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Highschool AU! Hyungwon

Highschool AU for the other members ;

Shownu / Wonho / Minhyuk / Kihyun / Hyungwon / Jooheon / I.M

  • Fashion icon of the school
  • Can wear literally anything and everyone would compliment him
  • People will text him or snapchat him about fashion advice or ask him for his opinion on their outfit, and he will actually be really straightforward with them
  • “The color of that dress is such a stark contrast with your hair and eye color. Please don’t ever wear that again.”
  • On the bright side, he’ll still give a lot of tips and recommend alternatives
  • The type of upperclassman who would respond with “Aw, that’s cute” if someone confessed to him
  • Talks back a lot and has a tendency to roast people
  • Will occasionally get sent out of the class for these retaliations and roasts, but will either fall asleep in the hall or leave to go to the library or nearest Starbucks
  • Always volunteers to read pages of the textbook out to the class or explain an answer he got to the homework, but goes at his own pace and gets really irritated if anyone interrupts
  • Sometimes he’ll even restart, or if you’re lucky he’ll just scoff at you and mutter “Rude,” before continuing (at a bit of a slower pace)
  • Will answer calls literally anywhere, even in the middle of class, and somehow convinces teachers not to take his phone away
  • Tries to control it, but will burst out laughing when someone says something funny or wrong during class. It’s even worse when “weird” topics get brought up during class discussions
  • Falls asleep facing down on his desk or with his textbook covering his face, so it surprises anyone who has yet to see his beauty (“Excuse me, could you stop sleeping i- whoa hello are you even a student” - every substitute teacher ever)
  • Offers to hand back assignments / tests so he can get his first, and peek at everyone’s marks
  • Students usually think he’s not very smart because he NEVER does homework and will usually copy other people’s
  • But he just doesn’t need to do it, like, ever because he’s really intelligent
  • Sometimes corrects people even if they’re teachers, and has a really matter-of-factly attitude while he’s at it (“Um, actually…”)
  • But can sometimes sleep through an entire class without getting caught depending on the teacher
  • Everyone has at least one pic or two of him sleeping or making a meme face but he’ll always be like “Idc I look fantastic”
  • The only exception to pics of him are anything frog related, to which he will be like “That’s blackmail” and/or “Delete that immediately”
  • Strives to get the most free/spare classes he can for his senior year so he can have “productive time to himself” (most of the time it’s just to sleep or do other work)
  • Would be That Senior who has a foldable camping chair in his locker (occasionally a pillow and/or blanket will be in that confinement if they can’t fit in his backpack) and will take it out so he can “camp out” at hallways, overpasses, courtyards and observe
  • Always drinks tea from starbucks, and makes Those expressions whenever he takes a sip (you know what I mean)
  • Likes to pretend he’s cool and mysterious and walks down the hallways as if they’re a runway at a fashion show he’s modelling at
  • But if you stick around long enough he’ll start laughing like “AHAHSSHBDB” and will get thrown / knocked around by friends
  • Occasionally rides his hoverboard to school, shouts at anyone in his way (especially if they’re walking slow)
  • Gets really competitive with sports sometimes, especially if everyone is really enthusiastic and engaged
  • Has long absences sometimes because he’ll travel with his family at any given opportunity (“mY PaREN Ts oWN a tRA V e L aG e N cY!!!1!1!11”)
  • Deliberately tries to go on trips that will let him skip certain units he doesn’t like, tests he doesn’t want to take etc
  • Sometimes doesn’t warn people in advance and will just go on trips without notice so you’ll see people (like Minhyuk) going around the school screaming “HAS ANYONE SEEN CHAE HYUNGWON”
  • Smiles at anyone who says his name in the hall, except for anyone who says his full name
  • He’ll give them a meme face instead
  • Used to be that person who would hand a friend his phone and say “Take pictures of me here, I need something to post on IG”
  • But now most people just know to take pictures of him and they’ll either just text him the pics or post it and tag him
  • Sometimes gets mistaken as a substitute teacher

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So I've only started to read the update (yay!) but le me tell you line "Like Shiro, the man was just too god damned sincere." made me laugh so hard Lance why are you so naive.

Oh–That horribly naive boy. 

At this point you could be like “Lance, Shiro’s not exactly–a good person.” 

And Lance would be like, “But he calls me pretty…”

“Yes, but he could think you’re pretty and still not be a good person.” 


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RFA in Autumn

It’s getting colder – I hope everyone stays warm ♥ I’ve always wanted to draw autumn themed art it’s so fun *THROWS LEAVES EVERYWHERE*

I also posted wips && previews in my instagram earlier♥


Title: Fatum ad Momentum

Pairing: Victuuri (Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri)

Rating: T

Category: Canon-compliant drama and slow burn, expansion of existing series. WIP. Beta’d by @extranikiforov.

