biggest issues, for once writing was not the answer as shown earlier on from ‘Hurricane.’ In fact looking for Eliza’s forgiveness and happiness was the only cure.


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