yay cosplay!!!!!!!!!!


Trying to organize my FMA folders and found some concept art for Daughter of the Dusk


Lol, I need to reinforce my ears, but this is my cosplay so far, I’m done with my beard, I keep finding beads and stuff to deck out my hair with and I refuse to them Haha! My big cuffs are curtain rings that I got from Anna’s linens. And I glued on my beard with double sided tape because I didn’t buy my sprit gum yet Lol I’ll take a picture of my jacket and tunic soon. I have pictures of one of my dwarf costumes, but I don’t like the angles and how I look lol. But maybe you all aren’t as critical as me lol. I might post them later.


It was the first cosplay she ever did. After needling her mom to sew her the costume and order her a wig, she spent the next evenings sitting up late, forming a wonky necklace out of clay and too much acrylic paint. When her parents nagged her to go to bed, she just stuck her tongue out, until they threatened to not let her go to the con after all. It wasn’t perfect. But with all the compliments and requests of “can I take your picture?”, it was all she ever wanted.

Kessie’s Katara cosplay is finished…. well, apart from the shoes. Honestly I may just remake the whole outfit, because it turned out I’d left most of my single-coloured cottons at my parents’ so I had to work with the scraps I had. And I had no dark blue satin band for the necklace.

But on the other hand; yay BJD cosplay photoshoot. I’ve always wanted to have one tbh, I’ve just been too lazy to actually make a cosplay outfit. I may do some outdoors sometime later.

It’s my first time working with overlays at all in photoshop, so that was a new experience for sure. I do need a lot of practice, but hey, it was super fun adding all that water still :3

Finished the sewing part of my phichit on ice cosplay. Yay.
Plus, just noticed I have not posted here about this costume at all. So…. You must think that it’s like… Super fast. But I have actually been working on it for like 2 month.

killzeteetans  asked:

Hey mama, guess what? I AM GETTING MY HANJI COSPLAY. Haaa yay. I've done an armin cosplay at a beach, which resulted with a girl tackling me into the ocean, making me eat a seashell. ANYWAYS. I was wondering, do you have any cute stories from hanji's past?

AWESOME! I hope you’ll show me hehe

Hanji always used to capture little bugs and take care of them and see what they do and write it down in a notebook

nathamuel  asked:

If you don't mind, I have another request, could you draw Chloe Frazer as a mermaid for the cosplay event? :) Your art gives me life.

Ah, this is nice, so sexy!
If this skin on multi-player, her legs has a little problem.
But this is picture so no problem. yay!

※>the cosplay event
I wasn’t able to understand which event is this word, so I drew it freely. Sorry.

By the way,
I think that Chloe suits anything clothes.
I wanted her to wear more other clothes in Uncharted story.

Thank you for your request!