yay for giffing things that have been done already



finally i can post this and say i am done yay !!! yeahh so this fc directory has fcs that are, or have been, kpop idols. there are 685+ FCs total and all have some resources already available and have been linked in the directory. 100+ of these FCs have 500+ gifs and icons !! whoa !! that’s a lot !! there are also 100+ actors !! wow, how great is that.

you can sort these fcs by categories like age, ethnicity, hair colour, resources available, and even what types of characters i think they could play.. and more !! 

 if you notice any mistakes at all, please let me know. if you don’t see an fc here that does have resources, just send me a link of the resources and i’ll add them (with a few exceptions like zico, kim hyunjoong, ryu hyoyoung, ect..) also if you see i haven’t reblogged your resources of these fcs, don’t hesitate to message me. as long as the resources you posted are decent and don’t ridiculously whitewash the gifs/icons, i’ll reblog it so more people can see it ye. 

so yeah, enjoy !! even though this directory features kpop fcs only, i strongly encourage non-krpc people to check this directory out!! there are so many fcs here that could easily replace the usual white fcs the rpc constantly uses. 

if you found this directory helpful in any way or want to share with other people, please reblog this !! hope you all have a good day. xo


feanarofinwion  asked:

hi! i was just wondering, will you gif more Breaking Bad? :3 i've started watching last week (for the first time, finally tbh) and it's already destroying me on a molecular level tbh, and you're about the only person on my dash who's been posting BrBa things lately so yay *clings*

I’m actually working on an aesthetic set featuring an iconic scene from each season! But my computer is being dumb with memory and won’t lemme save gifs at the moment. So I’m on hold for gif making until I can figure out how to get rid of my iTunes library, cause even tho I deleted it’s still saying I’m wasting 160GB of storage which is freaking insane. 🙁