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This is a friend over on Instagrams doing!! She posted a pic of Varric smiling and I had to see what smiling Solas looked like… So yeah! This is what he would look like if he really liked showing us those gnashers… 🤔 I feel very conflicted… Nice to see him smile and all but hmmm…. Also, I think we should all ignore the fact that he looks a bit like Gargamel in the bottom left pic… Yes… As you can see, I have had a very productive morning and got many, many important things done… *pats self on back*


j u n e  2 5  , s u n d a y  -  s u m m e r  ☀️

today is my last day of being lazy. tomorrow marks the first day of my year of dedication to productivity. i will do something every day! whether it be homework, exercising, or running errands, i will do something productive every day! if anyone wants to join in, use the tag #lastdayoflazychallenge !! i can’t wait to see your posts! let’s do this!!! ✨

im planning out my week and getting ready to start this thing strong!!! 

these days // moonbin, eunwoo; platonic!jinwoo, eunwoo;
or alternatively they meet five times and neither of them remembers;

3k-ish; ages altered to fit story line (what i’m saying is they’re the same age and also the story transcends time and space and goes into the future); beta-ing is for losers; #revive the astro fandom day

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All I Ask

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hello! May I request a Bucky x Reader, in which they break up and it is based on the song All I Ask by Adele? You can choose in which era and all, I love your writing anyway! Have a lovely day and good luck with all the requests :) x


Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader dated Bucky for a year before he was frozen in wakanda and they broke up the day he will be frozen and everyone in the avengers team got sad, reader and bucky cried too cause they all thought they’d stay forever together. But years later, when the reader thought she forgot about Bucky, Bucky was now unfrozen and they reunited in a restaurant with the rest of the avengers team?

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The Birthday Gift (Eisuke)

OH MY GOSH GUYS! I’m so proud of this. It may be my most favorite work I’ve ever done. It’s long, clocking in at a whomping 6422 words!

This satisfies 3 requests.

1. An anon fic request waaay back from August (apologies omg) for a preggo Eisuke fic.

2. A second anon request for an Eisuke fic. 

3. My next head canon for the bidders & babies. (Note. Soryu & Mamoru’s will be done separately. And definitely not this long for sure. Eisuke was a special case since I already had a couple fic requests. Figured why not just combine them for one big massive story)

I really hope you guys enjoy this! Featuring guest roles by @sazukukido and my anon Amelia. Kisses you guys!

Bed rest was driving you bonkers. You were currently on week three of abiding your doctor’s strict orders. The first couple weeks weren’t so bad, it all began with a routine doctor visit.

Your blood pressure was high, approaching dangerous levels. Eisuke’s hand tightened its grip in yours. You could sense his worry, the unknown questions causing a heavy burden. Having been scolded numerous times during prior visits regarding his impatient attitude. He deserved a medal for his cool exterior. Quietly listening as Doctor Nicole explained her concerns, before calmly voicing his own questions. She stressed that with twins bed rest was perfectly normal, it was just a precaution. That unlike as the name suggested otherwise, you didn’t even have to be in bed 24/7. So long as you remained home, relaxed, and free of stress. With no working whatsoever.

Eisuke having already took a personal day for your doctor visit, took a second the following day. Ensuring that you were fine and all was well. He didn’t say it outright, but his worrisome actions did. Eisuke believed you capable of birthing the twins right there in your king bed, if he left you alone for a moment.

‘Oh sorry honey. I know you were just popping out to the corner bakery for a slice of chocolate heaven. Already acting like a doting father trying to satisfy their endless cravings. However the twins just simply would not wait. Hope you don’t mind. Oh no, please don’t wake them, they just fell asleep.’

The ridiculous imagery was so absurd that giggles overcame you. Eisuke questioned you with increased frustrations, his impatience growing as you ignored him. You would have shared except one look at his stern face set off around round of giggles. Eisuke eventually let it be. He pouted in the corner, far enough away to punish you for withholding secrets. Yet still within sight if the babies came dropping. Your giggles had subsided, except with all the excitement the babies caught hiccups. Whether it was only one, or if it was both of them. You couldn’t quite tell. From inside it felt like a rhythmic pulsing with slight pausing between. Eisuke nearly tripped over his tall frame in trying to reach you. Your loud gasp having startled him, zapping his already frayed nerves. Upon a closer inspection he noticed the slight bob the hiccuping twins caused to your belly.

“Are you okay? Is it time? Come on breathe.” Eisuke was at your side at once, his cell phone already ringing away tucked between his ear and shoulder. Wrapping his arm around your shoulders, mimicking how you should be breathing through labor. As he huffed and puffed beside you, the sight was too much. You tried resisting. Okay it was only for a moment, but it counts. You let out a breathy laugh, a hand leaving your oversized belly to playfully shove his shoulder.

“What?” Eisuke demanded, just short of childishly stomping his foot. “Stop ignoring and pay attention to me.” He insisted, releasing your shoulders and standing tall to appear more authoritative. A low voice calling from the cell captured his attention at last. Turning away he quietly muttered a low ‘nevermind’ to whoever was on the other end of the phone. Bemused, you didn’t question the nervous premature phone call, or who was on the other end. Allowing him to save a teeny bit of grace, even if it was only for pretend.

“Hiccups.” You instead answer, at last. Eisuke’s frown settled into a small smile, as he sat back down beside you. His large hand placed on your larger belly, a short chuckle escaping at the cuteness.

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“Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your whole family!”

I’M ALIIIIIIVEEEE! (Actually this is the third project I’ve finished since the Pokemon stitch, but I can’t show those because they’re birthday presents. So you’ll have to wait til December, sorry)

Mulan is my FAVORITE Disney movie!! I love it, really, and I can never find anything related to it. So I was super excited when I saw FrigidStitch had a pattern available. I bought it the same time I bought Trinity’s Pokemon pattern.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors used for the two Mulan characters so I changed them. In the original pattern, Girl!Mulan was wearing the outfit she wore at the very beginning of the movie while Ping!Mulan’s colors were slightly off (they’re still slightly off but shh we’re gonna roll with it). I wanted Mulan in her matchmaker outfit because 1. She was wearing it when she sang this song and 2. She’s not comfortable in both this outfit and as soldier Ping, so I wanted to “reflect” that (ba-dum-tish, I’ll see myself out).

This was done on 18 count aida because I love me some 18 count mmm yeah. And I don’t want to talk about how much I had to rip out… Also-also, for my log, this was literally finished today, so, yay! Productivity!