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by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (6827 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Tesco AU, Smut, Butt Plugs, sex toy discussion, sexy cornetto eating, Bottom Louis, Blow Jobs, this story basically revolves around a twenty pence piece, Office Sex, inappropriate declarations at the height of arousal

Part 1 of the Tesco series


Curiosity mingled with pity inside of Louis as the man took his tote bag from his shoulder and rifled through it, seemingly looking for change at the bottom. He became a little frantic, unsuccessful in his hunt for coins.
“Come on, 20p. Twenty fucking pence. Where are you?” The man mumbled.
Pity won out in Louis; he dug his hand quickly in his pocket.
“Here you are, mate.” He handed the man a twenty pence piece.
“Oh, um-” He frowned down at the coin that Louis had placed in his palm. “Cheers, that’s so nice.”
“Don’t mention it.”

Louis lends Harry 20p in Tesco, and Harry is adamant about thanking him properly.

Happy birthday B @nottooldforthisship! Enjoy x

Paint it  black and paint it white
Pull the blinds and meet the light
I see heaven up above
But I see you and I see love

And we’ve got a long road
We’ve got a burning coal
Sometimes it feels too hot to hold 
I hope it never goes cold

Very rough and lazy Zutara thing inspired by The Narrative’s newest song, Toe The Line. It’s hauntingly beautiful and I’m obsessed (please be obsessed like I am because it also gives me a lot of Zutara vibes)

Giveaway time!

I have it in mind since a long time (I reached the 500 long time ago, but was overwelhmed IRL aaand well…). But I still wanted to do one, so what’s best than using my birthday as an excuse?

Birthday’s gift are supposed to make the person happy, so giving you something makes me happy (it’s my gift to me in a weird way? Ahaha!)
It’s also a way to thank you guys for your support and everything.

You can either win one of these :

  • A character sheet of your Eldarya OC (Fullbody with expressions and close-up details. Can also come with text descriptions in it)
  • An outfit for your character based on the sprite base
  • An halfbody sketch couple


-The characters must be Eldarya related (since it’s a blog related to this fandom)
-Only one reblog counts (but you can like and reblog as much as you want)
-Being a follower is greatly appreciated, but not mendatory (since some might have multiple blog with one accounts, like me)
-Please, no giveaway blogs
-Winners will be randomly generated
-Keep your ask box open, so tha tI can contact you if you win ^^
-If a winner doesn’t reply in 3 days, I’ll randomly pick a new one

The giveaway ends on the 28th February, 23h59 (french time). On my birthday, of course!

Finalized Short Stories Coming Out January 28th!

All stories are written, edited and formatted! With any luck, I’ll receive confirmation from Kindle soon :) If not, I’ll be selling this anthology as an EDD! Price will be between $1.99 - $2.99!

  1. Rhea Always - Titans are more often than not above Zeus’ judgement. Rhea finds her own penance.
  2. Spectrum - After being cast aside by Hades, Persephone finds herself changing in strange new ways.
  3. Devil Deals - The Devil came down to Georgia. He should have never come back.
  4. A Lake Tale - They find him in the lake, mouth sealed under layers of unnatural stone. It takes a month before his bindings fade enough for him to speak.
  5. Mama’s Bones - Mama made them. Honor will save them.
  6. The Debt Collector - Betony searches for a way to pay a debt that was never owed to begin with.
  7. Madame Science - A humorous story about a villainess and her quest to get the hero once and for all.
  8. 100 Parent Points: Ramona - A sneak peak at the 100 Parent Points series coming out in March! Ramona isn’t the oldest. She’s got responsibilities anyway.