yay for announcements!

Flirting Kiss

Here’s more RokuSora fanart on your way!! Actually, I not only posted this drawing for few of my SoRoku/RokuSora fans, but also to announce I will be creating a Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy art blog. It will only have those two fandoms that I will be posting. There you will have more accurate of my SoRoku/RokuSo drawings!! Yay! I’ll let you guys know by reblogging this art post ;)

Presents to: @renrink, @keysoflight and @kidkytes

I wasn’t allowed to share the news publicly until today, but I won the $5,000 SlickDeals scholarship I was a finalist for awhile ago! Thank you so much for all of your support and signal boosting during the public voting period. You guys are the best.

Because this only applies for the fall semester, and I chose community college to cut down costs, I may not get the full $5,000 – which, while disappointing, is still far preferable to only getting a fraction of the fall semester accounted for. This way, I get a free semester! I’m also waiting to hear back about the $3,000 scholarship I received a little while ago, because I think costs may have to be adjusted given my school change (UMass to Middlesex).

Guys, I almost didn’t apply for this scholarship. I had the essay sitting in my Drive for weeks and finally decided “screw it, I’ll just apply anyway.” So, if you’re nervous to apply for scholarships because you think you may not receive them, think again! As long as you aren’t busting your butt for very little reward, if you can take the time to write an essay or fill out a form, by all means go for it. I’m a walking success story. (Before you think I’m too amazing, bear in mind that I’ve applied to probably 20 others that I didn’t get. I just got really lucky with this one.)

Hiatus until April 4th

I’ll pretty much disappear until April 4th. Because exams, you know the deal :’D I have a queue set up actually my entire blog runs on queue? always?? just in case you didn’t know but I won’t be online. Meaning: please don’t be offended/confused when answers to messages come like a week late now^^‘ 

Announcement time!

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and kind words. I literally almost cried.

Seeing how excited everyone got over being a part of my Miraculous Meets comic, it made me really sad that I decided to end it. I want to continue making art for you all, and I want to incorporate your ideas as often as I can soooo,, I created a side blog for the ML Bender AU!

This is a blog where you can interact with the characters or submit your ideas for certain situations the characters can face/what you want to know about these characters in this AU. (I already have some backgrounds for the characters but I’m open to illustrating your HCs)

It’s still a work in progress, so bear with me ^^” Also let me know what you think I should add/take away. You all have such creative ideas and positive energy, I hope you’ll all have some fun with this. This blog is for you guys (and for me to practice my shitty anatomy and proportion skills) so go crazy!(: 


So i said i was gunna do something because I hit over 3,000 followers on here and over 4,000 on instagram (@kristengonzalez26) and I DECIDED WHAT I’M GUNNA DO! STAY TUNED BC IVE BEEN & I STILL AM PUTTING IT TOGETHER AS I TYPE THIS, but let’s just say it’s sticky, and will feature svtfoe. (For now)

moving blogs

ive had this blog for a long time but ive been super inactive here lately so i’ll probably be deleting soon & moving to a sideblog for the account i use regularly so…thanks to everyone who has followed me for this long!! i’ll be starting fresh over at @dattebaeyyo

Mythically...maybe not too impressed?

After all the anticipation and excitement and the build up, the actual announcement in today’s GMM was not quite as thrilling as it could have been. Not the content part, that was all very promising, but the way they announced it, I was expecting drum rolls and fireworks or something. And an explanation to all those strange teaser videos…

But seriously, Ear biscuits is back! At this point I have to admit I haven’t listened to most of the old episodes, but that’s just because I haven’t had the chance to do it yet. Now that they are making new ones, I’ll definately listen to those, or watch the video format now that it’s an option. This was amazing news, even if we kind of guessed it before they made the announcement. Yay!

I’m also feeling very positive about the new channel. I kind of figured there’d be food related content, but I’m looking forward to whatever they come up with. I hope it’s not all going to be crew related, or if it is, I hope there’ll be more BTS material instead of the scripted stuff.

I’m not sure how I feel about Mike and Alex getting their own show, they are funny sometimes, but as much as I like to see them sometimes, they are no Rhett and Link, and sometimes they kind of go too far with the stuff they do. But I’ll give them a chance, just because they are part of the Mythical Entertainment concept. I hope we still get to see other crew members, too. (Where’s the girlpower show with Lizzie and Ellie?)

The actual episode today was a bit blah. The quiz show was funny, R&L looked good, and the food eating contests were gross. It was all good, but just nothing spectacular. An ok Monday episode. I did love the prize at the end, though, I’m always happy when Link finds a Sprite somewhere.

The GMMore was so short, and I’m going to be honest that I was dissapointed by Link not taking part in the contest. It was hilarious though, that Lizzie is the best bacon eater in the crew - I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming. Maybe, because I’ve never eaten bacon personally, and I can’t believe a girl like Lizzie would enjoy eating it. But even though she did well and tried her best, I had no doubt in my mind that Rhett could lose this. His mouth may be small, but he’s a well trained eater of all kinds of foods.

Chapter 17
  • “Okay first, is that a wolf thing? Being super in tune with the sun’s alignment and all that? Second, I gotta say you and mama McCall being grocery buds is kind of awesome. Weird and totally unexpected, but awesome. Like those mugs that change color if you put hot or cold drinks in them— Ha! Hey, there’s a beetle on my shoe. Sup, beetle— like if you pour hot coffee into it and the mug turns orange—  weird and unexpected, but awesome. Actually jk, the beetle’s actually just some dirt. Is that mint? I need Adderall.”
  • Derek chokes a little on his orange.
  • “I’ll bring a giant Cthulhu pillow and we’ll see who wins in a fight to the death.”
  • “Draw me like one of your French bread girls,” Stiles begs as he tries poking Derek with a baguette.
  • Because shopping with Lydia is a mall-crawl filled with winks and coy smiles. And if Lydia winks at you more than once within an hour, you should either assume she is winking at someone far superior and good-looking behind you, or be very worried that something terrible is about to happen to you. Stiles tried to tell her that it’s no big deal, no it’s not a date, that he and Derek hang out all the time, they literally live together, and her response had been to cup his cheeks and pin him down with her green gaze and say, “Stiles Stilinksi, for someone so intelligent you can be so incredibly stupid.” —He gets that now. He’ll have to call and tell her the good news later.
  • OH! Oh, ohhhh, oh my friggin’ holy Millennium Falcon on a toasted BUN, Derek—!”