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TWO DAYS TO GO FOR STRANGER INK YOU GUYS! 👻 TWO! Are you stoked?! I could pee myself from excitement. Here’s everything I’ll be using during Inktober this year. I’ll give a brief overview of all of the materials under the read more, in case it is helpful to anybody. Let’s get into this shall we?! 

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Studying while talking to the bf~♥ 

(or, like, pretending to be studying in someone’s case)

Teamiplier reactions to Tythan being canon
  • Mark: Wait... What. You mean... After all this time... SO I WAS RIGHT. HAHA. OH MY GOD. AMY!! I WAS RIGHT. THIS WHOLE TIME I WAS RI-
  • Amy: I mean I was always suspicious but like... Go you two. Yay. Just don't (for the love of god) fuck on any household appliances. Please. Oh god.
  • Kathryn: Aw yiss. Those two sluts owe me $20.

….my friend ordered HYYH pt 2 and …by some miracle…got Taehyung’s photocard. and as my luck would come, most of my friends’ biases are /not/ my bias and even more so luckily, her bias is the one i alwayssssss get the photocard of (aka sunshine aka hobi hobi) so when i told her hey yo i got hobi for that album, she EMS express shipped Taehyung over to Korea LOL in a nice “tae’s protection box” ;;A;; i have such great friends /cry

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


Ten jumping stuff in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.


Hi, I’m Frankie. (Frank Iero x Reader)

“How do we keep getting into these situations?” you huffed quietly, crouching behind a shrub to try and avoid the beam of light threatening to expose you and Frank.

“Eleven years of friendship and I still don’t know,” he replied, scooting closer to you.

“Yeah, well, since this is the – what, third? – time that we’re hiding from the police in the last two months, I’m kind of regretting ever becoming your friend.”

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Don’t Tell Nobody ((Scott)) 3

Forty Likes, Yay! As promised, here you guys go!

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

You squeezed your eyes and groaned at the intense headache you had.
Opening your eyes you were revealed to a dank room with one sink.
As you tried to walk to it you could hear the sound of chains dragging behind you.
Looking down at your foot you noticed the heavy chain around your ankle.
The last thing you remember is Scott and Liam fighting in the hallway, then being dragged into a room and getting hit on the head.
The lights flickered and the walls were a sort of muddy beige color.
The large steel door clanked and groaned as it opened.
“Well, look who’s awake, you’ve asleep for a long time sweetheart”
You’ve heard this voice before but you couldn’t quite place it.
A girl walked in behind him and touched his shoulder.
“We can’t kill her yet”
“I know that Vi, we just have to turn her into a killer. She massacres plenty, and she’ll be worth a lot.”
Vi? Massacre? Killer?
What is going on?
Why would I massacre or kill people?, you thought.

“I’m sorry did you just say Y/N’s a werewolf?”
Scott couldn’t believe what your mom just said.
There was no way that you were one.
He would’ve felt it.
Scott wondered if Liam knew because he wasn’t reacting to what she said.

Mrs. Vanguard: That’s funny, don’t you have enhanced hearing?
Scott: But how? I would’ve felt that she was or sensed it
Liam: That’s because she’s not fully one
Scott: You knew about this?
Liam: Not really, there was this one time but I shrugged it off
Mrs. Vanguard: Y/N is a pure blood. The wolf gene won’t be activated until she takes a life
Scott: Like the Hales
Mrs. Vanguard: Exactly, that is why we must hurry. I’m afraid they’ll get her to murder someone and she’ll turn
Liam: This was planned
Mrs. Vanguard: Yes, the full moon will be at its highest peak tonight, there will be no doubt that she’ll turn immediately after
Scott: But why choose her? Me and Liam were right there, a beta and a true alpha. She hasn’t even turned yet

Mrs. Vanguard stopped walking to turn to Scott.
She held her stomach and fingered her wedding ring.
She then tugged on a black necklace to reveal the gem.