Chapter Length: ~7.7k  (wtd ~43k)

Chapter Summary: Yurio heads home, and Victor and Yuuri start planning for his free skate. Yuuri struggles with finding music and and appropriate theme; a conversation with Celestino gives Victor doubts about how much Yuuri trusts him. 

[read chapter eight on AO3]   [from the beginning]

Imagine taking care of Gaston after he was shot by misfire hunting one day.

“Y/N!” Lefou screamed on the top of his lungs. “Coming! I presume hunting went according to…GASTON!” When you reached the bottom of the stairs, you gasped at the horrible sight before you. Your husband being held up by two strong and burly men, and Lefou leading the way. Gaston appeared to have been severely injured. “What on earth happened?” You breathed, rushing up and caressing his cheek with your thumb, as he barely even acknowledged your presence by a moan. “I am afraid Gaston has been shot. Where should we take him madame?” One of the men bit down on his lower lip.

“Right this way.” It pained you to see him like this.  You jogged ahead of them and brought them inside a room on the first level. You ripped the duvet open and got everything ready for them to lay him down. One of the servants were in there dusting, and you ordered them to summon a doctor. “Did the bullet penetrate the back or is it still inside him?” You demanded answers for the sake of Gaston. “It’s still inside him. He was shot in the ribs, but the blood was dark so it didn’t hit an arteries.” Lefou confirmed to you, taking in a deep breath.

“The doctor is on his way!” The maid announced to everyone in the doorway. “Thank you, Mildred.” You excused her, as you sat down on a stool facing the bed. You grabbed a hold of his hand and kissed it. “You’re going to be alright, my darling. You’re going to be just fine.” You attempted to reassure him, running one of your hands through his damp and thick hair. 

To be Continued…

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I’ve reached 200+ followers! Thank you so much guys for being there, supporting and appreciating my art! (0///0) I mean really! I’ll try my best to improve more no matter how hard or how many times I trip down to anxiety or depression, I will still stand up and make more art


Well, should I do some updates and stuff like that?… Ju wondering if I should tho. I still have a lots of wips and doodles that aren’t finished… especially the personas, fanarts(traditional), and requests. I hope that I can finish it on time and make a collection of art once I’ve reached 300+? Or maybe 400+? Depends if I’m all done with it. And hopefully I could fix my charger and charge my phone ‘cause it’s been a month that I haven’t fixed it….. =~=;; so I hope you like it! Even though it doesn’t have a music on it,.

Prompt #245 and #179

Howdy friends! it’s the weeist Bairn Marlo ( @marlosbooknook), bringing you another fluffy drabble! Thanks @caitbalfes and @cagedbirdsong for sending in prompts! Hope you enjoy!

245.”What counts as medical emergency?”

“Your whole body is a medical emergency!”

179. “Don’t get him all fired up. I’m gonna be the one who has to calm him down afterwards”

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Gemling Chip and Peeper together?

The Peep Whisperer strikes again!

Chip is just wonderful with Peep, somehow she can always get her to cheer up when she’s gassy or miserable! We owe her a lot of snacks for her troubles. These two can spend hours giggling and playing together, it’s wonderful that Peep has found a friend she can get along with! And don’t worry, Chip does play with the rest of the babies, but her and Peep seem to have something special.


[Trans] @eunhyukee44: Because the day was good so the day wasn’t good so the day seemed about right so on my birthday and vacation, the day was good #thanksto #theELF #whowishedmeahappybirthday #nowjust #waitforalittlewhilemore #weregonnameetsoon #sergeantlee (c)  

 Yesung’s comment on Hyuk’s IG: be nervous before you come out ㅡ your spot might be gone ㅋ (c)



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“Mhm, me too,” Gemma agreed. She straightened the blanket on the small bed. “How are things with you and Harry?”

I tensed up. I knew she would ask questions, and I couldn’t blame her. I didn’t have any siblings to look out for, but if I was in her position, I would be feeling exactly the same – worried and concerned. “They’re… things are okay.” I tried to make my voice sound at least a little convincing.

Gemma sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to her. “How are things really?”

“The same,” I sighed. “I don’t really know what to do.” I looked out of the window. I felt like I could cry, but I knew that I wouldn’t; I’d been all cried out months ago.

“Harry still loves you,” she said quietly. “I know you still love him.”

Chapter Two of Turned Around is posted!


My Lady.

Titled: ‘My Lady’ 

Pairing: Gaston x reader

Warnings: ANGST 

A/N: Sorry not sorry about this one…

Word Count: 844 

Tagging@girl-next-door-writes  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83@impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt@hobbithorse19@feelmyroarrrr@lefouismylife@redimagines@letowolfie@ciaprincess@speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lanielenawrit@pancake74433 @certainasthesvn@with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli shiroyuki18@ironicallyimnotamouse@ciaprincess@erreneous@gawston@benedictcumberbatchstolemyheart @pureawesomeness001 @ronijdubb@norrihiddleskittycap@oh-snap-its-mildred @afairytaledream 

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