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Sebastian Stan character asks:
  • Bucky Barnes: What is one of your favourite memories?
  • Will Franklyn: Go five years in the past or five years in the future? Why?
  • Lance Tucker: What is something you’re obsessed with?
  • Chase Collins: Do you believe in magic? Why? Why not?
  • T.J. Hammond: Can you play an instrument?
  • Jack Benjamin: Describe your crown if you were a princess/prince.
  • Dr. Chris Beck: What three things would you take with you to space?
  • Jefferson: If you could travel to any fictional place, where would you go and why?
  • Ben: What are you afraid of?
  • Carter Baizen: If someone gave you $1,000,000 what would you spend it on?

As the Crown Princess Victoria is currently  on a private trip, she and Prince Daniel will not be able to attend events held in connection with the Canadian State Visit next week, as they usually do. Instead, Princess Madeleine will step into her sister’s place and will participate in the visit, which the court has now confirmed to Swedish Women’s Weekly.

“Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill and the Prince Couple will attend the traditional ceremony at the castle, as well as the subsequent lunch. They will also participate in the banquet later in the evening.” says the court’s Communications Director Margareta Thorgren.

The court also confirmed that Madeleine and Chris will be in Sweden for some time, and not only during the state visit.

“Princess Madeleine and Chris did not come to Sweden alone because of the state visit, but because they have other commitments in Sweden other than the state visit.

—  Svenskdam

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Chris Evans x Reader | Valentines Day Bath

Chris was hanging out with his family, And looked down at his phone when it vibrated, Smiling when he saw your name. He opened the message, And his eyes widened.

He immediately said goodbye to his family, Forgetting that it was valentines day and that he was going to spend it with you. He got pizza and some chocolates (Plus a few boxes of jelly beans) and made his way to you. How could he have forgotten that it was valentines day? He would’ve made some dinner and spent it with you.

“I’m home!” He opened the door and locked it, Saying hello to dodger; Taking his clothes off while walking to their shared bedroom.

He goes back to the kitchen half naked, Forgetting the wine. He also brings the chocolate and candy, making sure to not drop anything on his way to the shared bathroom. 

“Took you long enough” He saw your naked form inside the bubbly bath, Body covered by rose pedals floating softly on the water.

“Sorry. There was traffic” He took off the remainder of his clothes, Smiling when you made space for him.

“I see you brought pizza. And jelly beans!” You smiled happily, Grabbing a bag of jelly beans.

He sat in front of you, Half of his body covered by the water. 

“Isn’t this the best way to spend valentines day?” You popped a few jelly beans into your mouth, Chewing the yummy goodness.

“I know. And I even brought wine” he showed the bottle, Realizing he forgot the glasses. “-I don’t know how we’re going to drink it though”

“You have lived with me long enough to realize that if we don’t have glasses for wine, We drink it straight from the bottle” You take the bottle, Opening it and taking a swing.

“Of yes. I forgot” He chuckles, taking a bite out of the pizza.

Half way into the relaxing bubble bath, He reaches for his pants, And you take this as a perfect opportunity to slap his gorgeous ass. Of course, He glares at you, Taking something out of his pant pocket.

“(Y/n) I’ve been wanting to ask this for a very long time. You’re the most beautiful, Intelligent, And wonderful woman I have ever seen”

You cover your mouth, Tears building up.

“So will you make the the happiest man alive..” he opens the black box, A beautiful ring on the inside.

“And marry me?” He smiles at you, 

You’re too stunned to speak, And just stare at the ring blankly.

“(Y/n) If you don’t say something this will be very awkward for future stories” he looks into your eyes, His hands shaking.

“Oh my god! Yes! A million times yes!!” You’re shaking now, tears streaming down your face, But you’re still smiling.

He places the ring on your finger, And you don’t waste a chance to pull him into a deep kiss.

“We’ve been here long enough, Why don’t you show me how much you love me in the bedroom, Mr. fiancé ?” You stand up, Wrapping a towel around your soaking body.

“Oh you asked for it Mrs. fiancée ” He stands up after you, Happy that he was going to show him newly fiancee how much he loved her.

Love Never Changes

Warnings: a little angst, some fluff
Rating: everyone
Summary: Steve Rogers x Reader where they’re friends and she gets into a dangerous accident which results in her sitting in a wheelchair. She gets depressed and ignores Steve because of her inability to do the things she used to do, but Steve finds a way to show her that he still loves her regardless (as requested by @phanalamatrash)

“I’ll race you,” you told him excitedly, a huge smile plastered on your face. 

Before you could start to run, Steve stopped you with a gentle hand on your arm. “Wait, that’s not fair, I’m carrying the picnic basket!” He gave you a look and gestured to the large picnic basket he was holding.

“So? You’re a super soldier, you have the strength to carry…what, a picnic basket? That’s nothing!”

“I like being fair, y’know-”

“C’mon, old man,” you giggled, patting him on the back, “this should be easy for you.”

