yay and shit yayay


[[ d a r k   a c h i e v e m e n t   c i t y ]]

really bad at this but I wanted to at least finish it ???

[[ mother fucker’s been totally uninspired for shit so … yeah, obv lads are way better looking caUSE INSPIRATION!! u o u ]]

I think Geoff would still have a total God / king complex, probably even more so here, then in the over world.. So he’d probably have other people kill other people for his own entertainment. Tho, perhaps Overworld!Geoff would be his own personal victim, because hey- its still a type of him, he can’t let other’s kill him, right?

Jack would probably use an axe, considering his affinity to building wooden houses. u v u JACKS HOBBIES INCLUDE, but are not limited to : building houses, chopping down trees, and hacking people’s heads off. u v u

Ryan would enjoy building elaborate traps, where it could kill his victim out right, or capture them. It’s said that should you be captured, instead of killed, he would keep you locked up, like Edgar, or experiment on you..

Ray kills people in various ways, but he tends to make a ceremony out of everything, it’s all very precise. He like’s using roses in said ceremonies.

As stated before, Gavin likes befriending people with his cheery-ness, lulling them into a false sense of security. He offers victims to stay the night, where he tucks them into bed…

And Michael is just..Well, he’s Mogar, bitches. He’s tough, he’s strong, he’s brutal. Nothing more to say, really.