Mrs. Vanguard: This is a moonstone. Its helps me control my shifting and the bloodlust
Liam: Bloodlust?
Mrs. Vanguard: She was targeted for a reason. Both the beta and the true alpha fighting over the girl who just so happens to be a Vanguard. They’ve hit the jackpot
Scott: What’s the history of being a Vanguard?
Mrs. Vanguard: Vanguards are European werewolves. That means that we are no ordinary wolves. We are the most vicious and dangerous of them all. You’ve seen us in movies and storybooks. Once we’re in wolf form, we can’t control our lust for blood so we became skilled killers, ready to tear apart whatever is near. That blood has been passed down to her and if she kills –
Liam: She’ll turn
Mrs. Vanguard: Yes, we have to go, now

You let out a bloodcurdling scream.
The ice cold water was sprayed at you from a hose while you were pressing aginst the wall to try to find some sort of warmth.
“Oh quit being a baby”
They were torturing you.
You still didn’t know.
The boy yanked you by the hair and threw you onto the metal bed in the corner.
“Feeling angry yet?”
You gathered all the saliva in your mouth and spit directly in his eye.
He stumbled backwards an grabbed his eye.
You smiled at his pain but it was quickly replaced with darkness as something hard hit your skull.

Violet: That bitch, you okay baby?
Garrett: I’m fine, I’m just tired of babysitting, I want to kill something
Violet: I know, me too, but no wolf, no money
Garrett: Well she’s knocked out, want to do a quickie?
Violet: Its never a quickie for you
Garrett: I know, but it is for you
Violet: *punches him on the arm* Shut up

Liam’s POV

We’ve looked everywhere and there’s still no sign of Y/N.
Being in the car with Scott made me want to gag.
He was responsible for this.
If she wasn’t with him, she would be safe.
Alpha or not, he was worse than any villain we’ve ever come across.
Scott tore away the one thing that made me happy.
The one girl who could calm me down when the wolf inside isn’t.
I can’t believe Mr. Nice Guy ripped my heart out of my chest and ate it in front of me.
I just pray that she’s okay.
We pulled up to the school and checked the school grounds.
Mrs. Vanguard went to go check the hospital and left us there.
We searched the hallways and the locker rooms.
“Liam, I’m sorry”
It almost came to me as a whisper before I realized Scott was talking to me.

Scott: I know how much you care about Y/N and —
Liam: Care? I love her Scott! And you went behind my back
Scott: What did you want me to do?! Let her cry her eyes out because you were avoiding her, not answering your phone, and fucking Hayden behind her back?! Tell me Liam, what did you want me to do?
Liam: How about not sleeping with her?! You’re my alpha, you did this to me! You made me this, this thing, this monster!
Scott: Y/N told me that being a werewolf is not monstrous, it’s who you are inside. She’s a werewolf too, and you and I both know she’s far away from being a monster

He was right.
But it still hurt.
And I did hurt her first.
I was being selfish and needy.
Jesus, like a fucking puppy.
Stiles was right, I’m literally an IED, and I just killed Y/N.
A noise startled me from my thoughts.
Scott and I snapped our heads in the direction of the sound.
He gave me a look and I nodded my head.
We proceeded down the hall and prepared ourselves for what was going to happen.
Mrs. Vanguard stepped out in front of us, noticed our alertness, and sighed.
“No luck?”
We shook our heads no.
Who took her and how were we going to get her back?
“The only thing I found was this ripped shirt piece.”
I got a whiff of the scent and grabbed it from her hand.
I knew exactly who this was.
The only person I knew who still wore Tom Ford.
"Liam, who is it?”
I looked up at Scott then Mrs. Vanguard.
It’s The Orphans.

A slow clap was heard from down the hallway.
“Congratulations, you’ve solved the mystery”
He was one of my friends, him, Mason and Violet.
That bastard.

Garrett: Mrs. Vanguard, your daughter is quite the lovely girl
Mrs. Vanguard: *snarls* What did you do to her?!
Garrett: I sense hostility, but relax she’s fine

He shows us a picture of a bruised and frightened Y/N.
In a heartbeat, Mrs.Vanguard grabbed him by the throat and held him high above her head.

