yay for aa

  • Me when I'm not playing Turnabout Memories: awww, everyone just leave dear poor baby Feenie alone he is a sweet naive boy being led astray I must protect him
  • Me when I'm playing Turnabout Memories: stop fucking lying you sweater-wearing piece of crap

tfw your teammate is perfectly Smart and Capable of explaining what he just said about bruce’s gamma levels, but you still ask the bae for the 411 because you like the sound of his voice

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ee today was a good day. my best friend and i went to taco bell for lunch today, my crush asked me out, the weather was nice, and my mum got me a speaker so im on a tire swing outside playing guns for hands on it and aa.

yay !! omg this made me smile so thank u i’m glad you’re happy u deserve it

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hi, i just wanted to say i really believe philphobia is a thing, and your blog is so important and amazing (just like phil). your edits are truly incredible, you seem a lovely person, and i hope you are ok and have a lovely week (life) <3 (also we're both scorpios and intj's, so yay? ahah)

aa omg you’re the sweetest ilysm :( 💕 thanks pal


Ace Attorney 6 Spirit of Justice Launch Trailer
↳ The defense will never give in because we lawyers, even in the worst of times, will always show our biggest smiles!