yay cheerleaders

Haikyuu!! Chapter 259: Push It Push It Bam Bam

I think it’s suitable to accompany the title with Karasuno’s lead cheerleader.

Yay, Saeko-nee!!

I’d like to shine the spotlight on our spikers.

First, our ace, Asahi!!

Asahi has truly grown comfortable in his role and position as an ace. Long time ago he would have rejected outright the suggestion and told whoever suggesting the impossibility of it. Instead, he looks thoughtful, and actually tries it. It’s shown a level of comfort and confidence that he can pull if off. Of course, another ace is able to pick on it. (or Hinata’s rubbing off on him)

Damn crows, indeed Bokuto. Looking at Bo happy making me happy too. 

Then, our birthday boy, our very sonshine, Hinata! He’s incredibly expressive in this chapter, which makes him extra adorable.

Honestly, there’s no one else more surprised by his growth than himself. No wonder Kageyama’s not convinced.

Hahaha, Kageyama might have the most trust in Hinata’s attacking ability, but not so much in his defensive ability. Be more supportive, Kageyama!

Finally, someone take notice of Hinata’s better receiving! (At least putting it into words) Too bad, it’s not your time to show off your new skill.

Another precious HinaYama moment.

OMG. The exchange is another proof to the friendship between Hinata and Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi won’t do that unless he is truly comfortable with Hinata. Seriously,  I thank Furudate-sensei to see more and more proof how well these two are getting on. Sorry Hinata, it’s Yamaguchi’s time to shine!

But uh-oh….

The pinch server is in a pinch. How will Yamaguchi get out of it????

At least, Tsukki’s on the court too? Maybe his presence will help?  What a cliffhanger! Furudate-sensei successfully keeps me on the edge of my seat once again.

On more a serious note, Fuki’s comments deserve attention.

His comments emphasizes the importance of Karasuno getting this set, because getting the next one will be difficult. Right now, Inarizaki’s still adjusting to Karasuno, they haven’t found their own pace and started their own initiative. Miya twins copying the oddball quick is more an attempt to intimidate and confuse than to launch their own attack.

However, somehow I find the question is not WHEN Karasuno will have exhausted all their projectiles, but WILL they exhaust all their projectiles?? 

Because they are, as Bokuto has pointed out, Karasuno’s main strength, they are CROWS. They keep on trying new things, they keep growing and learning. Hinata’s the most obvious example, then in this chapter, we’re shown that even Asahi is capable of it. Maybe there won’t be a new surprise as Karasuno as a team, but there’s gonna be new surprise from Karasuno from its individuals. I think it’s not only Ukai, everyone in the team unconsciously realizes this, the importance of keeping the opponent in their toes. It might be one of the reasons why Asahi made the attempt to try new things despite his comparably more careful and reserved nature than Hinata.

Not to mention.

Tanaka hasn’t gone full throttle. Right now, he’s just there

Not a weak point, but also not a strong point of the team. I’m kinda waiting for him to get his groove back. Karasuno has three powerful spikers, right now Inarizaki’s only dealing with two. I feel like Tanaka’s going to play an important role in the future, along with Hinata.

That said, am I the only one getting offended that Ukai is only mentioned as Coach Ukai’s grandson? I know he’s a relative unknown and inexperienced coach… Ukai will eventually be known more than Ukai’s grandson, I’m sure of it. 

It’s friday night and the Foxes have just won a game and everyone is getting wasted(literally when are they not) and Allison suggests they play Never Have I Ever because why not and everyone accidentally spills their secrets when they are drunk

  • everyone agrees to play (the Vixens are there too so Aaron agrees)
  • Andrew doesn’t disagree which is agreement enough
  • poor Neil has no clue how to play so he turns to Matt and asks for help
  • so drunken Matt tries to explain the rules (does a decent enough job)
  • so Neil agrees to play 
  • Nicky decides to go first and says Never Have I Ever kissed a girl
  • Of course Matt, Kevin, Aaron and Neil all take a shot
  • Aaron lifts his shot as a salute to Katelyn before downing it
  • and much to everyone’s surprise a couple of the Vixen girls(lesbian cheerleaders yay) take a shot as well
  • and to top it off Dan, Renee AND Allison all take shots and smile at each other (pretty sure they all got drunk once and decided to kiss each to see who was the best kisser(it’s renee) but that’s a story for another time)
  • even though Andrew knew that Neil had kissed a girl before he looks at Neil from the corner of his eye with mock betrayal
  • Kevin goes next and of course he has to say something exy related so he says Never Have I Ever missed an exy practice on purpose (this nerd)
  • everyone except the Vixens takes a shot because is anyone else in the entire world as dedicated to exy as Kevin (no)
  • also there has only been one instance where neil missed practice on purpose and it had to do with Andrew and a shower and lots of kissing and other stuff 
  • anyway everyone else goes 
  • even andrew who isn’t really into sticking with the theme of the game so he says Never Have I Ever owned a pair of red socks (smol only wears black socks and nothing else)
  • everyone just glares at him before taking a shot
  • anyway by the time it gets to Neil’s turn everyone is pretty wasted
  • and home boy Neil doesn’t exactly grasp that the game is supposed to light hearted and usually sexual (Matt forgot to mention that in his drunken state)
  • so drunken Neil says Never have I ever had such amazing friends who treat me like family
  • all the foxes just stop laughing and stare at Neil with such raw expressions on their face
  • Matt is an emotional drunk so he has to swallow a bunch of times to stop himself from crying 
  • even Andrew stops fidgeting and stares at Neil
  • It’s Nicky who breaks the emotional moment by stumbling towards Neil and dragging him into a hug because slurring “Neil you are family.”
  • and before he knows it Neil is squished in a group hug with all the foxes minus Andrew 
  • Kevin is lightly patting Neil’s head instead of hugging him because he’s drunk and it’s so much effort to actually hug Neil
  • Matt is mumbling loving words into Neil’s curly hair
  • and everyone is just telling Neil how much they love him very loudly(they are all very drunk)
  • but to Neil it means the world to hear those words

