yay friendship!!

  • Historian: *reads the Alexander Hamilton John Laurens letters.
  • Historian (while sweating anxiously): What good friends they were! NO HOMO
  • Historian: *reads the Lorena Hickok Eleanor Roosevelt Letters*
  • Historian: A simple crush. I mean, everyone dreams of kissing their best friend, right?
  • Historian: *learns about Speed and Lincoln*
  • Historian: FRIENDSHIP! YAY!

I’m a Hufflepuff, so I find it very entertaining that two of the people I care about the most in this world are Slytherins. They proudly manipulate people into getting what they want. They’ll fuck you over for a chocolate bar. One coldly uses men for her bidding. The other is more ambitious than a politician, doing whatever it takes to be number one in her class. 

Then here I am, staying up late to bake cupcakes for their birthdays and making sure that if they ever need to talk, I’m there for them. Me, subtly threatening anyone who is mean to my friends.

Them, full out threatening people who fuck with me. Them, helping me get all dolled so the whole squad is on point. 

I don’t care what JKR says, the Slytherpuff friendship group is the real golden trio in my life and nobody can tell me differently. 

Interhouse friendships are awesome. Slytherpuff friendships are the fucking bomb.


“It’s like the most dysfunctional brother and sister relationship. This is like the sister I can go to bed naked with and not worry about. And trust me.. we have.”

college seems like a pretty intimidating place especially if you’re going out of town or out of state for it, but don’t worry! you got this! here’s some advice for all of those entering college:

1. schedule your classes wisely

if you weren’t an early riser before, you won’t be one now. my first semester, i had my classes start at 10am and my second semester at 8am. i was a lot more prone to skip my 8am because i was so tired from the night before. honestly, my grades reflected in those classes as well (although the classes with american government and american history respectively, i did significantly worse in my history class). find a time when you know you won’t skip and will be able to full concentrate on the subject. 

2. join organizations! 

i know at freshman orientation you’re bombarded with every fraternity/sorority/other organization but it’s for good reason! of course, you want to do well your freshman year academically, but you have to make sure you find time for fun. organizations are key to making more connections and friendships. there’s such a variety of organizations that there has to be one fit for you (academics, sports, art, music, student body/government,etc.)! i joined a dance organization my freshman year (since i was interested in dance before) and i can say that i’ve made everlasting friendships just from that group. go to the organization’s first meeting and if it doesn’t peek your interest then you don’t have to show up for the next one lol. 

3. sit in the front for lectures

i was (probably still am) a student that lurked in the last row of the classroom playing tetris on her laptop. sitting in the back makes you more susceptible to getting distracted while in class. the professor has your attention for only 1-2 hours; the least you could do is pay attention. (if you’re not comfortable sitting in the front, then sit in the middle!) 

4. do the readings/assignments as quickly as possible

i cannot tell you guys how many all-nighters i pulled throughout my freshman year simply due to procrastination. you don’t have to knock out the assignment all at once, but do a little everyday. if it helps, make a to-do list of your tasks. for me i separate my tasks by the classes that day (monday-wednesday-friday and tuesday-thursday) and even if i don’t finish whatever it is at the end of the day, i’ll at least do something. 

5. do NOT buy your textbooks!!!

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! textbooks are so expensive and if it’s not necessary to buy the textbook(s) for that class, DON’T. if you do, there are always cheaper alternatives. if you have to get a textbook, i’d say rent a used textbook rather than buy a new one. all the textbooks that i have rented weren’t in bad condition and it saved me a crap ton of money in the end. you can rent textbooks from your off campus bookstore (if your university provides one) or off of amazon! if amazon doesn’t have the correct edition, just make sure with your professor if it’s okay to use that version (if not then make a new friend in the class who has one and share. yay friendship!!)

Idol AU! Jihoon (pt 1)

I just remembered a person requested me to do songwriter aus for all the members of Wanna One, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN LOL its just taking some time HAHA anyways lets move on to the request which I love bc of what they requested and that they requested my bias >.> 

ok this is also going to be super long since I wanted to make this really good fjdkafl (okay but also i’m not sure if i made the girl actually shy or not so i’m sorry if she isn’t really that shy to you! 

