yay for reaching my goal


Yay, I finally reached my goal of 1,000 followers!!! Now I can do another follow forever even though I just did one about two months ago. Oh, how things have changed since then. I’ve gained new followers and fabulous new mutuals alike, so I’ve gotta list you guys. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t. :)

(Btw, I follow a lot of blogs with the word “froot” in them.)

  • ✨ Mutuals ✨ = Bold
  • Blogs That Probably See Me Pop Up in Their Notifications a Lot = Italicized


20-4hours | 22-angles | annemarina anzotika | arihannaatraversso | avatar-adelaazealiazalea | baduizms | beezinthetraps | betterbemetabetterthankanyebitch | billiondollarelevators | bitchgrapefruit
blondesouths boyeetoynamedtroy britscupcake bruisedfroot 
buythestarlight camilacabellus | carlosztcassandraacaincelestial-divinity | chanelsimanscharizardxcx | clairetmple clrclejerk | collxtioncriminalreid | drivingthroughadream | drunkkonyourlovedrvela | dulect


erykahbaddont | etherealmoonwitch | falseromance | fluroholographic | forcenturiesfreekumdress | frootbenderfrootera | frootliesfrootxcx | flowersinagun | fukcx​ | furyiosagoldfroots | glittertalk | glttrpixiegrfieldlogan | halcyon-seasons | hauntfairy | hex-witch | highinmiami​ | holaryduff | horrorfroot | iamhalseys​ | icanhearyouglaring | ifuseekamys | ipodmini | itlookslikeyourflowersaredead


jasonttodd | jennifirlawrence | johnkrasinski | jncera | justdanced | k234ys0nixzkittyveli | knowsomeplaceskoriraes kuntyfroot | lanascola lanasighs loganxcx loveoutoflust lucyfromtheskyxx |
lunarchronicle marinadelreydiamonds | marina-and-the-hymens | mary-jane-insane meanfroot | mermaidthong


neptuneskunt | ohmanis | orhgasmovarryacting | paletropic | pavmnt | poisonedfrootpringle-lip | problackgirlpsyxhovibes | purehalseyqagarebelfroot | roaritslola | robthestars | royalfroot


selfloveclub | shanghighs spearsus | starqued​ | steebrogerz |
superultracharli suprfroot | sxdlandssydneyivashkov | taylorjaimie | technicallity | tenderthot | thatxlavenderxblonde | thecoldestginger thewhiteboyslayer | tomysanctuary trash-magic | trashangelicultra-yak | ultrakylence ultraviolece | uptownhookers | unfriendlyblackandhot | understudier wandamavximoff | whiteteethteens | whiteroombanshee | witchcrafts | ya-ssui | yeezyswheatiesyonceandthebeats


actuallygrimes | alliexxxxandra | amandla | azealiabanks | beyonce | charlixcxfemmehq | frankocean | holychildmusic | iamhalseymusickatenash​ | kittydothedishes | lanadelreylordemusic | maxineashleynicolarobertsmusicplanetfroot | rynweaver | skyferreira | taylorswiftthisisflorrie | wyntergordon

There are still so many mutuals I’d really like to get to know, so feel free to inbox me. My ask is always open! 💖💖💖

Thanks for being amazing people and having fabulous blogs!


Yay!! I decided to make one of these because i reached my goal of 300 followers!! I know it’s not a lot but i’m still pretty proud of it :) so in honor of this, below are some favorite blogs that have made my dash such a great place

bold= you are one of my favorite people ever 

italic= you don’t follow me back but i admire you so much



-starlighht- 5-seconds-of-solitude 5sos-dreaming 5sos-official 5sospenises acidcxlum adoraliamarrystylesbandboysandbooks banginghoranbang blue-icee c-a-l-m-yourself cal-pals-sidekick calumcumsicle cashton-addict cliffordpowerforever curlyyhazcutecalumlove daintyhemminqs dauntlessreject


everyother5sosurlwastaken fakejackhemmings fallenangelluke fivesecsofashtonsarms floral-narry friendofpizzazombies frondswithbenefitsgreen-gibbon gxrl-almighty harrysgoldshoes hazcurls heartbrakegirlhemmingsbirdy holla-hemmo i-fancy-the-lead-singer indieashton internashton intoxycated irwinandhoranaremydrugs irwinvocals istoleliampaynesboxers itskelci 


lashtonaughty lashtonslifedick lastinglouis leedsquad lirrysdimples lostinneverwonderland louisasstomlinson louisclaimedmyheart lsotboymahoganyhood malikmyhoodbabe melbourneandme michaelgclifflord mikeysucks muppetcal no-tongue-with-butt nsfwboyfriends


organizingsormikey paradiseliam peace-love-life-love pinkhairedniall pocketfulloflou pocketsizedirwin sasshtonslaywin seasidehashton sexycliffcondashortwayhomes spazzstylessquigglyluke stylesasfuck suckedharry sunshinesliam


teenagedfrickstentedtommothelifeofelizabeth theunbecomingofmichaelclifford thoughtthesamethingtimeescapesliam toxic-michaeltrillioniall txmmoprincess ughemmo96 vevomikey vodkashtonic wankingloueh waywardaussies 

So, I recently reached my first follower goal! In celebration, I am doing my very first follow forever! So, let’s get right into it.

Italics - faves

Bold - friends or just people I have talked to once or twice :)


@ahjummajiyong @baekhyun-ah@bammieboos @big-bang-bitches @bigbangersball @bigbangisbangbangbang @bigbangthrill @blondragon @c0nsvar @captaindaesung @daebaksoo @daenosaur @daesungstrash @donotwalkrun @flakandforay @fybaekhyun @fydokyungsoo


@g-dragno @gwonae @gxtop @halfygorl @hyungpanties @indigohailstorm @intopxicated @iswervetogod @jiyong-is-a-mystery @jiyongs-g-thong @kaillusive @kairamelo @letstalkaboutseungrispecs @lifeofkoreanaddict


@markjin @marktuan @marktuon @melerdie @nonverbal-jint @oh-yehet-chanyeol @onlyakkap @orange-unnie @pabojiyong @park-or @qot-7 @rawrrrrrrretno @runningmong


@sehuns-ass-cheeks @seung-whores @seungri-yay @seungriforever @seungripls @seungriseyno @sseungrism @tabi-dreamer @tabiesque @tabiisprecious @taeyangspecs @the-baddest-girl @the-teenage-ahjumma @top-is-bae @topsbearbrick @topshouldstop


@ughjacksonwang @vvips @wuyifanxing @xehun @xehunter @xiumania @xxgdtopxx @xxxloveee @yabaikang @yg-drag @yifanz @yugyeomism @zutterbaebae

(sorry for the shitty banner lol)

In celebration of me reaching my birthday goal (1k followers, yay) early, I wanted to do a tumblr award!


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)
  • Must get 30 notes lol
  • There will be one winner and 2-3 runner-ups for each category
  • Ends October 1st
  • Winners will be announced October 2nd or 3rd


  • Best URL
  • Best icon
  • Best theme
  • Best creations
  • Best writing
  • Nicest blogger
  • Best overall


  • A place on top of my new faves tab that I’ll be creating (permanently!)
  • Follow back from me, if not already
  • I will queue the shit out of you lol
  • My eternal love (this is the best one tbh)

Yay! Thank you for reaching my goal of 500 followers!!

For the last 8 months of my Who fanart blog’s activities, I would like to thank my loyal followers who are there to contribute and share my art to the Tumblr community then and now ♥:

mrs-entwistle, oxjohnentwistle, meanwhileinthe60s, bumble-b-goode, cogito-ergo-dumbloserrrxrdizzy-miss-lissymoonie-manpetefoxshendspace-afros-zepshybarrettalphadoc000001kkkittehdippity-dont-evensomanythingstolovejarvis-coxonfelisastrumlisgoein-rosaly-own-writemclennon-maracasruizthedaytartarussaucelil-oxrhapsody-under-pressurewtf-is-the-whorick-wronggeekagainsthumanitythitherpantherziggymccartneyoldschoolnikkigypsyxtheacidqueenq-uriousoliviadroogtickettobeatlesjoj-hurrisuni-topi-non-avevano-nipotiladywholigan65beatofthesaxpastel-oakdarkalicenitejohn-lennons-glassestheoriginalpurpledogpalaceidigthe60syoung-bodies-with-old-soulskedushah, sammyspunkcaptain-fan-tas-tic, er159, vanns-a-real-nowhere-man unimportant-is-my-name, a-slightly-tarnished-masterpiece, smell-just-as-sweet, bebe-le-strange, ringokilledthepropman, i-want-jimmy-zoso-bad

… New followers who mostly didn’t miss my art updates ♥:


… The tag machines! ♥
(followers who reblog my stuff and always put their tags with 
such endearing words and phrases, awww <3):

officialsarahjay, turtlenecks-and-cacti, wholiganrigby-ravenclawplaying-pinball-in-kashmir, theprocrastinatingqueen, therappatutamoonietunesslutpuppyyywholigan-dylanatic-floydian

…for today’s followers who instantly liked and shared almost all of my entire Who fanart gallery ♥:

annathebeatlesfangirl9ninethetimesbluerive-played-a-silver-ballkaelie-the-floydmary14980thedalekrobber, piemeadows

…and lastly for the lovely anons <3 (whooo, who are you?! XD) for the requests and suggestions.

As for the other loyal followers whom I didn’t mentioned or have suggestions/corrections, just send me a private message!

Long Live Rock Forever!

- Pepper-chan

Finally, I’ve reached my goals yay! So this is my second follow forever, I think I just made a follow forever two months ago lmao I didn’t say hello to some of my new mutuals because im so busy anyway I’m so thankful for all of your support, especially @s-uhyun. I wanted to show my appreciation to all the blogs that I follow and you guys are so talented. I feel like I want to kill you and absorb all your talents. \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

bold - faves

# - F

@97gu@ahika / @aegikon / @anglereve / @b-ihanbin / @bangtan / @bobhwa / @bigbanggifs / @bobbillionaire@cheonjaes / @choikw / @catpopfeels / @dohdoro / @daesungstrash / @dwks / @fy-winner / @fy-cl / @fybig-bang

G - L

@gzbae / @hwan-tastic / @hooneh / @hanbenz / @ikonine / @ikonope / @inrcle@inclestellar / @junhoenuna / @j1nwoo / @jitokkies / @jihoongi / @jihwons / @jiwons-kim / @kangs / @kanqyoon / @kdramafeed / @kim-donqhyuks / @kimobang / @king-mino / @kkaepop / @koreanghetto / @kyuunqsoo / @lk0n

M - R

@minjv / @minoswhore / @mochiwon / @moodbreakers / @namdiva / @noonakiller-hanbin / @nyn-ja / @oppamiso / @ouinner / @qaerin / @queenleader 

S - Z

@s-uhyun / @seokjined / @seungripls / @seungrisvip / @shabbitable / @softnamu / @songminho / @songmino / @ssonqs / @sughyun / @taehyunss / @teambgasm / @twoseungs / @w1nner / @wthanbin / @xiumo / @yesung / @yg-boys / @ygboys-ot11 / @ygdomination / @yghigh / @ygmino / @youngbaebae / @yunhyeong / @zelo / @zhoumi