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back in time
  • 17-years-old Yuuri: who are you?
  • 24-years-old Yuuri: I'm you but more happy and confident and engaged to a man of our dreams so whatever happens please don't ever give up!
  • 17-years-old Victor: who are you?
  • 27-years-old Victor: ...
  • 27-years-old Victor: god, I was cute

“Princess, whatchu doin’?”

“Not now, Chat, I’m busy!”

(she’s not)

Meant to be for Marichat May, but I’m not sure I got “happy pawing” right. >w>

Still not used to my tablet, but I had fun playing around with photoshop and brushes with this picture! c:


Chanyeol: Baekhyun.

Baekhyun: Yes?

Chanyeol: Baekhyun

Baekhyun: What?

Chanyeol: Baekhyun

Baekhyun: what??

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN !

Baekhyun: What???

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!

Baekhyun: WHAT!??!?!?!?!!?

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baekhyun: OH MY GOSH WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Chanyeol: BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baekhyun: I’M SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!!?

Chanyeol: …..

Baekhyun: Tell me.

Chanyeol: ……

Baekhyun: Tell Me.

Chanyeol: ….

Baekhyun: TELL ME.

Chanyeol: ……

Baekhyun: ….

Chanyeol: …..

Baekhyun: is it because I yelled at You?

Chanyeol: …..

Baekhyun: Look, I’m Sorry- mmmhpph

Chanyeol: *kisses Baekhyun*

Baekhyun: *Kisses back*

Chanyeol: *Leans back*

*whispers in Baekhyun’s ear*

I love you

*walks away*

Baekhyun: ….. We’re dating….

…. we live together….

we’re getting married next Month..

….*sigh* ..





I LOVE YOU TOO YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

themysteriousballetanon  asked:

Maybe Chat Noir with cat toys? Also well done with your comics, very funny 10/10 will be checking back again.

Unfurtunately, he is not a real cat, and therefore does not quite see the appeal. (Also thank you!!)


Marichat May

Day 12 - Sleepover

The house was silent except for the quiet scratch of Chat Noir’s claws against the wooden floor. Not hard enough to leave marks just enough to make a sound. His ears twitched looking for sound, trying to figure out where Marinette was.

Marinette had warned him how she was an expert at Hide and Seek when he had brought the idea up when they were trying to find something to do. He was sleeping over and it probably wasn’t smart to play it in a territory she knew. Now he couldn’t find her and may have been a little scared at how well she could hide.

A chair scraped in the kitchen and Chat quickly made his way to the room where he found ‘Bonjour Kitty’ spelled out in Cheerio’s. A little creepy but he assumed that she must be close by because of the sound the chair made.

“Bonjour Kitty” was whispered in his ear before he proceeded to scream.


I’m back! Still alive and still in this fandom!

I like to imagine that Felix keeps his distance to prevent his curse from spreading. However, he still longs for a normal life. Plagg advises that he should try to grab any opportunity by the horns. Although Felix may not follow it, Plagg’s words would always be in his head I think…

Ladynoir July Day 31 - Daybreak

A sequel to day 25: Sober

Summary for the people that don’t want to go back and read Sober:

Chat and Ladybug accidentally got drunk. Chat suggested watching a movie and Ladybug agreed. Stupidly, she led him to her house to watch one and they passed out shortly thereafter. Also, Chat hit his face in his drunken stupor so Ladybug put a cute little bandage on his cheek.

(Ao3 Link)

Sabine hummed happily as she walked up the stairs leading to her daughter’s room. Marinette sometimes needed a helping hand waking up and she was happy to be that hand whenever her daughter needed it. Sabine giggled at the thought as she opened the hatch to Marinette’s room and stepped up into it.

She froze the moment she saw the two of them. Ladybug sitting on a desk chair with Chat Noir leaning against her, sunlight lighting up their faces. It made little sense to Sabine, so she did the smart thing and vocalized her surprise. Loudly.

