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Kinda Outta Luck
Lana Del Rey
Kinda Outta Luck

I really want him back, but i’m kinda outta luck.

Hamilton characters as things my choir director Billy has said

Alex: *aggressively patting head* iM STRESSED

Burr: sHIT

Eliza: sing, my sweet Puerto Rican Angel child

Angelica: *lays down in the middle of the floor* *covers face with sheet music* I’m ignoring you

Peggy: *electrocutes self setting up the sound system* SHHHHHHHH-I MEAN SUGAR SMACKS

Laurens: stop touching his nipples, Dennis

Lafayette: I’m catfishing someone in Russia I told him that if he took care of Putin I’d give him 15 soccer balls

Herc: I’m gonna shove an A2 up your butt

Dad™Washington: *bouncing slightly up and down with eyes shut* YAS SING IT

King™George: you best not come back here, little twat

Jefferson: go make me coffee, peasant

Madison: I may be out of shape but- no, there’s not an end to that sentence

Phillip: *drags a chair across room* *stands on chair and stabs a pair of scissors into the ceiling* art

Maria: ABC, give me the D


triple a (aromantic, asexual, agender) rachel elizabeth dare

“I accept this role, I pledge myself to Apollo, God of Oracles. I open my eyes to the future and embrace the past. I accept the spirit of Delphi, voice of the Gods, speaker of riddles, seer of fate.” 


Helpless / pǝᴉɟsᴉʇɐS

I really love how this came out!!! It’s them with the flowers that I incorporate in my animatics.

The pink blooming rose represents how Eliza’s love is growing and how she’s happy with where she is, whereas the orange rose is meant to show satisfaction in love. However, the flower is slowly wilting…

Hamilton Act II: A Summary

What’d I Miss: french fry is back, this time with jazz

Cabinet Battle #1: my talents include looking snazzy, quick comebacks, and eliminating all chances for friendship upon first meeting people

Take a Break: I will try to get away *doesn’t try* well I did my best I think

Say No to This: let’s play a game called ignore the ensemble

The Room Where It Happens: I’m going to continue my theory of “maybe if I just stand here nothing bad will happen ever” but this time I’m going to be standing next to senators

Schuyler Defeated: I’m sure he already knows *looks out window to see Alexander lighting Burr’s house on fire*

Cabinet Battle #2: you must be outta your gODDAMN MIND

Washington On Your Side: salt squad assemble

One Last Time: you’re all exhausting I’m taking a permanent vacation try not to kill each other

I Know Him: *gets out a bucket of popcorn* I’m ready to watch your life fall apart

The Adams Administration: in addition to dressing snazzy, having quick comebacks, and being bad at making friends, my talents also include getting fired and not handling it well

We Know: it’s a good idea to tell a bunch of people who hate you something they could use to ruin your life

Hurricane: we’ve established that I don’t make very good choices but just in case you don’t get that yet I must do another stupid thing

The Reynolds Pamphlet: oh shit wait I shouldn’t have done that maybe

Burn: these letters are on fire and you will be too if you mess up again aka FEELINGS

Blow Us All Away: “what if he shoots me” “why would he do that, here take some guns see you at dinner”

Stay Alive (Reprise): get ready folks, once the tears start they aren’t going to stop for a while

It’s Quiet Uptown: no more politics for me they ruined my life

The Election of 1800: ok maybe just a lil bit more politics what could go wrong

Your Obedient Servant: shit that’s what could go wrong aka sass

Best of Wives and Best of Women: meeting means both meeting and gun fight apparently

The World Was Wide Enough: shooting your friends generally results in the realization afterwards that it was a bad idea

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: if you thought you were done feeling things you were WRONG. feelings time lasts until you’ve run out of tears


who lives, who dies, who tells your story