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1. How tall are you? 165 cm / 5.4″

2. What colour and style is your hair? kind of short hair light brownish/blond its hard to tell… some parts dyed green, turqouise, metal blue and purple (rainbow hair yay)

3. What colour are your eyes? light blue

4. Do you wear glasses? Uh… I should wear them but I do that rarely so nah

5. Do you wear braces? yep :|

6. What is your fashion sense? hm I wear lot of sweaters and hoodies…pretty ordinary things i dont have much girlish clothes (you wont find me ever wearing a skirt or dress lol) everything is more like boyish or gender neutral idk how to describe it better :|

7. Do you have any siblings? nah iam only child

8. What kinda student were/are you?
I used to be the kind of student thats silent and listening and always studying and trying to please the teacher but how i got older i was more like “fuck everything” and it was harder to pay attention to anything in class… at the university i was just sitting silently and listening so..probably a good student again

9. What is your favourite subject? i always loved biology but i had it only for few years at elementary school :/ i also liked history.. my favourite subject at university was the one about cinematography cuz the teacher showed us ridiculous movies (according to my taste lol) and i had hard times to not laugh in the class.. also art class cuz the modern art is ridiculous to me as well it kept me entertained

10. Favourite TV shows? GoT, the 100, parks and rec

11. Favourite books? LOTR, the hobbit, harry potter books, the golden compass, the hunger games, lord of the flies, the picture of dorian gray and some more

12. Favourite pastime? gaming, reading books, drawing my shitty comics, watching movies/shows

13. Any regrets? my biggest regret is giving up on drawing at young age

14. What is your dream job? game developer - probably animator or model designer/ taking care of animals in need, saving endangered animal species i really cant decide i wanna do all of this

15. Do you want to get married? never

16. Do you want kids? How many? no I wouldn’t be good parent

17. How many countries have you visited? 8

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? My whole family was brutally murdered in front of me and then after they were dead I had flashbacks on all those nice moments I spent with them (including my dog)… also this is gonna sound ridiculous but Iam extremely scared of being pregnant and once I woke up shaking and with tears after having dream of being pregnant so these are definitely my worse dreams

19. Do you have any enemies? uh there are certainly lot of people who hate me

20. Do you have a datemate? nah

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A conversational reactions of the 12 bachelor/ettes when they realize that the farmer used to be a really popular E-Sports player? (Extended for each bachelor/ette)

Part 2: bachelorettes

“Hey, farmer!” Abigail chirped as she walked into your farmland. You were in the middle of watering your crops when she came.
“Hi, Abby.” You reply, giving her a friendly hug.
“Still working?”
“Mhm.” You hum your answer. “Woke up late today.” You added.
“Let me help you! I wanna play with you.” Abigail pleaded. Sighing of how tenacious she was, you nod.
“Alright. Do me a favor and water the crops for me.” You said, handing the purple-haired girl your watering can.
“Yay!” She cheered as she did was you told. Meanwhile, you handled what you’ve harvested by putting some in kegs and selling some through the bin.
With the day’s work done thanks to Abigail, you two enter your house and watch some TV shows that you like. Surprisingly, she likes them too. An hour passed when abigail scooted close to you.
“Yes?” You asked.
“We should play some games together. I heard from Seb that you play StarCraft.” Abigail suggested.
“Hm? But you don’t have your laptop right now.”
“I can just watch you play, or you know… Take turns.”
“Sounds good. Follow me. Computer’s in my room.” You said as Abigail followed you into your bedroom. She sat on your bed as you powered your computer on and turned on the strategy game. “So, who first?” You asked. Abigail smiled at you, signaling that you play first. Nodding, you chose your race and played a random match with a anonymous player. Abigail watched in marvel as you skillfully won the round.
“Wow, you’re really good at this game!” Abigail complimented.
“Thanks. I really like StarCraft.” You replied.
“You should try playing in E-Sports matches!”
“Well, to be honest, I have.” With your words, Abigail’s jaw dropped.
“You’re lying.”
“No, I’m not. I won the national league five times. Still can’t beat the Koreans, though.” You admitted.
“Wow. Just wow. You’re awesome!” Abigail squealed as she threw herself to you, making you blush. “Okay, but real talk. Zerg, Protoss or Terran?” She asked once releasing you.
“Protoss. My life for Aiur.” You replied.

“So, how was it?” Emily asked you, panting. She had invited you into her room to show you dance. Honestly, it was amazing. You jokingly grabbed her shoulder.
“You have to teach me those moves!” You said.
“Why, thank you!” Emily giggled by your reaction. “Whew! I haven’t sweated this much since Abigail’s graduation party!” You nodded. “Well, sit down! I’ll fix us some coffee!” Soon enough, the blue-haired woman came back with a tray full of cookies and coffee.
“Well, thanks Emily.” You said as you took a bite out of a cookie. The showcase of exotic fabric and clothes seemed to get your attention. “So, you’re really interested in garments design, huh?” You asked.
“Yeah! It’s my dream to set up a shop here!” Emily beamed. You simply nodded. “How’s your farm?”
“Farm? It’s going fine. It’s comparable to what I used to work before.”
“What was your job?”
“I played games.”
“Videogames? That’s a strange way of earning money.” Emily skeptically said.
“Not just that, I was in the gaming industry. Man, I remember how competitive it was. Fighting digitally over who claims the top… Well, I was at the top, to be honest. In other words, I was a E-Sports player.” You explained, sipping your coffee.
“Competitive games? Well, I’ve seen a few articles online about using games for art… We’re your games like that?” Emily asked.
“You will be disappointed.” You replied, shaking your head. “Dota isn’t like those games. But if you want to try an artistic game… I think Minecraft would be a good choice. Watch a few videos and you’ll see.” Emily smiled at your suggestion.

