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Study Tips for the Lazy-Ass Student

For the freshman who’s come down with a bad case of senioritis, for the senior who has an 8AM they never make, for you who’s probably reading this lying down on the bed right now, here’s a collection of tips for your lazy butt. <3

#1 Grab ‘N Go

This sounds surprisingly active doesn’t it. Well, not necessarily - tip #1.5: don’t make things harder than they have to be. First, grab everything you need to study. By taking everything NECESSARY with you, you eliminate the need to make multiple trips for notebooks, pencils, or Nutella. Less movement, yay!!
On to step two…go somewhere else.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to go outside of your house to study. In fact, the best study area could be that nice swath of rug two feet from where you’re sprawled. Take it from someone who is essentially a sloth most days - get up, do a little stretch, maybe bust a move or two, and walk (or crawl) two feet in any direction. There’s your new study space.

#2 Use Your Ugliest Stationery

This must sound like blasphemy to a lot of the studyblrs out there. But, I personally find that if I’m using really pretty stationery, I get distracted by the sleek curves of my new Jetstream, or the creamy white of the notebook pages…you get the point. If you love stationery, you’d be doing a favor to yourself to use your ugliest stationery first - mitigating distractions and saving your best notebooks for last.

#3 Do Something Everyday

Ughhhh…I know. Sounds like work. But, think about it this way: if you do a little bit everyday, then you’re actually putting in minimal levels of effort per day to achieve your goal, rather than having to put in maximum effort the day before a deadline. (Deadpool reference, anyone?)

So Yeah.

Take it from someone whose favorite punctuation mark is the ellipses…laziness is fine, it’s great, and it’s normal. But remember that laziness isn’t always antithetical to productivity. You CAN be lazy and productive at the same time. So go ahead, keep on lounging around, make yourself a burrito, get comfortable and STUDY.