  • you weren’t much of a talker
  • or more specifically speaking you’re SUPER shy 
  • You did like talking to people but when you first meet them you back off a little and you get super quiet since you don’t know them well. 
  • like when you first met your group members you didn’t really talk to them at first bc yknow you’re shy. 
  • which in turned made them think you didn’t like them which made them sad. 
  • but then yall had an intervention and now you guys are super close! You are super close with them now but when your gorup is surrouded by other people you end up sticking close with one of the members. 
  • how does Jihoon fit into this?
  • well gurl lemme tell you 
  • so you and Jihoon actually both go to sopa! great right?
  • well I mean you guys have never talked but you have seen him a couple of times since after pd101 he became one of the huge shinning stars of the school. 
  • you didn’t really talk to people at your school so when you debuted in a group in a fairly known company no one really noticed it was you. 
  • so during a music show recording, you bump in Wanna One! 
  • but mind you are alone trying to get your dressing room 
  • you lock eyes with Jihoon and he just gives you a small smile and you just instantly bow to them.
  • “Hi I’m-” 
  • “You don’t need to introduce yourself we know you already!” 
  • One of the members of Wanna One sent a bright smile towards you which just confused you 
  • “You know me?” 
  • “Yeah-”
  • before the guy could continue talking he started yelling in pain and just bent down to attend to his shin. 
  • “We just monitor a lot of groups!” 
  • Jihoon blurted this out quickly and you just nodded. 
  • wow by this point the awkwardness between you and the boy group was eating you inside and you just wanted to dig a hole a live in it forever 
  • they were also super handsome? like more handsome then you have seen in pictures. wow it made you feel even more awkward because it felt weird just looking at them. 
  • “um” 
  • you shifted around in nervousness since you didn’t know what to say.
  • “Y/N”
  • you looked up from the ground to hear one of your member’s voice which sounded like the voice of a savior to you. 
  • you looked at Wanna One and quickly decided to say one more thing before leaving. 
  • “i uh I really look up t-to you guys since you worked so h-hard on Produce 101 and I-I really like your t-title t-track.” 
  • you quickly mumbled the last of the sentence and bowed once again before scurrying off 

time skipp

  • later at school you’re eating your lunch beside some of your other shy acquaintances when someone puts down their lunch and sits down beside you.  
  • it’s jihoon!!!!!11!
  • you just stare at him in confusion and he just gives you a bright smile and starts to eat. 
  • “aren’t you going to eat?”
  • you snap out of staring at jihoon and just look down at your food
  • “well I mean I’m just wondering why you are sitting next to me when you have your friends..” 
  • you gesture to the table where Jihoon usually sits at and notice his friends high key staring at the two of you. 
  • “see they’re even staring.”
  • you gesture to the table again, 
  • “go sit with them.”
  • he shakes his head and continues to eat. 
  • for you, you’re starting to drown in awkwardness so you decide to just keep on eating your food. 
  • “i like your title track too.” 
  • you hear him say (more like terribly mumble) and you just nod in response 
  • later that day you’re just sitting down at random bench in the quad of your school when jihoon comes to sit down next to you again. 
  • you just look at him and continue doing what you were doing 
  • “are you shy?” 
  • he blurted out of now where.
  • “I thought that was obvious.”
  • he laughed a little and yknow the situation started to feel awkward
  • you got up to go somewhere else when he grabbed your wrist 
  • “wait don’t go. let’s talk”
  • you gave him a look of, ‘this is really awkward i just wanna curl up into a ball and sleep’
  • but nonetheless you sat down again and it was silent for a while. 
  • “do you like biscuits?” 
  • you looked at jihoon again with a “wtf” face but you still nod. he takes something out of his bag and ofc
  • it was the yohi biscuits that they are advertising for. 
  • “sorry it’s just that we have too much at home.” 
  • you smiled a little and accepted it
  • “thanks jihoon.” 
  • okay so the rest of the convo is just you guys getting to know each other and now yall are friends yay! 
  • so your friendship is currently a little like this 
  • *sends jihoon a video of his snow adver*
  • you: ‘why do you look like those manga girls with eyes that take up half of their faces’
  • jihoon: okay look 1. that’s the filter and 2. i am not a girl 
  • and like imagine wanna one having their debut stage on mcountdown 
  • you: wow i didn’t ask for my friend to be so good looking i feel like a potato why can’t i be as talented as you
  • jihoon: we were preforming on the same though and excuse you aren’t a potato bc if you were you wouldn’t be an idol rn 
  • and imagine jihoon sending you a screenshot of you during one of your stages
  • jihoon: *sends an ugly screenshot of you* looks like I paused at the wrong time…
  • you guys talk to each other like 24/7 because like you guys are basically besties now! 
  • sometimes when one of you can’t sleep you guys will call each other and talk until you both fall asleep.
  • the problem is that you guys are talking and stuff all the time that some people have kind of misunderstood the kind of relationship 
  • like while you were texting Jihoon, your manager came up and calmly asked you if you were dating Jihoon and you were like 
  • “lmao no” 
  • and you tell jihoon and he just acts a little weird and you’re like 
  • “jihoon are you okay?” 
  • and he’s says
  • “y-yeah just thinking about some stuff, hey I’ll be right back.” 
  • and after that jihoon would act low key weird but yknow you didn’t really notice since you were also practicing with your group for you next comeback. 

okay so I think i’m gonna make a pt2 because like wow this is getting super long HDJKLFAH 

The Complete (for now) Jily AU Masterpost

hold on to my heart

This is the cutest AU of single-father James meeting next-door-neighbor-and-Harry’s-teacher Lily. Tiny Harry playing matchmaker is the most precious thing.

Rated: K

Words: 4500

How to Write a Love Song

So adorable! James and Lily ride the same bus every day, and James has always thought she was lovely. Then he sees her listening to his band’s song.

Rated: T

Words: 2300

Let’s Set the World on Fire

“ An AU where Lily and James live to see their son off to Hogwarts. Seven September 1sts in the lives of Lily, James and Harry.” I really like this version of the “Jily lives AU”, since it focuses on one day for each year of Harry’s Hogwarts time. Lovely!

Rated: T

Words: 3700

just a green eyed girl

James keeps seeing a green eyed Muggle girl at Platform 9 ¾, and wants to know more about her.

Rated: K

Words: 800

friends, trolls, jily stans

One of my favorite modern AUs. James and Lily are Youtubers who might just be secretly dating. I adore Sirius and Remus in here, and James and Lily are SO perfect.

Rated: K

Words: 8400

One Wild Ride

A really fun music AU of the Marauders as a boy band and Lily as a singer/songwriter. It’s from a reporter’s perspective, which is a really cool point of view. Super fun read, and I’m anxiously waiting for it to be continued!

Rated: T

Words: 13000

Take Me For What I Am

A mutual friend of James and Lily calls both of them to pick her up from a party. After being stuck outside her room later, Lily makes a new friend and fails her Biology exam.

Rated (by me): T

Words: 5000

Read Between the Vines

Fluffy and absolutely adorable AU of Lily-the-tattoo-artist meeting James-the-flower-shop-owner, and their ensuing relationship.

Rated: T

Words: 2000


Lily buys a raffle ticket and wins James Potter instead.

Rated: K

Words: 1200


When Lily’s car breaks down and she has to call James for a ride, she realizes he might not be so bad after all.

Rated: K

Words: 2500

Muggle Stalking

James has had his eye on a Muggle girl at a coffee shop for weeks. He can’t seem to find the nerve to talk to her, though. Luckily for him, Lily isn’t as shy.

Rated: K

Words: 500


“ With a stranger breathing down Lily’s neck on the night she was supposed to be drowning her sorrows, a very attractive angel with dark hair decides to rescue her along with his… boyfriend?”

The summary was better than mine, so I’ll just tell you to read this AU even if you don’t read any others. It is cute and funny and amazingly well-characterized. One of my favorites.

Rated: T

Words: 1700

Frappucinos and Flirtations

Lily is a barista who bumps into a particularly flirty customer.

Rated: K

Words: <1000

It Happened One Day In A Coffee Shop

Lily works at the coffee shop close to James’ apartment. Cute and awkward Jily, featuring meddling Marauders.

Rated: T

Words: 1600

Textbooks, Time Scarves, and Tea

Lily’s best friend, Severus Snape, works at the same coffee shop as James. I love the modern interpretation of Snape and Lily’s falling-out, and the subsequent support of the Marauders.

Rated: T

Words: 7800

Of Bets and Beds

Lily’s next door neighbor is putting together a bed at 3 in the morning, and the noise is driving her crazy.

Rated: T

Words: <1000

Darkest Night

This is the most adorable AU about awkward Jily. The third chapter is a continuation of the first, while the second is a stand-alone. Lily ends up hiding from a tornado with a slightly frustrated stranger, and then finds it hard to avoid him.

Rated: K

Words: 11000

actual shit my friends have said

- “what is does?” “the third person singular present of ‘do’”


- “i prefer my men to be women”

- (about watermelon) “its too curvy!”

- “i dont want anything that has been previously deepthroated”


- “jesus christ, i cant find the hole”

- “i could bite your tongue and you could fucking hate me”

- “where is it? its not in my ass. sorry…”

- “i will poop in your bed”

- “you take off your jumper like a porn star”


- “this leaf is special”

Descendants 2 (SPOILER ALERT, and also, long post ahead)

❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ So I watched Descendants 2 and I have to say it was…actually better than I expected (let me tell you I did not expect okay). Yeah, it was entertaining and the songs were fine -some of them were actually good, like ‘chilling like a villain’ or the one Mal and Evie sang together.

Uma, daughter of Ursula

I have to say, Uma was a great 'villain’. I liked that she didn’t turn good right away. I mean, she’s full of anger and hateful about being stuck in the Isle while Mal and the others live the happy life in Araudon. She has a mom that doesn’t love her like a mother is supposed to -though to be fair, all villain kids as well-, and she feels the world owes her because of all she’s been through. Of course her transition to goodness wasn’t going to be that easy, and given her strong personality and all that, definitely not that fast. I somehow liked that when she felt like a cornered animal when they all were trying to give her a second chance at the last part of the movie, instead of giving in, she run away, transformed into an awesome sea monster, just like her mom, and gave a fight and all that. I think it felt more realistic? or something, and fitting to who she is, in the context of the movie, because Uma somehow deserves more developing of her story, and if they would’ve made her good right away, like I said, it would’ve felt fake or something. I’m sure she’s a good person, but she needs to realize that on her own accord, not because someone tells her to. Or something. 

Lonnie: finally some justice for Mulan’s daughter

I loved that they gave Lonnie more importance in the movie (because I love Mulan ahah) and what better way than showing her as a determined, strong female leader, ready to defy standards like in Tourney and in the 'battle field’, so to speak, just like Mulan. I mean, it’s not as if she became the protagonist, but, y'know what I mean …I hope xD. Besides, I even loved more that they didn’t push a relationship between her and Jay like we know Disney always does -cough cough Carlos and Jane cough cough-. If I perceived well, it definitely did not look like it, it more looked like Jay respected her and vice versa,  and that was a hell of a friendship right there. Supporting your friend against sexist assholes a.k.a Chad, and being there for them, no matter what, is the best kind of friendship yay! And it doesn’t have to always turn into something else, I mean, c'mon, boys and girls can be just friends. 

As for that exact last point, here goes my complaint about the Carlos/Jane thingy. 

Carlos and…Jane? ok-ay

It’s not that I don’t agree they look cute - 'cause I’ve always thought, ever since the first movie, that Carlos and Jane would actually not look that bad together -, it’s also not because I think Carlos is gay and that for that reason it looked forced -though, Carlos may very well be gay or, y'know, bi, or anything else, so it is a little sad that Disney didn’t go through that road with him, but y'know, Disney, right? - nop, the actual reason I did not buy the CarlosxJane thing was because there was no build up for it, none at all. Like, yeah sure, they danced last movie and that was it. You don’t suddenly fall in love or get a crush on someone just because you dance with them for a little while, and that’s definitely not reason for someone to suddenly 'hear her voice in my head’ like Carlos said in Ways to be Wicked. Besides, in the first movie, Carlos barely paid attention to Jane until the very last, and lemme tell you, it did not look like someone who wanted to dance with somebody because they liked them in a romantic way or something. 