Bring It On: The Musical Sentence Meme

Lyrics taken from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Bring It On: The Musical.
Change pronouns, phrasing or punctuation as you see fit!
  • “In that moment, I finally knew what I was born to do.”
  • “I’m probably too cool for you, so friend request: denied.”
  • “It’s hot in here and kinda smells like someone wet the bed.”
  • “Oh yay, cheerleader try-outs are tonight, pick me.”
  • “Even mocking cheerleaders cannot hide the emptiness in my soul.”
  • “There is no second place, you’re either flying or falling!”
  • “I’ve come of age to be a raging, castrating, biotch!”
  • “I’m not freaking out, I’m really okay.”
  • “Turn up the music so loud that it swallows us whole.”
  • “High in the air, there is a moment just before you start to fall; live in that one moment.”
  • “Can somebody, anyone show me around?”
  • “Crap, it’s time for class.”
  • “I bet I’ve got until lunch at least before everyone sees I’m a spaz!”
  • “I’ve got lots of experience with not fitting in, do you need some pointers?”
  • “Step one to become invisible, books up, de-accentuate the physical. Head down, use only your peripherals. Stick with me, we’ll be indivisible!”
  • “Jinkies, no one has ever said that to me before! With the exception of a hobo once, and my youth pastor.”
  • “You prob'ly go shoppin’ with your daddy’s credit card in your hand.”
  • “You can call us arrogant, but we work for what we have.”
  • “The little lady in the middle? Yeah, thats mine.”
  • “More than beautiful, she’s got character!”
  • “I thought I knew her, but man I was wrong.”
  • “That girl is no three-minute bubble gum song.”
  • “Is this all coincidence, just unrelated incidents that happened to occur, miraculously making way for her?”
  • “Too much has been going down, to chalk it up to coincidence!”
  • “Your alibi’s pathetic, I’m here to call your bluff.”
  • “I’ll take first place and throw it in your face!”
  • “Think you can beat me? Go ahead, c'mon!”
  • “I’m reading this from Wikipedia.”
  • “Look! They’re blowing up on twitter!”
  • “They’re only glue and glitter.”
  • “Theres a saying that I learned, passed down through centuries, which translated from the French means ‘sister please!’”
  • “You’re rough, yeah, but you’re a gem.”
  • “Love who you are, and the world will adore you – and the couple that don’t, at least they can ignore you.”
  • “Language, honey child, please.”
  • “Right now everything seems so important, but time rushes by at a clip. And when you look back, these high school years will be nothing more than a blip. So you might as well enjoy the trip.”
  • “If you do what you love with your time, then you win!”
  • “She always worked hard, she was trusting and fair, and Lord that’s the crux of her problem right there.”
  • “Are you the little ant or do you set the ants on fire?”
  • “I’m raisin’ hell, and I’m a felon in a four-foot frame.”
  • “The truth is that you’re such a dork, you kind of make it cool.”
  • “We’re not done.”
  • “No applause is necessary.”
  • “Ring, ring! Hello? Oh, hold on. It’s for you, it’s second place!”
  • “I’m dazzling, magnificent! I am the one percent!”
  • “How do we know who we are unless we cross the line?”
  • “I thought you were a spoiled, rich, uptight little white bitch, now I think you’re just white.”
  • “I got you like Pokemon and Pikachu, Ron and Hermione!”

I think it’s funny how certain speech patterns or phrases creep into my dog training chatter, like “ALRIGHT!” or “What a guy!” Where does that even come from? I sound like my grandma.

Anyway, here is a very dark video of my piranha practicing a front and a finish (albeit without sitting).