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@hellobeau let me sprite their AMAZING homestuck girl designs. I had so much fun! ou guys really need to check out their blog. It’s a personal favorite. Sprites are below.

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TJCarm punched a nazi once. Laura supported and cheered for her and then pulled her away from the situation when she realized it was about to get dangerous for them. They then went and got ice cream so Carm could put something cold on her bruising knuckles. Whoever works at the store gave them free ice cream after finding out how Carm got the bruises.

things I am here for:

  • trans!carm headcanons
  • jewish!carm headcanons
  • my favorite fictional characters punching nazis
  • ice cream

10/10. Excellent content. 

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Hello^^ what do you think this disturbance all about? Do you think Yona and Hak will reunite again or maybe Hak or Yona will finally see Suwon again?

I am not afraid to admit that I have absolutely no idea anon XD I’ve found over the last little while that whenever I think I have an idea as to what a chapter title is referring to, my hunch is waaaay off and it’s something completely different. I feel the same way about this next chapter because from what I’ve looked up the kanji can be interpreted in a number of ways. 

If we take one way, that it means disturbance or perturbation as in moving away from the norm due to some influence, I’d consider the idea that the next chapter will be mainly about Yona speaking with Tae-Jun (and hopefully Kyo-Ga, fingers crossed) and/or maybe Hak speaking with Mundok. In this sense it could be them discussing how to go about approaching Soo-Won and Kouren, and how they will be disturbing the plans both have set up to achieve their goal. 

But, I then started thinking that maybe disturbance/perturbation could mean that of the mind, which makes me think of Mizali and his twisted mentality. So… maybe a return to Kouren and her remaining Five Stars where we’ll see more of Mizali interacting with the four dragons and Yoon?? I’m not sure :P

Natalie, Madeleine’s oldest sister, strolls into the living room, her eyes alight with a devilish glee.

“Look who’s here, everybody!” she exclaims in an all too cheerful tone of voice.

Maddie stops dead in her tracks as the entire room turns to stare at the new arrivals. Clinging to Westley’s arm, she wills herself forward, but the sudden, awkward silence leaves her crippled with embarrassment.

“It’s Madeleine!” Natalie continues. “And she’s brought a date!”

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