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NOCTIS WEEK | Day 7: Free choice / Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Noctis!

kittyaugust  asked:

If you're still doing the 'things you said' prompts may I kindly request either Pansmione for #14 OR Drarry for #6? Thank you for your delightful writing and your kind consideration <3

This was the perfect prompt to pull out for Harry’s birthday, thanks sugar!! <333 Sorry it’s 85 years later! This is also already up on AO3 if you would like to read it there.

“Where are we going?” Harry asked for the third time, trying to worm a finger under the fabric obscuring his view. He stumbled over what felt like a rock and Draco caught him.

“We’re almost there, just trust me.” Draco’s voice sounded to his left and Harry turned towards it instinctively. “Stop fiddling with that, it’s charmed so that you can’t take it off.”

After their dinner Draco had produced a shimmering, slinky scrap of fabric and asked Harry to put it on. Harry had been wary at first, but he agreed to wear the blindfold anyway. Draco led him on a dizzying path; Harry felt like they’d gone in circles twice and he had a sneaking suspicion that Draco was doing it on purpose to throw him off.

A warm breeze ruffled his hair. He could smell the sweet scent of summer in the air; the heat of the day was slowly seeping away, but everything still smelled like sunshine. Harry heard a cricket chirping, singing its song to the world.

His lips reluctantly tugged into a smile as Draco’s hand found his, easily slipping his fingers along Harry’s palm and entwining them with Harry’s. He gave Harry’s hand a squeeze and Harry could sense him leaning closer, his warmth invading his space, wrapping around him like a comforting blanket.

“It’s just ahead,” Draco murmured. He leaned even closer and brushed his soft lips against Harry’s ear, making him shiver.

“This is some set up. You’re really building the anticipation. What if I find the surprise to be a bit dull after all of this mystery and intrigue?” Harry teased. He pressed his lips together to contain the laugh that wanted to break free into the night air.

“Hush, you,” Draco said, releasing Harry’s hand to give his arse a swat. He held Harry’s hand again and pulled him to a stop. “We’re here. <i>Finite Incantatem</i>.”

The blindfold melted away from Harry’s face like water running down an incline. He blinked as he looked around. They were standing in a grassy field bordered by a few copses of trees. Harry could see their cottage in the distance, slightly down a hill. Their garden light was twinkling.

“You walked me around in circles for that long to bring me up here?” Harry asked, turning towards Draco.

They spent time in the field often. Harry had asked Draco to marry him in this field. They played Quidditch scrimmages with their friends on the weekends and flew together after dinner during the workweek. Harry loved the field, but he’d much rather be enjoying a Firewhisky in their garden, with his husband sat in his lap, both of them barefoot and murmuring to each other in low voices.

He was tired after closing an intense case two days prior, and he just wanted to spend his birthday curled around Draco, re-learning each of his sharp edges and soft crevices.

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09.04.17 Happy Birthday To Moi~

Yusss today’s mah burfday so I drew myself a pic or two to celebrate 0w0 Yoosung tells OC Amy to quit her job (she does World Hacking i.e. hacks her way into other Worlds, some of which can be very dangerous) since he’s worried for her safety. Amy is all, bich that’s mah life’s work okay, and Yoosung…well he just kisses her 8D

(((April 3rd is Hanami’s birthday, as well as NaruSaku Day! Yay! I’ve always wanted to draw something like this. You see, Sakura and Hanami’s names are directly related to one another and all~ And since their birthday’s are so close, Hanami was an excellent birthday present for Sakura (after all the pain and suffering associated with giving birth that is)

But, this brings me to another topic. Hanami’s dreams.


Hanami was born with similar capabilities as her older brother Shinachiku, but unfortunately she was not born with any of his patience (not that Shina has a ton of it either). She really admires her brother and so wanted to be like him, but as she grows older she realizes their talents and desires are simply not the same.

When Shina is old enough to officially become a shinobi, Hanami feels even more left out and lost on what SHE could do. Eventually, she finds it. Where Shina found his path in strength and flexibility, Hanami finds hers in speed.

