yay for cosplaying


“Flynn is teaching me about the art of the selfless, about removing oneself from the equation.”

Photos by @shes-an-iso


Trying to organize my FMA folders and found some concept art for Daughter of the Dusk


Lol, I need to reinforce my ears, but this is my cosplay so far, I’m done with my beard, I keep finding beads and stuff to deck out my hair with and I refuse to them Haha! My big cuffs are curtain rings that I got from Anna’s linens. And I glued on my beard with double sided tape because I didn’t buy my sprit gum yet Lol I’ll take a picture of my jacket and tunic soon. I have pictures of one of my dwarf costumes, but I don’t like the angles and how I look lol. But maybe you all aren’t as critical as me lol. I might post them later.