yay first gif ever

“What’s the right thing to do?”
“Return the sun or return home?”


Finally, i’ve finished the art. It took me days tho..
I really love OneShot, so i’ve created this lil gif. It turns out great, tho.
First colored gif ever made in my life.
// OneShot/Niko // @nightmargin and @elizavq​.
// Art/GIF // @jazzy-creates-art​ (me, of course.)
(please don’t steal the art from me, i’ve worked hard on this. Please inform me if someone steals my art. Thank you. )
Unanimated. :

Okay so I just found out  that the new 13th Doctor is Jodie Whitaker who played Beth Latimer in Broadchurch that also starred David Tennant, and whole bunch of other actors who also starred in Doctor Who. First of all yay for first ever female Doctor, and may I add about bloody damn time.  Also, from seeing her act and portray her emotions on Broadchurch, it’s easy to see that Jodie has what it takes to take on such a big and iconic role.  And I have to give the BBC and Chris Chibnal credit where credit is due because honestly I never speculated that she could be the new Doctor. It’s just that my concern is that at first I might only see her as Beth, and not as the Doctor, but like all the other Doctors I have been through; I am willing to give her a shot. Plus Doctor who is all about embracing change isn’t it, and this is a big change indeed.


April days in Henrietta were quite often fair, tender things, coaxing sleeping trees to bud and love-mad ladybugs to beat against windowpanes. - Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys