yay for yaya

gotta catch ‘em all

pokemon go is finally out in the caribbean yay! my phone however can’t support it no yay! nothing is sacred, god is dead and WHY WON’T MY OS UPDATE ALREADY

anyway idk what this is but please accept my ‘James is a precious Pokemon nerd baby’ fic it’s only slightly ridiculous (…that’s a goddamn lie and we all know it.)

3.1k words

James doesn’t mean to get caught up in a simulated Pokemon virtual reality game okay? It just happened.

He likes Pokemon in a roundabout sort of way of course, because who doesn’t like Pokemon? He remembers being obsessed with Pikachu when he was a kid, when the show was something of a novel. He’s like 80% sure that he went through a phase where everything was Pikachu styled, even down to his birthday party. There don’t seem to be any pictures, at least not ones that he can find, but he highly doubts that a his brain could just magically construct a three year old birthday party, down to the weather and type of cake being eaten.

So yeah, James is pretty fond of Pokemon.

The game is something that catches his eye a couple days after it’s released, mostly because of the influx of strange encounters he’s seen on the Internet, so he downloads it and then spends his Sunday scouring is apartment complex and environs for various Pokemon.

It doesn’t feel like he spent hours, but the next thing he knows, he’s standing in the park with his phone on nine percent, the sun is long gone and he’s pretty sure his stomach consumed itself maybe around three hours ago. And he’s only on level two.

He’s already sort of a disaster, and, according to Sirius, this game is only going to exacerbate that.

(To be honest, he doesn’t mind as long as he manages to catch at least one rare Pokemon before Sirius storms over and steals his phone for his own good.)

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