yay for aa

  • Me when I'm not playing Turnabout Memories: awww, everyone just leave dear poor baby Feenie alone he is a sweet naive boy being led astray I must protect him
  • Me when I'm playing Turnabout Memories: stop fucking lying you sweater-wearing piece of crap

tfw your teammate is perfectly Smart and Capable of explaining what he just said about bruce’s gamma levels, but you still ask the bae for the 411 because you like the sound of his voice

pizzapizzadickz  asked:

Ah I'm excited to see your changes to your blog. I really love poems and I love photography so I'm excited to see more of your stuff. 💙

aa yay!! i kinda never show anyone my work so ive been pushing myself to show more people

aquacycle  asked:


AA yay ok so..

I’ll go with undertale because I’m hot shit. Papyton, because FUCK IT.

So you know the theme of neo-tokyo? Well, how about … Neo-Vegas themed? Cept it’s like.. Neo-Home because ASgore is still bad at names no matter the au.

Neo-Vegas themed, Papyrus-centered, Papyton focus. Sans is mostly inconsequential. Undyne is there too so it’s good.

Papyrus is a drug runner for some mafia/gang/drug lord dude. idk why but i’m picturing a real fat Burgerpants. Idk why. but he does it so he can afford some seriously overpriced meds for his sick brother, Sans (who thinks he’s just doing some retail shit and not being a badass). Seriously, It gets real freakin’ akira up in here. Hovercycles and everything.

Anyway, Undyne’s here and even though she’s a cop she looks theother way for Pap’s sake because everything’s totally fucked here in Neo-Vegas-New Home and she’s like: “Yo, my GF can hook you up with some seriously strong shit. You can make some serious cash” and Papyrus is like “Feck Yeh.” and in an attempt to make a connection w/ Alphys,Who’s a freedom Fighter and everything. idk it makes sense it’s the 80′s.

Pap just so happens to meets her bodyguard, the cyborg Mettaton. Who’s a total fucking hottie- and just so happens to moonlight as a dancer at the club the drug cartel is using as cover. So this is like, the first time they meet up close and not have MTT on stage and he seems like a real person. ANYWAY it’s so neat and 80′s. 

So Papyrus works with Alphys to distribute this new drug and he makes some serious dough doing it and he bonds hardcore w/ Mettaton. there’s a chase scene on hovercycles and they kiss eventually.

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god bless your blog encouraged me to watch superjail and im HOOKED i watched 2 seasons in one day and i love it aa??

YAY I’m so happy!!

you should message me! I love talking about superjail with people!