Whether it’s pulling pranks or racing against her classmates, her speed gets her through the toughest of trials. When she is old enough to become an official shinobi, she still thought she’d feel the same as Shina. Shina didn’t desire to be Hokage like their father, so neither did she.

But the more she traveled the world to keep the peace and spread good will to the nations not yet allied with the others, she wanted to do even more. As she learned all the work her father and his partners did to bring the world to a better place, she wanted to do it too.

She wanted to become Hokage, to continue her father’s legacy and spread even more peace throughout their world.

Though she thought her brother wouldn’t understand her motivations or would try to talk her out of being Hokage, Shina ruffled her head in encouragement and became her biggest cheerleader.)))

Love the Way You Love Me

Hey! I had the idea for this little ficlet a while ago, but it got sidelined a little due to other projects. But I never got the idea out of my head and as my good friend @halespecterwinchester had a birthday fast approaching (it’s today, yay!) and I wanted to give her something to mark the occasion I thought I’d try writing it. So here it is. It’s not much, Jo, but it’s yours and I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. Love, Dee. 😘😘😘

Love the Way You Love Me

Being loved by Harvey Specter. To his never-ending amazement and gratitude, Mike Ross knew what that was like.

It was fierce, intense, all-consuming and soul-possessing. It was passionate devotion, willing sacrifice and unwavering loyalty. It was flashing eyes and burning looks. It felt like the emotional equivalent of being pushed up against a wall and kissed to within an inch of your life and not caring if you ever breathed again so long as this man never stopped loving you.

So when Mike had thought about what the carnal translation, the physical expression, of that love might be like with Harvey (and he had thought about it, more times than he was willing to admit, even now) it was hardly surprising that he had conjured up actual images of being pushed against walls, lips caught in a bruising kiss while desperate fingers clutched hungrily at his waist and slender hips surged forward and ground against him.

Or maybe being backed against a desk while skilled hands made short work of his belt, button and zipper, before the owner of those hands sank to his knees and with dark eyes locking on Mike’s own baby blues wrapped that smirk around him in a way that blew more than just Mike’s mind.

Images of being laid across conference room tables or the back seat of a town car while greedy hands and a hot mouth went to work on him also sprang to mind. Dexterous fingers and a talented tongue preparing him quickly for a rough, hurried coupling before work, or after work, or at work.

And it was all of those things Mike was pleased to discover. But the real surprise was what else it could be.

It was gentle caresses and fingers through his hair. Soft kisses and warm breath on the back of his neck as Harvey wrapped him in his arms and fell asleep spooning him. Tender hands cupping his face and just looking at him for the longest time, before leaning in and pressing a light kiss to his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, his nose, even his chin, before settling on his lips with a sigh or a moan of his name. A sound that made him tremble with want and yearn with love. Mike, breathed in a voice like honey, through lips just as sweet.

It was tantalising time spent lavishing attention on each other’s bodies, no hurry to get to some main event when the warm-up was so enthralling. Weekends spent lounging on the couch together, the Gucci and Armani armour of the working week traded for soft Henley’s and worn jeans that somehow Harvey still managed to look like a runway model in. Words of love whispered in his ear, straight to his soul, as Harvey asked him to commit to building a life together, and pledged his own love, commitment and devotion in return.

It was exchanging vows and rings. Signing partnership contracts and adoption papers. Building a firm and a family.

It was strong and wild. It was slow and easy.

In short, it was everything Mike had ever wanted, and more.

It was being loved by Harvey Specter.

Sweet Christmas.

May Santa bring you all the love and the happiness you deserve.

Merry Christmas everyone ♡

They had just begun the aperitif when her mobile phone buzzed in the pocket of her skirt.

‘im bored’

Riko uncharacteristically snorted after reading her best friend’s message, earning a not-so-happy but curious look from her mother. She waved one of her hands, apologetic, before placing her phone back on her lap. She knew she didn’t need to have it with her on Christmas Eve, but she also knew that You was going to send her texts, asking for her support while they were apart, both spending Christmas Eve with their respective families.