Ladybug jumped out of the desk chair with a very loud ‘eep!’ and Chat Noir was pushed a bit under Marinette’s desk as she jumped. Because of this, when he tried to jump up like Ladybug, he smashed his head into the desk instead.

Ladybug blinked in shock before grabbing her own head and groaning. She slipped back into the desk chair. “Can you give us a few minutes?”

If it had been anyone but Paris’s heroes Sabine would have demanded answers immediately. Since they had saved her family personally on more than one occasion she decided to instead give them their couple of minutes.

“Please join us for breakfast when you’ve fully roused.” Sabine glanced up towards Marinette’s bed. She sighed when the girl didn’t pop her head out. Marinette was the worst at getting up on time. “Please get up my daughter as well since you’re in her room.” There was just a small hint of sarcasm in her tone.

Ladybug nodded and Sabine shook her head slightly as she headed back downstairs.

The heroin sighed once her mother left the room. Her head was pounding, but she was thankful that she could still mostly remember the night before. She glanced at Chat Noir and did a double take, her face filling with concern.

Chat was making a low keening sound as he clutched his head, the sound so pitiful that it would’ve caused even an akuma to hesitate.

“Are you alright?” Her voice laden with concern she hesitatingly reached out a hand.

He looked up at her and she could see little tears of pain gathered in the corner of his green eyes. He sniffled and her heart just about broke.

“I’m fine.” He said quietly. “No need to bother yourself with me, My Lady.”

She shook her head in dismay and wondered why Chat was always so stubborn. “Come on Chat, I need to check your head and we both need to figure out a plan. She’ll be expecting her daughter to come down with us.”

He started to nod in agreement but winced instead. “Okay.” He agreed.

Ladybug walked over to the still open first aid kit and sighed. She really wished he wouldn’t get hurt so often. Unfortunately, she couldn’t say anything this time. This one was definitely on her after all.

She patted her chaise and Chat sat down. She knew he must be feeling miserable. Heck, she was feeling horrible and she was pretty sure she didn’t get as intoxicated as he did. Also, her guilty conscious reminded her, she didn’t have to deal with her partner clumsily pushing her under a desk.

She quickly checked his head and breathed a sigh of relief when she realized there was no damage. “Got any ideas?” She asked as she leaned against him. Her head was pounding and her guilt wasn’t helping.

He hummed. “Well, why don’t we wake Marinette and just explain that we don’t remember.” He suggested.

Ladybug slowly brought her hand to her face. “Oh God in heaven please help me.” She muttered under her breath. “Chat?” She asked tiredly.

He looked at her.

“This is my room Chat.” She really hoped she wouldn’t have to explain that any further.

His eyes widened comically. “You’re…?” She nodded and rolled her eyes. “Oh.” He said breathlessly.

A frown slowly formed as he glanced around the room. “You need to detransform. Marinette can’t go missing.”

She stared at him. “My mom will kill you.” She said flatly.

He shook his head and smiled. “Better than losing you secret, right Buginette?”

“You’re too self-sacrificing.” Despite her words she stood up from her chaise. “Spots off!” A flash and Miraculous Ladybug was now Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

She considered his admiring face for a moment before allowing herself another sigh and a smile. “How about you just run and I deal with my parents.”

He frowned and opened his mouth to speak… only to be stopped by her hand closing his mouth. “I can handed it. As long as I say the right things I won’t even get grounded.” Seeing his doubtful face she smiled reassuringly. “It won’t be bad. Promise.” She let go of his mouth.

He nodded reluctantly and followed her to her window, which she quickly opened, before turning to face her. “We’ll need to talk about this later Chat.” She said softly. “No problems right now though, right?”

“No problems.” He said seriously before seeming to consider her for a second. “I better go.” He grabbed his baton and was about to jump when he glanced back at Marinette.

“I’m Adrien by the way.” He jumped, grinning like a maniac at Marinette’s large scream of ‘what?!’