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King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill will attend the Swedish Academy’s annual formal gathering on December 20th, 2016 at the Stock Exchange Building in Stockholm.
—  Swedish Royal Court
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Shushed (Chris Evans x Reader) Smut, Fluff, Angst

The Director (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Smut

Inquiring Minds (Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie) Explicit

Smoking (Chris Evans x Reader) 

Random Trip to Target (Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Reader) 

The Bar (Chris Evans x Reader) 


Just Got Him Back (Bucky Barnes POV, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson) Angst 

No Matter What (Bucky Barnes x Bipolar II Reader) Fluff, Angst, Feels 

Before it’s Too Late (Steve Rogers x Reader) Smut, Angst

The Road Trip Series (in progress, co-author Mistress Jen Bradlee):

NYC to NOLA with Chris, Mackie, and Seb Eventual smut

Brooklyn to LA with Steve, Sam, and Bucky Angst, Smut, Fluff 


River (Dean Winchester x Reader) Angst, Smut, Fluff 

All Right Now (Dean Winchester x Reader) Smut

Take a Ride with Me, Baby (Dean Winchester x Reader) Smut, Fluff

Yes Sir (Professor John Winchester x Reader) Smut, Angst

Santa Baby (John Winchester x reader) Smut

Made from Scratch (John Winchester x Reader) Feels, Smut, Angst, Fluff

Undiscovered (Dean x Reader x Sam) Smut, Angst

Night Moves (Dean x Heather the Hunter, Sam x Piper the Waitress) Smut

Breakfast with Chuck (Chuck Shurley, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester) 

Please note the additional warnings in each post! Enjoy :) 

Chris Cleans Up

Warnings: smut
Rating: mature
Summary: (bearded) Chris and the reader have been dating for a few years and when he comes home one day, she is cleaning the dishes and he comes up behind her and starts kissing her neck softly and they both get worked up and he puts her on the counter and eats her out (as requested by anonymous)
A/N: Chris’ beard in this imagine is about the same length as it is in the gif below :)
Y/N = your name
It’s stereotypical for women to clean up around the house. However, Chris didn’t want you to feel like you’re obliged to clean the house that he shared with you, so he hired a cleaner and gave you the freedom of doing whatever you liked.

You and Chris both wanted a sense of responsibility for your own lives - and it was the cleaner’s day off, so it was just you and Chris in the house that day. You opened your eyes and your senses gradually came to life. You were curled up against Chris, his body pressed up against yours from behind.

Spooning is a really comfortable thing to do - it gives a sense of security and comfort from your partner. You could hear Chris’ soft snores, his breathing light and even. Even after almost 3 years of dating, his snores seemed like the cutest thing. His arm rested on your waist and fell over your stomach. You swivelled around slowly, to not disturb his peacefulness. Your faces only inches apart, you cupped one side of his face and lightly pecked his lips. He stirred but didn’t wake up.

Chris had been growing his beard for the past week and a half, and so his beard was really making an appearance. Trimmed to the perfect length.

Chris only had to go to a meeting, that was the only kind of work that he had that day. He left at around 10AM, after breakfast, and said that he’d be home for lunch. You cooked some lunch for the two of you and decided to make some Captain America-inspired cupcakes to pass the time.

Obviously, when you make food, there’s always going to be dirty dishes to wash. And so, you got to work of thoroughly cleaning the dishes. As you started soaping up a plate, you heard the front door open, and then close. His footsteps drew closer and he walked into the kitchen.

“Hi, Chrispy,” you said, rinsing the soap off of the plate. You didn’t turn around and instead carried on with washing up.

“Hey honey,” he laughed cheerily, coming up behind you and wrapping his strong arms around you. The warmth of his body pressed against yours was giving you butterflies.

“How did the meeting go?” You asked.

“It went good,” he replied, softly kissing the back of your neck. The sensation that it gave you sent shivers of pleasure down your spine. 

“I made lunch…and some cupcakes. You hungry?”

“Mmmmm…yeah…” he mumbled, letting the hairs of his beard tickle your neck and his hands travel upward to cup your breasts. The way he touched and caressed your body was making your clit start to throb with arousal. You tried to carry on with the task at hand, but Chris was proving to be a very big distraction.

He realized you were trying to delay doing anything dirty at that moment in time, so he pushed your hair aside and kissed your neck again - in the very spot that got your juices flowing. You put down the soapy cup, and took off your rubber gloves.

You turned around to face him, and looked deep into his eyes for only a moment before holding the back of his head and pulling him to you for a kiss. Chris’ grip on your waist was only getting tighter as he pulled you to the island in the middle of the kitchen. You slipped out of your sweatpants and your tee and left them lying on the floor.

He pushed you against the island and hoisted you up onto the counter. You went to lock your feet together just above his ass but he stopped and he placed his hands on your knees and prised your legs wide open.

He returned to kissing - only, this time, he tried to make his kisses slow and meaningful. Your hands ran up and down his back as his tongue tangoed with yours. As the seconds passed, his kissing became desperate and his breaths shallow. He wasted no time at all in removing your panties and kissing his way down your body.

You gripped the edge of the counter as he purposefully rubbed his beard on your inner thigh. He kept at it and it gave you goosebumps. Just when you thought you’d have to strangle him with your thighs, his tongue made it’s debut. You shivered from the sensation of his tongue working wonders down there…He flicked your swollen, sensitive bud before licking it over with added pressure.

He was gripping your legs for support as he squatted and sucked on your clit. He moved down a little and he used his tongue to trace around your slit. “Chris…Chris, please…” you whimpered.

He chuckled and teased some more, rubbing his beard along the inside of your thigh again. You grabbed his hair and gently pulled him towards you. He did as he was told and slid his tongue inside. He tongue-fucked you for a minute - your orgasm was starting to build quite quickly - and then started licking you from bottom to top with the flat of his tongue.

You groaned and he took it as a sign to continue with the job he was doing before. He darted his tongue in and out - curling it upward so that he could stroke your walls. Your orgasm washed over you like a wave; making your entire body tremble beneath his touch. He watched as your pussy fluttered and your walls pulsed - and even then he hadn’t had enough. He devoured you once more, stating that he was “just doing his fair share of cleaning up.”

After a second orgasm, you hopped down from the counter and told him, “Now it’s time to get all dirty again.” You stroked his unmissable bulge from over his pants before taking him into the bedroom.