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Prompt for Moms Made Fullmetal Week 2017

Day One : Growth - “All Grown Up”

In which Riza finds a very old photograph of her and ‘her boys’ and reminisces, all the while wondering when exactly had they looked so grown up as they did in the picture.

the heroes of Thedas get together to babble about their troublesome significant other

“it’s the warden thing I swear”

BERSERK -Forces-
Susumu Hirasawa
BERSERK -Forces-

Awash in the blood of the wounded earth, we sleep… 
Oh stars, grandly recount the events of this night!
I will never forget about you.
On this road of unfulfillment, I still stand alone.
Like a wounded bird, I endure the rain with grace.


THE TABLET WORKS hooray! 8D Feels weird and both these felt funny to draw (the new pen feels like. flimsier than the old one? the old one was heavier and smoother and had this little give and click to it that this one doesn’t have, and also the pressure settings aren’t the same even though I did some adjusting) but that’s why I reserved today for getting accustomed to this. xD 

ETA: added a colorful picture yay!

booitsbam  asked:

okay but a sky high au for miraculous ladybug vuv


  • Mari and Adrien go to a school for heroes-in-training.
  • Mari has the power of maybe precision and mending
  • Adrien has the power of ruin and clairvoyance
  • Mari’s precision comes from her father, and her mending from her mother
  • Adrien gets ruin from his dad, and clairvoyance from his mom. (He didn’t know she was a hero, though, and so he doesn’t really tap into this)
  • Marinette is placed into the hero category at the school
  • After much debate, Adrien is put into the sidekicks
  • He’s alright with this; he’s already famous in the normal world, and he doesn’t think he really deserves to be a hero when his power is to destroy
  • Even though they’re supposed to focus on their studies and aren’t allowed to do actual hero business yet, Mari and Adrien both do it anyways
  • It started with Mari first; she went out with her trusty yo-yo (made with the strongest of materials, of course) to stop a few petty crimes that would be left to the police rather than heroes. 

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In the spirit of Handers Week I thought I might make a collection of my Handers paintings, discovered that yes no they DO NOT fit into one post so there are two. This one’s Full Handers Fluff with Jay Hawke. xD

modern AU hawke twins going to the same college – carver pretending he doesn’t know bethany whenever he’s out with friends, but meeting her every week for breakfast on saturday morning, no matter what

modern AU hawke twins going to different colleges, bethany liking and commenting on all of carver’s facebook posts, carver not responding to any of her comments but sending her long, handwritten letters that she keeps safe in a drawer

modern AU hawke twins, bethany getting married and carver giving her away and trying not to cry

modern AU hawke twins, carver fostering puppies and bethany bringing her kids over to play with them every week on saturday morning, continuing their tradition, no matter what