You had never been fond of Christmas.
Riko knew it was because of her father’s absence. He suddenly left, when You was 10 years old, on Christmas Eve, and never came back. He had never been the perfect father, someone who was here for his wife and only daughter -no, far from it. His passion for boats and the sea itself ate him alive,
stole him, so much that he was always elsewhere, on a trip on his own boat. Her wife accepted it, raising their child alone, and always trying to convince herself that one day, he would be here with her and little You.

It happened. Several times a year ; but only for celebrations. It was enough, though. You was always happy to see her father come back -she had always looked up to him. She had always idolized him, his freedom, due to her mother mollycoddling her.

But one day, he left, and for real this time, leaving a deep hole in You’s heart.

Riko snapped out of her reverie when she felt someone gently shaking her arm. It was her cousin, way younger than her, pointing at her mother, who sat in front of her across the table. She signed, 'Who was it?’ -and Riko only traced an anchor in the middle of her collarbone as an answer.

A soft smile from her mother and Riko brightened, clearly knowing that even if it was the aperitif, she had the right to reply to You for the moment. She received a text almost immediately after sending her own answer : 'help me riko-chan’. She giggled, asked how she could help her.

But her eyes widened at You’s third text.

'tell me where u r’

'You-chan, don’t tell me you want to come ?’

'ya’ -and Riko’s golden eyes widened once again.

'But You-chan, I’m in Atami at my aunt’s place, it’s too far !’

'its fine’

She did not have the time to answer that You had already sent her another text, 'ill be fine ill see u after dinner’

'You-chan !!’

But You never typed a seventh message.

Riko hastily grabs her scarf and her jacket as she rushes to the door … Only to be interrupted by her mother, who has just grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop dead in her track.

“Where are you going? It’s past midnight and we haven’t even eaten the Yule log!”

Riko lipreads and quickly signs, 'I’ll explain later, please Mama, I’ll stay in front of the portal’. The adult frowns and reluctantly lets go of her daughter, who gives up and draws the anchor on her collarbone for the second time that night. Her mother arches an eyebrow, surprised, and Riko nods one last time before dashing outside.

'You are crazy You-chan, do you know that’, Riko wildly signs once the door has closed behind her, while she approaches her panting ashen haired best friend, who has just gotten off her bike. 'What about your mother, have you at least told her?’

Under the orangey street light, You nervously rubs the back of her head while giggling -and these are the kind of moments when Riko regrets being deaf.

“I’m sorry, but I really wanted to see you,” Riko lipreads, and her features considerably soften.

'You-chan, you idiot’, the red haired girl signs, before playfully slapping You’s shoulder, eliciting another silent giggle.

“I’m glad I came here, though,” You tenderly smiles at her and, without warning, wraps her arms around the deaf girl, pulling her into a hug.

Riko does not react at first, completely caught off guard, but she soon returns the embrace, her arms now around You’s shoulders whereas she has found a spot in her neck, tucking her head right here. They stay in this position, You basking in Riko’s warmth, and Riko enjoying the slowdown of You’s heartbeat against her nose -she has ridden her bike from her house to here, after all.
The golden eyed girl smiles when a light peck is planted on her hair, and she replies with a soft one on You’s jawline, before the two girls face each other.

Sweet looks are exchanged, shy smiles are shared, and a light blush appears on their cheeks.
As You tightens her grip around her best friend’s slender waist and whispers 'Merry Christmas’, Riko happily closes her eyes and rests her forehead against You’s, both ignorant of the first snowflakes dancing around them.

//Is Veigar birthday , yay \o/! If I had known before I would have done something better but well, something is something uvu.

So I drew some of the Veigar’s I know :3 Happy birthday to all of our Veigar’s ~

@lordofbandle @nerfveigar @cosmic-corrupter @ask-junior-the-yordle @iunderstanddotnot @the-primordialburst @veigar-the-evil-yordle @veigarthevile

Kaito: “Are you, like… into older ladies? I didn’t peg you as the type… Then again, it makes sense now that I think about it…”

Hakuba: “Ok, hand back the wallet! Now!”

Aoko: “Why do you carry a photo of a woman in your wallet? You’re… You’re not really into older women, are you?”

Hakuba: “…”

Aoko: “Oh! Is she a detective like you? You’ve never mentioned her before!”

