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draco malfoy;

jealous? of what? i don’t want a foul scar right across my head, thanks. i don’t think getting your head cut open makes you that special, myself.

b. 6-5-81


09.04.17 Happy Birthday To Moi~

Yusss today’s mah burfday so I drew myself a pic or two to celebrate 0w0 Yoosung tells OC Amy to quit her job (she does World Hacking i.e. hacks her way into other Worlds, some of which can be very dangerous) since he’s worried for her safety. Amy is all, bich that’s mah life’s work okay, and Yoosung…well he just kisses her 8D

(((April 3rd is Hanami’s birthday, as well as NaruSaku Day! Yay! I’ve always wanted to draw something like this. You see, Sakura and Hanami’s names are directly related to one another and all~ And since their birthday’s are so close, Hanami was an excellent birthday present for Sakura (after all the pain and suffering associated with giving birth that is)

But, this brings me to another topic. Hanami’s dreams.


Hanami was born with similar capabilities as her older brother Shinachiku, but unfortunately she was not born with any of his patience (not that Shina has a ton of it either). She really admires her brother and so wanted to be like him, but as she grows older she realizes their talents and desires are simply not the same.

When Shina is old enough to officially become a shinobi, Hanami feels even more left out and lost on what SHE could do. Eventually, she finds it. Where Shina found his path in strength and flexibility, Hanami finds hers in speed.

Whether it’s pulling pranks or racing against her classmates, her speed gets her through the toughest of trials. When she is old enough to become an official shinobi, she still thought she’d feel the same as Shina. Shina didn’t desire to be Hokage like their father, so neither did she.

But the more she traveled the world to keep the peace and spread good will to the nations not yet allied with the others, she wanted to do even more. As she learned all the work her father and his partners did to bring the world to a better place, she wanted to do it too.

She wanted to become Hokage, to continue her father’s legacy and spread even more peace throughout their world.

Though she thought her brother wouldn’t understand her motivations or would try to talk her out of being Hokage, Shina ruffled her head in encouragement and became her biggest cheerleader.)))

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It's June 15th!!! Happy Birthday Stanley and Stanford Pines!!!

AAAAA YAY!!! (I really want to draw something for today but…I’ve been pretty busy, and I have yet to iron my dress clothes for work tomorrow night after my first shift, since I’ll be working another 14 hour day). Also I work a 10 hour day Saturday so I…won’t have a lot of free time ;-;)


So funny thing

after contacting support to make sure I got my code on the 16th, I got the game and

I actually did get Heavensward through Amazon, myself.



(Better I wait on the extra edition upgrade when I have a job, anyway. But it’s nice that I will be able to use my birthday money for something else. Yay random amazon gift cards, free Stormblood!)

“–ren.” Levi’s voice roused him from sleep. “Hey, Eren. Wake up!”

Eren opened his eyes, blearily taking in the sight of his husband standing next to their bed and holding their 4-year old before stretching and smiling lazily. “Morning!”

“Look, Becka.” Levi spoke softly to the little girl in his arms. “Papa is awake. Do you remember what you wanted to tell him?”

The brown haired toddler nodded excitedly, wiggling wildly in Levi’s arms as she threw herself in Eren’s direction.

“Happy birfday, papa!” Becka giggled as she settled herself on Eren’s chest, hugging him tightly as her laughter rang and Eren hugged her back, looking at Levi with pure joy.

“Thank you, munchkin.” Eren’s voice was still heavy with sleep but his happiness shone through his eyes as he felt Levi’s fond eyes on him. “Where you a good girl for daddy this morning?”

“Ya.” She nodded, her pigtails bouncing along with her. “We made you pancakes.”

“Oh wow, lucky me.” Eren grinned at her as she beamed with pride at having helped her dad prepare them.

“How about you go make sure everything is ready for papa?” Levi interrupted, scooping the girl off of Eren and setting her on the floor. “We’ll be right there.”

They both watched as she ran towards the kitchen, her little footsteps ringing in her wake as Levi sat down at the edge of the bed and reached to brush Eren’s hair back. “Happy birthday, love.”

