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My phone is dead.

The charging port is busted. I haven’t done that since the days of the single-pin universal charging ports. I’m kind of proud and incredibly sad because I don’t want to upgrade yet… and was slightly panicked that my pictures were lost…

Thankfully I listen to my own advice and my photos - the only thing I wouldn’t be able to get off my phone - are backed up to iCloud.

Edit: this of course excludes the photos I took on my run today… because of course it didn’t sync when I got home like it’s supposed to and now it won’t turn on at all. Oh well. No ducky pictures for you guys.


A cute DIY for everyone :)

Ok oh my god I just learned the dumbest thing. Get ready for a historical etymology class team!

So for those of you lovelies keeping up with my fic Some Assembly Required you are already familiar with what grad school can do to your back. This is based on my actual life the best two years, and let me tell you that many people can attest to the fact that you can hear them freaking grind when I shrug. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, so I’ve been seeing this lovely RMT about it, and the other day I asked if that weird ass noise (aka gravel crunching under flesh) had a fancy medical name. She informs me it’s called “crepitus” but doesn’t know the etymology, and I couldn’t figure it out while blissed out and getting a massage. When I got home I looked it up and OH MY GOD.

So back in the day christians and pagans didn’t get along - shocking, I know. But the fun bit is that besides the murder and mayhem and general horrific stuff between them, they also shit posted each other whenever possible. So pagans would write shit like “oh yay, this super poor, homeless, blue collar dude hung out with losers and then was executed by the state, I totally want to be just like him when I grow up. Idiots.” And pagans wrote crap like “oh no, I stubbed my toe, I should now make a sacrifice to the god of toes. Lunatics.” And so on.

One time in particular, the christians were teasing the pagans for having a god for everything and they said there was even a god of tummy grumbles, aka of farts. They called him Crepitus.

So….the official medical term for muscles grinding together all gross-like is the name of a made-up fart god, and if that doesn’t explain how ridiculous both ancient history and medical terminology are then nothing will.

Person: Hey, what u doin’?

Me: *carefully looks at Johnlock fanfic

Me: I’m reading a transformative work based on late Victorian literature that questions traditional views of gender and sexuality.

Person: ???

Me : *awkward slide

I love how obvious it was that Sheldon said no to his perfect match ‘cause she wasn’t Amy.
And I love Stephen Merchant. Can he stay on the show forever worshipping Sheldon in the background? ‘Cause I’d be totally fine with that.

About the Last Episode of Owari no Seraph
  1. Yay, Mika joined the geek squad.
  2. Yuu and the others in sweaters and all.
  3. Yuu (technically) swimming.
  4. Did FerID Just KiLL Krul??
  5. Did Guren just stab Kimizuki?
  6. Did Guren just stab Yuu??
  8. GUREEEEEN!!!!!
  9. SHINYA WHEREE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!                          
  10. So….. did u guys just leave mirai there….