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Every ending has a new beginning.

Hello, Shakespeare fandom!  Welcome to Tell a Hundred, the Shakespeare drabble challenge blog.  I’ve been wishing for ages that the “exactly 100 words” definition of “drabble” would make a comeback, and then I got the idea for this blog, and then I let almost six months go by without making it, but then Shakespeare’s birthday/deathday shamed me into action, and here we are!

So.  As implied above, the object of this challenge is to write Shakespeare fics of exactly one hundred words, no more, no less.  I find writing under that restriction pretty rewarding, and I’m hoping others do, too!  I’m planning to post a new prompt every Monday (suggestions are welcome), and anyone who wants to participate can post their drabbles in the “tellahundred” tag (or submit them).  I’ll reblog all entries of exactly one hundred words.  Other than that, there are no winners or anything - I just want people to have fun.  And, y’know, validate my old-timey definition of “drabble.”

The first prompt will go up tomorrow.  If you’re interested, please spread the word!


RIP Vivian Mary Hartley aka Vivien Leigh (5th November 1913 - ∞)

I hated being called pert or pretty as I was so often. I think they are the two most dreadful words in the language. I do not worry about my looks because beauty is not a thing of age but of spirit.“

"If you want to be an actor, truly want to work in the theatre, you will find your own way without advice from anyone. If you were meant to be an actor, you will be an actor, regardless of apparent obstacles." 

“I realize that the memories I cherish most are not the first night successes, but of simple, everyday things: walking through our garden in the country after rain; sitting outside a cafe in Provence, drinking the vin de pays; staying at a little hotel in an English market town with Larry, in the early days after our marriage, when he was serving in the Fleet Air Arm, and I was touring Scotland, so that we had to make long treks to spend weekends together.”