Mrs. Vanguard: I will break you in half
Garrett: *strains* I would reconsider, I die * breath* she dies
Scott: Mrs. Vanguard, I know you want to find her, we all do, but killing him will just leave at back to square one
Mrs. Vanguard: *throws him against a locker* Fine, where is she?
Garrett: Ouch. *gets up* Y/N is in a very safe place. Well that is, until tonight. When the moon is high and the thirst of blood is strong. You three, won’t be able to witness me  stabbing your daughter in the chest with a silver spike

I flashed my eyes and brought my claws out.
Lights flashed and smoke fogged the hallway.
I couldn’t focus and it felt like I was being choked to death.
An arrow pierced my shoulder and I cried out in pain.
Someone grabbed me by the shirt and yanked me into a classroom.
Scott breathed heavily then tugged on the arrow.
“I’m going to pull it out”
“Wait, no!”
Scott pushed the arrow deeper into my shoulder until it popped out on the other side.
I bellowed out a scream and dug my nails into the floor, making a mark.
With no warning, Scott pulled it all the way out, almost making me pass out.
He broke a window to get me out of the school.
“Where’s, Mrs. Vanguard?”
Scott wrapped my non-wounded shoulder around his neck so he could keep me steady.
“I don’t know, I couldn’t see anything.”
A car screeched up in front of them and the driver put down the window.
“Get in!”
Mrs. Vanguard drove off in a hurry after we got in.
Mrs. Vanguard was smiling from cheek to cheek.
Scott made a confused face.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Because Scott, I know exactly where she is. She’s at the abadoned factory in the West Hills.”
Hang on, Y/N, we’re coming.

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Transformers Prime AU where everything is exactly the same except Megatron is a femme.

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Hi, can you tag your favorites blogs ? I need to follow more people who posts about marvel, Sebastian, CEvans,.. 😀

Hello Nonny! So sorry if this is ridiculously late, I’ve been incredibly busy since I woke up tonight ( I work nights so sleep all day, yay me!) I’m going to give you my top two people, mainly because they’re amazing, and secondly because so many people.

First and foremost is my bestie Kate over at @emilyevanston, seriously a beautiful, amazing and awesome person all around and her writing is AMAZING. You want Marvels, Chris and Sebastian? You got it.

Next up is the lovely Gen over at @bucky-plums-barnes, who has theme days and more Sebastian than I know what to do with.

Here are a few others that I think are great.

@theassetseyeliner @captcevans @sebastiansource @whotheeffisbucky @theimpossibleg1rl and @theycallmebucky


hi hello!! it took me four tries to spell my url properly because i’m fucking stupid! i’m going to do a halloween giveaway !! yay !! it isn’t going to be huge because i’m supposed to be saving money but i just rlly want to appreciate people and make someone feel happy!


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Study Tips for the Lazy-Ass Student

For the freshman who’s come down with a bad case of senioritis, for the senior who has an 8AM they never make, for you who’s probably reading this lying down on the bed right now, here’s a collection of tips for your lazy butt. <3

#1 Grab ‘N Go

This sounds surprisingly active doesn’t it. Well, not necessarily - tip #1.5: don’t make things harder than they have to be. First, grab everything you need to study. By taking everything NECESSARY with you, you eliminate the need to make multiple trips for notebooks, pencils, or Nutella. Less movement, yay!!
On to step two…go somewhere else.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to go outside of your house to study. In fact, the best study area could be that nice swath of rug two feet from where you’re sprawled. Take it from someone who is essentially a sloth most days - get up, do a little stretch, maybe bust a move or two, and walk (or crawl) two feet in any direction. There’s your new study space.

#2 Use Your Ugliest Stationery

This must sound like blasphemy to a lot of the studyblrs out there. But, I personally find that if I’m using really pretty stationery, I get distracted by the sleek curves of my new Jetstream, or the creamy white of the notebook pages…you get the point. If you love stationery, you’d be doing a favor to yourself to use your ugliest stationery first - mitigating distractions and saving your best notebooks for last.

#3 Do Something Everyday

Ughhhh…I know. Sounds like work. But, think about it this way: if you do a little bit everyday, then you’re actually putting in minimal levels of effort per day to achieve your goal, rather than having to put in maximum effort the day before a deadline. (Deadpool reference, anyone?)

So Yeah.

Take it from someone whose favorite punctuation mark is the ellipses…laziness is fine, it’s great, and it’s normal. But remember that laziness isn’t always antithetical to productivity. You CAN be lazy and productive at the same time. So go ahead, keep on lounging around, make yourself a burrito, get comfortable and STUDY.


Ooh, baby it’s contagious. It’s contagious
Yeah baby it’s contagious and it’s serious

This is def the happiest song. I promise (◕‿◕✿)


Alec Hardy + tie