One of the most benign and pleasant things in the world, the humble LEGO minifig, has now become the stuff of awesomely impressive nightmares. Special effects artist Frank Ippolito and the folks at Tested teamed up to create a real-life LEGO minifig, which they debuted last week at the 2016 San Diego Comic-con.

As you’ll see in this video, the fleshy face with its big, round black eyes is already plenty unsettling, but those claws are downright terrifying.&

So! Who wants a hug?

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Denmark has top-notch education, public services, and ample civil liberties – such as the right to fuck a lion, so long as you capture and subdue/romance said lion humanely. Yep: Bestiality wasn’t outlawed in Denmark until last year.

In 2007, two undercover Danish journalists infiltrated an animal brothel – an idea which necessitates us carving a new notch in the stick we use to measure how low humanity can sink – in Jutland, where they were offered such in-house delicacies as the initially innocent sounding, but progressively more disturbing when you think about it, practice of “horseplay.” And in 2014, Vice (of course it was Vice) interviewed a Danish zoophile who nobly refused to rent out his dog, but only because he didn’t want to contract STDs when he himself fucked it.

One of the biggest problems with legal bestiality (besides everything) is the medical world’s inability to properly treat animals who have been affected by it. Though the law did previously specify that bestiality was illegal if the animal was harmed, Rover couldn’t tell the veterinarian that he’s walking funny because his owner is really lonely, and his owner probably didn’t print that on his business cards, either.

5 Horrifying Laws It Took WAY Too Long To Fix

A long time ago, in a fandom far, far away, I read a really cute coffee shop AU. Now that I write for Sterek, I couldn’t get it out of my head, so here: have a Sterek version!

(Also, please don’t call the phone number used in this fic, I completely made it up)

The thing is, Stiles is a college student. That means classes by day, studying by night, and eating, living and breathing coffee. Which is why Stiles finds himself scrambling to get into the first coffee shop he sees, because he’s late and he doesn’t have time for long lines right now.

He practically runs to the door, almost tripping when slips on a patch of ice, but he catches himself when it’s too late. He quickly wonders about last winter, how many times he must’ve slipped, because New York is like a giant freaking ice rink this time of year.

That’s when he smacks face-first into the glass door – and really, he should’ve seen it coming, because he wasn’t paying attention. He rubs his nose, trying to get the skin to stop burning and muttering to himself about glass doors. They’re evil, okay? The bane of Stiles’ freaking existence. This has to be the thousandth time he’s walked into one.

He looks up – for tissues or something, because he’s pretty sure his nose might be bleeding – when he freezes. Standing behind the counter is the most gorgeous guy Stiles has seen in his entire life – and he ran into Ryan Gosling once. Ryan freaking Gosling.

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so I’m working in a trophy factory rn and we engrave/put together all kinds of stuff like clocks, plaques, etc. anyways today I had to pack together 33 marble paperweights(over $150 value) w the 💯 emoji on them. 10/10 the whitest thing I’ve had to deal w so far