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because one of my favorites fanfics and the lovely @makapedia deserve a lot of art

NOT LOVERS was the first fanfic I read in english and I loved it immediatly, I always wanted to draw something based on the story

and I worked so hard on this!! especially with Soul’s tattoos. It took me 3 weeks to design them, yeah, two full sleeves oh my god (I’ll do a special post with all the tattoos soon ;D)

and at the beginning I planned to do just 2 drawings, but I couldn’t stop and here we have 7 xDD

I hope you like it Kat ♥, you are an incredible writer and it was a pleasure to draw something for you:)


The Courts & High Lords of Prythian ~ The Spring Court // Tamlin

“And so the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom” 


stelena au: the last five years

five years ago, stefan salvatore and elena gilbert fell in love that simply. he liked how she nervously tucked her hair behind her ear and she liked the way words rolled eloquently off his tongue. after what feels like an eternity of searching, they both have found “the one”. 

four years ago, stefan receives a phone call; they want to publish his book. it’s something he has always dreamed of but didn’t expect it for at least another ten years. he celebrates by inviting elena to move in with him.

three years ago, elena’s acting career stays on the ground while stefan’s career has made it to the heavens. his success is undeniable but elena remains silent. she’s happy for him, really. in the midst of it all, stefan proposes and elena says ‘yes’. after stating their “i do’s”, elena is forced to spend another summer in ohio working at second-rate theater that she hates.

two years ago, the jealously grows out of control. elena can’t contain it. she does not want to be the trophy wife at home with the kids while stefan gets the spotlight. she wants to share it… or take it from under his feet. she will not be that girl. she has always known she deserves better than that. at this point, her conversations with stefan become short.

one year ago, stefan has attempted to stay supportive but it’s beginning to become too much. he feels he has to give up his success for her to be happy. she no longer wants to attend anything celebrating his novel and she’s finally becoming vocal about it. when elena goes back to ohio, stefan finds himself in bed with other women and she knows. she can feel it. she hates ohio but she hates her husband more.

present day, they never went into full bloom. winter came early and killed what was left of their marriage. stefan writes elena a letter and leaves with it his wedding ring. he knows exactly what to say because he’s been feeling it for a while now, yet all he can see is the elena that he fell in love with hovering over him as he does so. that’s not who lives here anymore, he reminds himself before leaving for good. when elena returns to the house, she knows. she can feel it without opening the door. she hesitates before entering, allowing herself to live in place where her relationship remains for another moment until it becomes the truth. goodbye until tomorrow.

#Acowarcoundown Challenge, March 19 - March 25: 

Favorite Court: The Night Court, the Court of Dreamers. 

What do you friends think?

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It’s a rough draft of Illyrian wings… I’m still going to shade them in, and add colour but it’s for an English project… If you want to feel free to add in a sketch of Rhysand, Cassian or Azriel to the centre! Feedback is welcome and appreciated! (both positive and negative)

- @awkwardfan563

Happy birthday @innocentcinnamonbun ♥ !!

I just found out that today was your birthday and I wanted to draw something for you because you’re always so nice to me (I love reading your tags ; v ;) It’s a quick drawing, but I did it with love.

Hope you have a great day ♥ 

Azriel Series Chapter 4:

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


It has been a few years since the war with Hybern and the Inner Circle is not the same as they had once been. Elain has accepted her mating bond and Lucien is treating her well. When Azriel first met Elain, he knew that his heart would turn to her, mating bond or no but with Lucien courting her Azriel will never be able to be with her. Mor has finally confronted him and tells him that they could never be together because she is attracted to women, not men.

Understandably, Azriel has a tough time coping with the new dynamic. However, he has just found a bastard born, half Illyrian child who shares a similar past to the one he has had. And after spending time with Evelina, Azriel discovers that he doesn’t need to be in a romantic relationship to be truly happy and feel accepted.

Chapter 4:

After dinner Azriel, Evelina, Nesta, and Cassian returned to their apartment. Evelina was still sleeping in the guest bedroom but Az decided to sleep in his own bedroom for the first time in days. Azriel was fast asleep when his shadows abruptly woke him up. He didn’t know why only knew that his shadows had sensed something. Something that was likely bad.

And that’s when he heard whimpering. Small, very quiet whimpering. And Az sprinted out of his room and into the guest bedroom shirtless. And sure enough, Evelina was having a vicious nightmare. Darkness was cocooned around her fragile body and he dashed over to her.

“Evelina,” He whispered. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

He said it over and over again as he continued shaking her shoulders.

“Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.” He pleaded.

Her face became a frown and she started pushing against him. Struggling out of his grip. But Azriel continued holding her and shaking her lightly. And after what seemed like an eternity she let out a slight sniffle.

“It’s okay Evelina. Azriel is here.” He whispered, brushing the hair out of her face. “You’re safe.”

She started struggling less and less until her entire body became still. Az scooped her into his arms and then he started to sing.

An Illyrian lullaby they sang to infants to coax them to sleep. His voice was soft and deep and he hit each note perfectly. He had sung it thousands of times. He started rocking her and sang:

As I hold you in my arms,

You’ll be safe with me,

Don’t worry little one,

I’ll always be…


There, for you,

There, for you,

I’ll always be, there for you.


As the sun comes up,

I’ll hold you tight,

Will keep you warm…

Till morning light.

Slowly, Evelina opened her eyes. Tears stained her cheeks, but she must have heard him sing. Azriel sat her down on his lap as he sat on the bed and she hugged him tightly.

“Mumma tried to get my wings, She-she tried to burn my wings.” She sobbed.

“It’s okay Evelina.” Az hugged her tighter, “You’re safe. Your wings are safe.”

“She was the one who burned me.” Evelina looked down at her still healing skin. Her Fae blood was speeding up the process but it would still take a while for her to be only left with scars. “She sa-said that hal-half breeds deserve to d-die.” Tears started rushing down her face.

“You don’t deserve to die Evelina. One of my friends you met today is half Illyrian too and he is really powerful.” Az told her.

“Really?” She croaked.

“He’s the most powerful fae in the Night Court.” He told her.

“The High Lord!?” She whispered, her tears slowly starting to dry.

“He is the High Lord, and his mate is the high lady. She showed you how to paint this afternoon.”

“She’s the High Lady!” She gasped.

“Yes.” Az smiled.

“That means you’re really special Dadda!” She was smiling now.

“No, I’m not.” He laughed.

“Yes you are,” Evelina grumbled.

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are Dadda! You are really special!”

Az gave up and started laughing even harder. Evelina was beaming again and eventually fell asleep in his arms again.

Lineart: @rosikichan

Color: @nori-wings

Yay! Another collab, and this time with Nori!! :’D I really enjoyed working on this one ^^ Especially for hOW COOL NORI’S COLORING IS. LOOK AT THOSE VALUES! aaaaAAAAAH!!! It came out pretty good!! And it was super fun to talk with her!! She’s super nice <3 I hope we get to do more stuff together in the future!

Thank you Nori!! ily <3