Yeah, probably they had more contact after the dance scene last movie that we certainly didn’t see in this one, but if that would’ve been the case, it would’ve been more obvious when Carlos and Jane interacted, but all I saw was a suddenly love-sick Carlos and a definitely not-intetested-in-Carlos Jane, having some awkward scenes for the sake of the obligatory rule Disney has about all characters being with someone -that on top of that must be of the opposite sex, obviously. I mean, it looked forced because they didn’t even try to make it look real. Yeah, I know, movie can’t last forever, there’s no time to develop something believable between these two, but c'mon, even in Frozen they pulled off the believable romance between Anna and Hans -although he later turned out to be the biggest asshole to be alive, but at least their brief thingy was believable until that point. It could’ve been great if they wouldn’t have forced it, if they would’ve made Jane more interested, if they would’ve made her actually pay attention to Carlos and them actually talking just for the sake of it and, I dunno, maybe then realize that hey, this person is actually super nice and I may start to like like them, or something. But no, they just couldn’t do it. 

And yeah, it was really bad that they didn’t make Carlos have a thing for Jay, because that would’ve not only been super cool, but also really believable -you cannot deny they had chemistry in the first movie that still was subtly shoved in our faces in this one-. Seriuously Disney, nothing bad’s gonna happen if you make Jaylos (or any ohter lgbtq couple, for that matter, seeing as the new villain kid, Harry Hook, was certainly not straight anyone could see that) happen. I mean, it’s 2017, for crying out loud! You should really follow the example of norwegian shows.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Again, I actually wouldn’t have mind that much Carlos and Jane as an item, if only they would’ve tried harder for it to look real. Man, even Lonnie and Jay is acceptable -though I’m still up for that killer friendship. But, oh well, you can’t really expect more of Disney when it comes to either diversity or convincing relationships that are not the main relationship…if that makes sense lol. 

Anyway, despite that big, huge  disappointment -along with the one where they cut the one scene where they show hook’s son kissing gaston’s son, because that would’ve been big kudos to Disney-, overall the movie wasn’t that bad. I say it was thanks to the new characters added, Lonnie being a baddass, the rotten four being supportive of each other, and the healthy relationships shown that were convincing -Evie and Dopey’s son, and Mal and Ben, though Mevie wasn’t bad either ahaha.    

if you read until this point, thanks! sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language, I try my best lol and as for my opinion, well, that’s what it is, lol, let me know what you thought of the movie or whatever hehe  ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Imagine Impressing Ed By Answering His Riddle Correctly

Originally posted by legendsofdc

“Nothing,” you said bluntly as you approached the small trio of men. The bespectacled one who had posed the question stared at you with an awed look in his eyes. You gave him a proud smirk.

“Nygma, this is Y/L/N,” Gordon aided your entrance into the conversation, “She’s our new cybercrime detective.” 

“Hi,” you said, “It’s nice to meet you.” Edward continued staring, somewhat determined to stump you, before he realized it wasn’t socially acceptable to ignore you.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I just…nobody’s ever done that before.”

“Well, I happen to like riddles,” you smiled kindly at him. Edward’s only response was a goofy grin.

OK so first submission, because basically my job has been chill up until now. So for back story, I work in an office reviewing medical records for nursing students, etc. Which means I’m at a desk on the computer eight hours a day. SO the culture of this company is very chill, I don’t have a lot of complaints about it. The main issues are management has a short of clique vibe going on with certain people on the floor, which is fine like yay friendship whatever. But oh my God. So I’m sitting at my desk minding my own business doing my work when I get an email from a supervisor that basically went like this:
“Hey, Haywood, it’s come to my attention that you’ve been sleeping at your desk frequently, can you not do that?”
Now keep in mind that I’m caffeinated 24/7 working here or I’ll literally drop from exhaustion. So I’ve never slept at, dozed off at, or otherwise done anything like this. Because I PHYSICALLY can’t fall asleep with this much sugar and caffeine in my body. So I sit here for a minute and I’m like what the fuck. So I email back like:
“Hey I don’t know who told you that but I definitely don’t sleep at my desk”
The icing on the cake is that the supervisor is pals with the guy that had my desk before I did, and this guy took full on hour long naps at the desk and nobody ever said anything to him about it. This dude had a blanket, his feet up, eyes closed. Meanwhile I can’t stretch my legs out without people thinking I’m asleep even though my fingers are very obviously using the computer and I’m bouncing in my chair. So yeah, fuck high school type cliques in corporate office settings, and fuck the fact that I got yelled at for supposedly sleeping when I’m very clearly awake and working. :)