yay a picture

“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.”


In which Reigen adopts a child takes in a fairy boy as his apprentice :’)

A scene from my friend’s (and my?) Rumpelstiltsmob AU!


“The Inquisitor, she’s… She’s got one troubled soul.”

Sometimes I forget there is actually a canon version of Ela too, but look, there she is! :D

ALSo I spent like six hours on painting and rendering this one, for the purpose of comparing it to my absolute first painting of Ela I ever did, which was in January this year

That feels like a really long time but it isn’t really that long, but I can confidently say I’ve improved loads (I almost didn’t want to link it because I cringe when i look at it. It was a painful journey to go back and get it. Like even the caption I cringe at help me)

Campbell + a ❤︎

Hanging out on each other’s laps, the cutest and purest teninch couple there is <3 For both @pipertennant and @ofstormsandwolves, who I’m dragging down the campbella rabbit hole ;) I am not sorry.

Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour, just out of the lake 💦  


Mikaela and Enzo