yay first time!

Our mistakes make us who we are.


K ♥ | The King of Hearts is an affectionate, caring man who helps you out in trouble and shows kindness even in the darkest times.

I’ve researched so many playing card meanings for this that I ascended to the astral plane and am now working as a full-time fortune teller there. and my gifts tell me that im gonna upload merle’s card next 💫


And in the endless sky we are but one…

Never enough Herondale boys fanart \0/

(Plus I needed practice on males and coloring with Photoshop)


I don’t even know what this is… I guess I just wanted to draw my favourite boy Yuuri surrounded by my favourite flowers….?

(it wasn’t actually intentional but I may have subconsciously decided to make the flowers ice-blue because… Victor’s eyes)

[Refs were used for the hydrangea flowers]


mystic messenger characters + symbols // insp.

A day late but I finished it!  YOI x Nightmare Before Christmas AU for Halloween.  Thank you @fanatic-trash for the idea!!  I tried doing a more traditional manga style with screentones.  Hope that turned out okay :)  I thought this was a cute scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas.