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Animated Heroines Appreciation Week: Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis - 2007)

Shut up, you bitches! YES, I’M IRANIAN AND I’M PROUD OF IT!


“‘What’s that?’ he snarled, staring at the envelope Harry was still clutching in his hand. ‘If it’s another form for me to sign, you’ve got another-’
‘It’s not,’ said Harry cheerfully. ‘It’s a letter from my godfather.’
‘Godfather?’ spluttered Uncle Vernon. ‘You haven’t got a godfather!’
‘Yes, I have,’ said Harry brightly.’


NOCTIS WEEK | Day 7: Free choice / Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Noctis!

Crowe: You forgot “An awesome lay.” -Luche Lazarus.

Nyx: That was one time and we don’t talk about it, Crowe.

Luche: One horrifying, nightmare inducing time.

Nyx: …Where did you even come from?

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