You walk into Haley, who was trying to open a jar of pickled olives but with futility. “Hnnngg! Can’t. Get. This. OPEN!” Haley grunted under the resistance of the jar. You decided to walk to her to help.
“Need any help?” You asked.
“Farmer? You’re strong, right?” Haley asked upon hearing you.
“Hmm… You can, technically. I work in the farm, after all.”
“Well, can you open this for me?” Haley requested, holding the sealed jar to you. Before taking it, you wiped any source of moisture from your hands and took the jar from her hands. It took some effort, but you managed to open it with a pop.
“There!” You beamed, handing the now opened jar to Haley.
“Wow, you really are strong! Thank you!” Haley chirped, taking an olive into her mouth.
“All in a day’s work.” You replied.
“You did work in a hard job, didn’t you?”
“No. Worked as a…”
“Gym teacher?”
“No. I was a E-Sports player.” You replied.
“Ooooohh-Kay?” Haley asked, her smile now gone and replaced with a strange look. She was definitely not interested.
“It’s basically Major Baseball League but with videogames…”
“I don’t care! Nerd.” Haley interrupted you. Sighing, you bid her goodbye while walking out of her house.

“What do you think? I’m revealing the essence of the wood.” Leah said as she carved the wooden sculpture. “When we start tending something, we reveal what’s inside.”
“…the same as us humans.” You replied, making Leah think, but smile when she realized what you were trying to say.
“Yeah, you’re absolutely correct!” Leah replied. “I first came to the valley as a child. This place has true art potential!”
“Really? I didn’t think about that because of… You know, farming.” You said.
“Of course, just art isn’t helping me in paying the bills and laying food on the table…” You nodded at Leah’s words. Your friends faced these problems and you did consult them before. “Have you felt that thing before? Chasing something that you like but can’t earn enough?” She asked you.
“Well, I did before I came here. I did become really famous, but with the cost of health.”
“Ooh, really? What were you before a farmer?”
“An E-Sports player.”
“That’s amazing!” Leah remarked. You could only blush and scratch the back of your head. “…but I do see why you left that life behind. It must’ve been hard to connect with the natural world when you were so absorbed by the digital world, right?”
“Yeah, you’re right.” You replied. “To be honest, I really miss my fans and the competition. Don’t get me wrong, I love farming. But I needed to stay healthy. I nearly died of Vitamin D deficiency.”
“I understand.” Leah nodded. “Too bad I don’t have a computer to see what you play.”

You were helping Maru on one of her engineering projects after you hanged out with Sebastian, your best friend. You had a USB pen drive on hand so that you could help draw her blueprints in 3D back at your farm.
“Thanks for stepping by to help.” Maru said.
“No problem.” You assured.
“Seb never helps, even when I tell him that I’ll pay.”
“He’s just busy with his own work, Maru. You should understand.” You replied.“Anyway, I’m here. What blueprint did you want me to make?”
“Hold on…” Maru started to shuffle around with a pile of graphing paper. “…here.” She said, holding a paper with a detailed schematic of a tool drawn on it.
“Do you mind if you scan it?” You asked. Maru nodded as she did as you requested. The scanner turned the document into an image file. “Okay, I’ll put it into my USB.” You said as you plugged your pen drive into her computer. As Maru dragged the file into the USB, she accidentally clicked another image file in your pen drive, revealing a photo of your past self with five of your friends in your Overwatch team. You were pictured as thrown in the air by your friends as you held a trophy with confetti falling around you all.
“Um… Wow. You were a E-Sports player?” Maru asked. Blushing, you sheepishly nodded.
“I do watch some gaming videos. I remember this team. They were the best.”
“Do you play Overwatch yourself?” You asked.
“A little bit. Haven’t played too much modern games. Too much FPS nowadays.” Maru replied.
“It’s okay. Everybody has their preferences.”
“No wonder why Seb and Sam were so excited when you were here last week.” Maru said, smiling. “Still, you’re a good player.”

You picked your favorite novel and sat beside Penny in the library. Today was a good harvest day and you have decided to to treat yourself with a good book instead of gaming. “Hello.” Penny quietly greeted you with small smile. You smiled back as you opened your book. “You like those series, too?” She asked after taking a glance of your book cover.
“Well, yeah. This is my favorite of the series. I just want to keep reading it. It makes me want to be part of the story, you know?” You replied. Penny smiled and gave you a positive hum. “Say, why do you think we read? For me, I read to fuel my imagination.” You asked, looking at the ceiling.
“For me, I read because I want to get out of reality.” Penny sighed, closing her book but marking her page with her finger. “It’s hard for me to live a happy life, so reading helps me not think about it. What about you? What do you do in the same situation?”
“Me? Well, I play games. Whenever I feel stressed, I play a few rounds with my team. Yoba, I miss them.” You replied.
“…team?” Penny asked.
“Yeah. I had a few family problems, so my E-Sports team cheered me up with gaming together. We were unbreakable.”
“Wow, you must have been famous.”
“We won so many tournaments together. I had to give up my dream after grandfather’s death.” You sighed.
“…and you gave all that up for farming? I must admit, I’m glad that you did. The town’s brighter with you around.” Penny said, patting your shoulder.
“Thanks, Penny. I still contact them, though. Say, do you play League?”
“I did a few times with Sam, but it became harder.” Penny replied. You thought for a while.
“If you’re interested, I can help you guys play better.” You suggested, focusing back on your book.