Hakuba: “… Usually, it’s those who hired the assassin that don’t get caught, not the other way around… I suppose it couldn’t be helped. I was an inexperienced detective back then.”

Kaito: “(Huh. So that’s why he’s chasing Spider everywhere! That guy must have been Victoria Doyle’s assassin…)”

I heard it was Hakuba’s birthday today! So I sketched something quickly! Yay, some background and reasons why Hakuba was so desperate to catch Spider in the Kaitou Kid specials! Yay!


i really wanted to do something yerterday, but it was an awful day for me, but let’s forget that, the real important thing is the present, to be great and make your friends feel great. Everything will be great if your friends are with you. i’ll do always my best for you, guys.

Anyways, happy l8 birthday to Celeste ( @cece-kp OC). Hope you had a great day, you grumpy girl  ¦;^P

*”Puta la wea” basically means “Fuck dammit” in Chilean Spanish; you won’t be able to translate it in Google (Chilean Spanish is just too chaotic to be translated directly)…

Oh whats that

one of my sister has another serious event within two days of my birthday?

I get to spend my birthday in a car with my family that I hate half asleep listening to my music trying to block out their words because my opinion isn’t worth shit to them?

I get to eat at some shitty restaurant I actually don’t like at all that has zero vegetarian meals while my family says “It’s your birthday??? Just order a stake or something???”

I get to sit there again while they tell me I’m being a selfish bitch for not wanting to celebrate my sisters thing instead of hanging out with my friends and people I actually like and who respect me and my opinons?

Oh yeah, no don’t worry. I’m totally fine with this happening AGAIN

Like it does almost every single fucking year

I get it, I’m selfish.

It’s just that on my birthday from the age of 3-8 they had an orchestra concert that we had to be at by five to get good seats and we weren’t allowed to leave until 10.

It’s just that on my 7th birthday, my dog had a seizure in the middle of a park and you still made me go to my cello lesson even though I was a worried, sobbing, scared reck, and then you still made me go to the fucking concert.

It’s just that on my 9th birthday it was my sisters graduation and I wasn’t allowed to go to my best friends house or invite them over because you wanted “good seats” so we got there by 12 and didn’t leave until 10 when I was so exhausted that I didn’t even want to go out. But you still made me. Not to celebrate the fact that I was 9, no to congratulate my fucking sister for graduating and then whispering happy birthday as you lowered me to sleep at 12:56 the next day.

And then my other sisters orchestra and drama camps until I finally thought I was free of it all this year.

And then my oldest sister’s third graduation.

I get it, I’m fucking selfish. I’m selfish for being mad that my sisters got to celebrate and I didn’t.

I get that it’s only my sixteenth birthday and I’ll probably get dozens more.

But it’s my sixteenth birthday. And I’ll only get one of those. 

I had plans. I had ideas. And none of them involved sitting in a car all day listening to shitty music while my family argues or watching my mom to refuse to even get out of the car when we get to a shitty restaurant I hate because she’s pissed off at my dad. Or getting home at 3 AM the morning of my birthday, being to exhausted to enjoy it at all, and then my parents getting me meaningless presents and asking me if I had fun at 6 o’clock and me saying yes because if I don’t they’ll just get offended and call me selfish and hurtful and I’m to fucking exhausted to argue right now.

My sisters are important. I get that. I get that I’m selfish and ungrateful, but I am turning sixteen, half my birthdays have been without my dad, and I can only remember two where I didn’t have to spend hours doing something I hate. 

So when the hell do I get to celebrate? When the hell will it be my turn? 

Dinner Plans

So @mia-a03, the birthday girl, tagged me in this prompt and I read it a bit too fast too early in the morning and interpreted it my own way. Ooops? Hope you still like it! <3


The blast of green energy slammed into Tony’s chest plate and knocked him clear off the rooftop. He only just managed to steady himself in the air before he started dropping toward the street below.

”Shit!” He spun around in time to see Loki straighten up from the crouch he’d curled into to throw the spell at him. ”Okay, I get it, no on sushi.” Tony didn’t even pause before flipping a palm up, aiming a repulsor beam for Loki’s chest in turn.

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