yay birthdays or something

“–ren.” Levi’s voice roused him from sleep. “Hey, Eren. Wake up!”

Eren opened his eyes, blearily taking in the sight of his husband standing next to their bed and holding their 4-year old before stretching and smiling lazily. “Morning!”

“Look, Becka.” Levi spoke softly to the little girl in his arms. “Papa is awake. Do you remember what you wanted to tell him?”

The brown haired toddler nodded excitedly, wiggling wildly in Levi’s arms as she threw herself in Eren’s direction.

“Happy birfday, papa!” Becka giggled as she settled herself on Eren’s chest, hugging him tightly as her laughter rang and Eren hugged her back, looking at Levi with pure joy.

“Thank you, munchkin.” Eren’s voice was still heavy with sleep but his happiness shone through his eyes as he felt Levi’s fond eyes on him. “Where you a good girl for daddy this morning?”

“Ya.” She nodded, her pigtails bouncing along with her. “We made you pancakes.”

“Oh wow, lucky me.” Eren grinned at her as she beamed with pride at having helped her dad prepare them.

“How about you go make sure everything is ready for papa?” Levi interrupted, scooping the girl off of Eren and setting her on the floor. “We’ll be right there.”

They both watched as she ran towards the kitchen, her little footsteps ringing in her wake as Levi sat down at the edge of the bed and reached to brush Eren’s hair back. “Happy birthday, love.”

Eren hummed contently as Levi leaned to kiss his forehead, closing his eyes and cherished the soft touch of his lips on his skin.

“Come on, go freshen up and join us for breakfast.” Levi said as he moved back, a smirk highlighting his face. “We’re spending the day at the park before dropping Becka off at Erwin’s for the night.”

A very happy birthday indeed.


Thrilling Intent - Aesling

15th April
Happy birth… month, I guess? This was the best time I could find to post this for the best range of accuracy.

Dinner Plans

So @mia-a03, the birthday girl, tagged me in this prompt and I read it a bit too fast too early in the morning and interpreted it my own way. Ooops? Hope you still like it! <3


The blast of green energy slammed into Tony’s chest plate and knocked him clear off the rooftop. He only just managed to steady himself in the air before he started dropping toward the street below.

”Shit!” He spun around in time to see Loki straighten up from the crouch he’d curled into to throw the spell at him. ”Okay, I get it, no on sushi.” Tony didn’t even pause before flipping a palm up, aiming a repulsor beam for Loki’s chest in turn.

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Mitch Grassi Vocal Critique


Mitch Grassi

Vocal Type: Countertenor

Birthday: 24/07/92

Studio Vocal Range: C#3 - Bb4 - G#5

Live Vocal Range: F#2/A2 - C#5 - B7

Positives: Mitch is a lead singer from Pentatonix, and he is very vocally talented. Overall he has a very strong voice and he has had a history in Broadway. He has the ability to make his voice very powerful but very angelic as well depending on the context of the music, portraying emotion very well. (See Superfruit Frozen Medley)

For a countertenor Mitch can go quite low. They are always very resonant and easy for him to access, although he rarely uses it. 

His belts are always very well supported, and he can access the fifth octave. They sound very effortless and controlled, and are really good to listen to. 

His falsetto is his signature, he can access an incredibly extensive whistle register. He has a very strong falsetto that is highly extensive, singing a vibrato G#5 in Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. It has a very ‘feisty’ tone to it, has a great resonance and is a fabulous addition to the group. He can add vibrato at seemingly any pitch, and it just gets louder as it ascends. 

Negatives: He’s never used his whistle register in a musical context, assuming a lack of control up there. 


  • During a Superfruit livestream him and Scott were asked to sing their lowest vocal note, which was an F#2 for Mitch. This might mean he doesn’t have control of that note.
  • He sung an uncontrolled Bb5. 
  • He has never used a whistle register in musical context, although he does have one. 

Happy 33rd birthday, Concert Master MJ!   お誕生日おめでとう、J!

Blessed with your thanks,
so thanks and many blessings in return, Jun-kun!