yay for wings

One of them is either flying upside down or they’re flying sideways.  I hope they’re being careful


HD version

A really old AU sketch that I finally colored, in which angel-in-training Ash hears rumour of a fallen angel seen in a forest down nearby, and of course rushes there to find him. (Because trouble is his second name o/) And from there starts the journey of befriending the grumpy fallen Gary who has spent the last centuries in isolation, all while trying to find a way to fix Gary’s wings~ (Because optimism is Ash’s third name.)


Aand… other stuff. Experimenting with styles, and doing arts for friends, and pleasing our own guilty pleasures with a booty.

Also, I must admit that I made Penny’s mane so frikkin’ difficult. Sorry. It’s also a pain for me, don’t worry.

And. Don’t touch Winged. He’s definitely the night. Also, he’ll rip off your throat, if you do that.


Josh/Donna x Oliver/Felicity

“How long have you been my assistant?”
“About a year and a half.”
“And when was the last time you brought me a cup of coffee?”
“It was never. You’ve never brought me a cup of coffee.”
“Well if you’re going to make a big deal out of it…”


I rewarded myself for finishing my taxes, etc. by… Inking feathers? Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, either. 

 Pentel pocket brush pen and Copic multiliners in the hahnemuhle sketchbook. Aequis belong to me: Zurks (little inky ball of terror) belongs to @sledgehammersong, Shirk the fluff head belongs to me.


Hahahaa finally. After a lot of modding (fitting two 1inch/2,5cm round magnets into her back) that I had to do twice -put the magnets in the wrong way, urgh.- she finally can wear her wings without a wannabe harness-thing.

And oh gosh its perfect :D Okay paint is chipping already on her wings, but since they are easy to remove now, thats something I can do inbetween commissions.