Eren hummed contently as Levi leaned to kiss his forehead, closing his eyes and cherished the soft touch of his lips on his skin.

“Come on, go freshen up and join us for breakfast.” Levi said as he moved back, a smirk highlighting his face. “We’re spending the day at the park before dropping Becka off at Erwin’s for the night.”

A very happy birthday indeed.

It’s my birthday today. YAY.. so here is Svetlana and a small piece of “something” I was working on….


“How good are witchers with curses?”

 Her question got him unprepared, he did not expect her to ask about this, but there were curiosity and impatience in her voice and so he let his mouth speak. “It depends on the situation…. Why do you even ask?” 

“Since I was little everyone -” Impatience evolve into cold melancholy, how here gaze fell on a crack in the wooden floor. Eskel didn’t let her finish that sentence. Words like this were meaningful just in cheap love novels and good just for bringing pain and bitter memories.

“You are not cursed! There is no magical cause in your condition.” His tone may have seemed harsh, but for her, in this particular moment, she felt her lips curl into a little smile and let out the one last thought that has been bothering her during the sunny days.

 “I know that, but sometimes it’s just hard to believe it.”

Dinner Plans

So @mia-a03, the birthday girl, tagged me in this prompt and I read it a bit too fast too early in the morning and interpreted it my own way. Ooops? Hope you still like it! <3


The blast of green energy slammed into Tony’s chest plate and knocked him clear off the rooftop. He only just managed to steady himself in the air before he started dropping toward the street below.

”Shit!” He spun around in time to see Loki straighten up from the crouch he’d curled into to throw the spell at him. ”Okay, I get it, no on sushi.” Tony didn’t even pause before flipping a palm up, aiming a repulsor beam for Loki’s chest in turn.

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I finally found time to post something, YAY!

This is an early birthday present for lbwings, because she’s the nicest person in the world (not to mention I’m totally not worthy of all the gifts she gave me, I feel terrible about that >_< ) and I love her very much!~ ♥

Personally, I’m appalled by the lack of Iroh II in the fandom, I need more of him in my life <333 (and Zuko. Yes. That would be good too)

I hope you like it :D

Mitch Grassi Vocal Critique


Mitch Grassi

Vocal Type: Countertenor

Birthday: 24/07/92

Studio Vocal Range: C#3 - Bb4 - G#5

Live Vocal Range: F#2/A2 - C#5 - B7

Positives: Mitch is a lead singer from Pentatonix, and he is very vocally talented. Overall he has a very strong voice and he has had a history in Broadway. He has the ability to make his voice very powerful but very angelic as well depending on the context of the music, portraying emotion very well. (See Superfruit Frozen Medley)

For a countertenor Mitch can go quite low. They are always very resonant and easy for him to access, although he rarely uses it. 

His belts are always very well supported, and he can access the fifth octave. They sound very effortless and controlled, and are really good to listen to. 

His falsetto is his signature, he can access an incredibly extensive whistle register. He has a very strong falsetto that is highly extensive, singing a vibrato G#5 in Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. It has a very ‘feisty’ tone to it, has a great resonance and is a fabulous addition to the group. He can add vibrato at seemingly any pitch, and it just gets louder as it ascends. 

Negatives: He’s never used his whistle register in a musical context, assuming a lack of control up there. 


  • During a Superfruit livestream him and Scott were asked to sing their lowest vocal note, which was an F#2 for Mitch. This might mean he doesn’t have control of that note.
  • He sung an uncontrolled Bb5. 
  • He has never used a whistle register in musical context, although he does have one. 
Birthday Gift

Our sweet Hobi has his 20th birthday today! Yay~!

I just had to write something bout him and after a long thinking, I came to the conclusion that who doesn’t like some birthday smut?

So yeah, it’s short, but hope you guys will like it. 

-Admin Lizard

“W-What’s this, jagi?" Hoseok asked, completely surprised yet unable to hide the wide smile that was forming over his lips. 

"Your birthday present. Open it.” you smiled.

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