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sunshine boy in oversized clothes, comfort level 100%

dear theodosia makes me cry @linmanuel

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hello guys 🌻 so, i just finished my A-levels *cheers* and basically i have not the slightest idea what to do with my free time but i’m determined to stay productive, hence this is the reason for this masterpost. hope you all enjoy it too!!

stuff to do after exams

  • treat yourself!!!
  • get into a bath and chill
  • play your fave songs
  • get back to watching that series you stopped watching before exams
  • meet up with your friends and do something fun [and try to avoid talking about exams as much as you can]
  • get back to doing that hobby you loved doing
  • plan a trip [even if it’s just in your own country, have fun and act like a tourist!]
  • organise a sleepover with your friends + play some board games [be safe if you’re drinking please!!]
  • check out local events, there is bound to be something you like [for example, we have a nature festival soon here + i’m rly excited to go!!!]
  • download some new apps yay!!!
  • do new things! [read new books, watch new tv shows, find a new hobby, do anything]
  • spend time with your family and friends
  • exercise maybe idk!!! find a new workout you like + try to stick to it
  • meditate
  • try finding a job [check my job tag for tips + resources]
  • try out new restaurants + coffeeshops + so many other things!!
  • volunteer omg!!
  • help out around the house
  • visit relatives you didn’t have the chance to visit during exams
  • cute june quote!!

academics + learning

where to get motivation

+ my masterposts

hope this helped you guys, enjoy your summer!!

- helena xx

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2.22.16 // Highlights this past week: utilizing the “power hour” concept and being successful (yay!), deleting my Facebook app and only allowing myself 5 minutes of use every day (highly recommend), and visiting my little sister! Thanks for all the music recommendations and wishes for a fun & safe trip 😊✨


ready for camp! navy insisted they get her a cellphone so they could keep in contact (it’s the first time his baby’s going to be away for so long) - she’s already discovered apps


so remember that anime dating app called Astoria with the bisexual main character, a highly diverse cast, and a super hot female medusa?

well, they’re making a new storyline for a nonbinary character by the name of Cyprin due to popular demand! I believe this makes Cyprin one of the first explicitly stated non-binary characters in a popular game/app! (Correct me if I’m wrong please)

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Apparently on skout you can temporarily change your location through the app, 'to visit and explore a new city', so that's always fun... Yay for apps making it harder

Oh boy! That is super fun! Thanks Skout!