yay for announcements!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who applied ! Last week I went trough all the applications and I have to say that every single one who applied was amazing (I’m not just saying this to be nice but for real you all are amazing) and choosing the members was incredible hard tbh but I tried to keep this net a reasonable size ! I’ll definitely open applications again some time in the future and I hope some of you will apply again because you all were so amazing (I can’t stop saying this). Beside that I’m just very excited to announce the first members now: 

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My boi ❤️

members announcement post

I have finally, after 87 years, chosen the members for the blog and let me tell you guys that was not easy at all, there were so many entries and so many amazing blogs and just wow (ofc I did end up choosing more than I said I would lmao) also don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t make the cut this time around bc we’ll probably open applications again (sometime, don’t ask when bc idk)

members: (under the cut)

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Good News!

I’m going to announce the individuals who will be receiving a free preview of my book ‘Who Are You’ within a couple days time!
However, please note that this preview is not the full version, for the book in its entirety is still in progress! I still hope that it benefits you on your wonderful journey!
Until then, please feel free to stick around!
Please take care!

~Nicole Addison

A few quick announcements (please read)

- I will be closing my Ask box for a while, which means I will not be accepting prompts or requests. This change will take place on Saturday, June 10th at 9 p.m. EST. If you have a prompt or request you’d like to submit to me, now is the time to do it. I will be doing daily reminders of this change until it goes into effect.

Speaking of change…

- I will be taking an extended hiatus from writing effective Saturday, June 17th. This break will go through to August 1st. There are a lot of factors that have gone into this decision, but the most relevant one’s are 1.) my son will be on summer vacation starting June 17th, and he requires the bulk of my time and attention; 2.) my muse is quite tired, and I’m finding it harder and harder to tap into the creative flow; and 3.) I’m genuinely worried about burning myself out.

I’ve written almost 400,000 words in this fandom over the course of exactly five months. (I sat down to write “The Art of Letting Go” on December 29th, and published the next day.) That is an incredible amount of work in a very short span of time, and I am extremely tired.

I need a break. It’s as simple as that.

- While I am away from writing, I will still be publishing the material I have written. “Burnt Flowers Fallen” wraps on June 12th. I have enough prompt fills, many of which double as Saturday Smut postings, to bring us through July 22nd. Between today (May 29th) and June 16th, I will continue to write with a focus on filling outstanding prompts. My goal is to have enough Saturday Smut one- and two-shots written to bring us through to the end of August.

- I will return on August 1st with the publication of the first chapter of a longer work entitled “The Speed of Pain.” The five chapters of that story will bring us through to the end of the month. Over the course of September and into October, I will publish the second part of that series, entitled “Disassociative.” The chapters for both these stories are quite long (3,000+ words each) so I will do one chapter per week.

While this series is being published, I will dedicate my time and energy to completing the sequel to “Burnt Flowers Fallen”, which will tentatively be posted throughout November and into December. The working title for that piece is “Ashes, Ashes (We All Fall Down)”, just to give you an idea of where it may go…

My Ask box will be reopened on August 1st, which means I will be accepting prompts and requests again.

On a more personal note, you are all awesome. I am forever awed and humbled by my Constant Readers, the people who leave me reviews, the people who come to me for advice and ideas, and those who just pop in to say “Hi!” Words can’t express how happy I am to have you as part of my life, and the fact that you’re all able to slog through my incomprehensible (to me) ramblings is just…it’s remarkable. I wouldn’t give you all up for anything, and I’m not. I’ll still be here, I just won’t be writing–which means I’ll have that much more time to dedicate to all of you.

In that same vein, if I beta-read for you, or help you with ideas, or anything like that, I will continue to do so. This hiatus really only effects me and my keyboard; most other things will remain the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read, guys!

Haine duet CDs announcement!

It’s been confirmed Haine will get a duet cd with each prince! As well as planned solo versions of Prince Night!

 発売日 2017/9/27
   歌:カイ&ハイネ from P4 with T

 発売日 2017/10/25
   歌:ブルーノ&ハイネ from P4 with T

★レオンハルト (Leonhard)
 発売日 2017/11/29
 歌:レオンハルト&ハイネ from P4 with T

★リヒト (Licht)
 発売日 2017/12/27
 歌:リヒト&ハイネfrom P4 with T

The anime has ended for now but we’re still getting lots of Haine throughout the year! Next big thing is the musical they said!

Ride you like my Harley - Chapter 2 - Trixya - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N 2 - Thank you for the positive feedback. ♥ And to the person asking if Trixie is bad news, you shall see. ;) And about the smut question, well, you will have to wait~

A/N 3 - Translation for the Russian words; 

Ангел - angel 
матрешка - matryoshka
принцесса - princess
Кукла - doll
Барби - Barbie
сука - bitch

T/W - bad language, horrible pick up lines, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs.

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hey guys this is our first official announcement! yay!

so this Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and The Tiny Trio will be suiting up as The Gotham City Sirens! But since it’s hot in our country, we decided to make our own Coachella versions.

The designs were made by each of us wearing them, with Rib as POISON IVY, Dinny as HARLEY QUINN and Fox as CATWOMAN

stay tuned over the weekend to see how they’ll look!!


They just announced a second John Mulaney show and I was checking email right when it was announced so I pounced and scored 2 tickets 6th row just off center.