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Lost meme: [5/9] episodes

↳ The Constant


“*Clearly neither of us have anything better to do.”

~Sep 12, 206A

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14.01.17 // *yay my blog reached 1000 followers*

Swatches of Zebra Mildliners and Original Stabilo Boss pastel higlighters ♡ - i didnt edit this picture so that you can see the original colour
PS// Its been nearly three weeks since ive had my studyblr and its already on 1000 followers!!!
I cant thank you guys enough omg! \(^o^)/

today the 1/10/17 Happy birthday dr.david Johnson !!! :3

(it also swap mike’s birthday too :3)

and I going to make a video about it soon today !! :3

any way if you don’t understand who is this character you should watch this post first :http://2fnaf22fnaf2.tumblr.com/post/148362163060/meets-mikes-psychologist-david-jhonson-d-yeah
Wrong Number Series Part 17

Yay! Okay so before reading this, a couple things! First, make sure you have read part 1-16! Also This chapter is strictly based off of parts 14, 15, & 16 so use those for reference if need be! ^^ The next chapter will “take place” during/after part 16 & this story! I also want to thank Bambi for helping me edit this once again!!!! You’re a life saver (lightsaber)!!!!! :DDDDD Okay I hope you guys like it!!! :DDDDD

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Thrilling Intent - Aesling

15th April
Happy birth… month, I guess? This was the best time I could find to post this for the best range of accuracy.

1.14.17//Yay Pictures!

I finally picked up my camera today, because Christian surprised me with our first purchase for baby #4.

This bassinet is everything I wanted on my list. Small and portable, so we can move it around the room. It rocks, so I can help put baby to sleep, and the canopy is incredibly elegant! 

We set it up as soon as he came home with it, even though we have to pack it back up and move it to the new house when we find it.

In lesser news- I dyed my hair!

I wanted to go with a more honey color. I’ve never dyed my hair before and I’ve been wanting a bit of a change, so I just went ahead and did it! Christian loves it, so much that he agreed to take a selfie with me!

I’ll be doing pregnancy updates soon! I’m already half way through it, can you believe it! June cannot come fast enough!