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Dean and Cas were together in one scene
  • 23 times in 2012
  • 17 times in 2013
  • 8 times  in 2014
  • 8 times in 2015
  • 3 times in 2016

* i took the scenes with only Dean and Cas, without any recurring or leading characters, except for minor and background ones. these calculations are relative, because a lot of the scenes depend on the context, and i also counted phone scenes.

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Omg omg omg! I love all your hcs of each character in mysme!! Love your blog so much! XD Can you do a hc of ALL RFA Members+V /+Saeran coming out from the mysme world and into this world then seeing all the fanfiction and hcs of them with MC? Thanks!

{!!! Thank you!!! This was such a sweet message!!! You’re such a cute and sweet anon!!! I hope you like this one!!! I made it a scenario just for you!!!}

“What’s happening?” Yoosung asked as he looked around.

“I don’t know, but I do know a lot of people are looking at me.” Zen answered as he waved at the group of girls across the street, whispering about him.

“People are constantly looking at you.” Jumin mumbled as he fixed his tie. It was really hot here, it made him wish he hadn’t worn a suit.

“Yes, but they look a little scared.” Jaehee added.

“That’s because they never expected to see us.” Seven concluded as he pushed his glasses up.

“What are you going on about this time?” Saeran asked, rather annoyed.

Seven smiled as he felt V tightly grip his arm. “We shouldn’t be here. Haven’t you noticed that things look much different?”

“Well… it’s much brighter…” Yoosung admitted. “I can barely look at the sky. It’s burning my eyes out.”

“I doubt that.” Jaehee said as she pushed up her glasses.

“Whoa!!!” Yoosung cried, ignoring Jaehee. “What’s with your glasses Seven?!”

“What have you done to them Luciel?” Jumin asked.

“Do you like them? They’re glasses but also! Sunglasses!” Seven answered, smiling under his black tinged glasses.

“Did you do that yourself?” Yoosung asked amazed.

“Do they even work?” Jaehee asked more dryly.

“Of course they work!” Seven exclaimed. “I got them from here!” He threw his arms back and looked to the sky.

“Where?!” Yoosung asked, looking around.

“I meant in this /world/ Yoosung.” Seven said with a few blinks.

“What do you mean ‘this world’ Seven?” V asked quietly. Although he knew fully well what world he meant.

“I mean we’re in the real world!!!”

“The real world?!” All of them asked in a mix of fear, curiosity, and annoyance.

“Yes! The world that we were created in!”

“We were created in our mothers.” Jumin said annoyed.

“But Seven told me-” Yoosung started.

“ANYWAYS!” Seven cried, cutting him off. “We were actually created here and I want to show you something!!!”

They all curiously followed Seven as he walked into a building. They got a weird look from some people, and others excitedly pointed at them and whispered.

“I don’t like this…” Saeran whispered quietly.

“It’s ok they won’t bother us.” Seven said with a laugh.

Zen waved at some of the girls and they promptly squealed in excitement.

“Don’t kill anyone.” Jaehee whispered as one of the girls fainted and fell to the ground.

Zen nodded in surprise and quickly followed the others.

Seven led them into a store called ‘Microsoft.’ They looked around amazed at this. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The employees didn’t even care as they went to one of the many tablet things laying out.

“This is called an iPad.” Seven said, dramatically gesturing.

“Oooooh!!! Wooooooow!!!” Yoosung cried with a gasp of surprise.

The rest rolled their eyes but were greatly impressed with the device.

Seven gently took V’s hand and let his fingers gently grace the iPad. He was so surprised by it. It was very smooth and a bit glossy.

“It’s touch screen too~” Seven bragged, as if he was the one who had created it.

“Ok but so are our phones so your point is?” Jumin asked annoyed, to hide his fright. This 'world’ was strange.

“Touché.” Seven replied before sitting down and opening up the Internet. “Now… watch this…”

They looked on as Seven typed 'Mystic Messenger headcanons’ into something called 'Google.’

“What’s Mystic Messenger?” Saeran asked confused.

They all gasped as their own faces popped up.


“SHHH!!!” They all shushed him at once as people looked over.

“Anyways I want you to look at this blog called zens-ponytail. I think you’ll enjoy it very much.”

They turned to look at Zen and Zen shrugged.

“I had no idea my ponytail had a blog. Although… it is amazing~”

“I’m going to cut off that rat tail and then it won’t have a blog anymore.” Saeran whispered.

“Saeran please…” V mumbled. “Seven, what does this blog post?”

“Writing!” Seven replied.

“Writing about what?” Jumin asked.


Everyone looked at each other with a mix of fright but also curiosity.

“Does MC run this blog?” V asked cautiously.

Seven shrugged with a smile. “I don’t know but I do know they write about us and MC being together.”

“Move over I want to see.” Saeran pushing his brother aside and began scrolling through the blog. “They have a masterlist with all our names on it.”

“That’s creepy…” Jumin whispered.

Seven gently moved his brother out of the way and scrolled through the masterlist. “I’m going to pick some out!”

“Oh lord…” Jaehee mumbled.

“Hmm… for Yoosung I think I’ll pick… Yoosung as a best friend!”

Yoosung seemed to deflat and pout. “I wanna be more than just MC’s friend though…”

“You are! You’re their BEST friend!”

“That doesn’t make it better!!!”

“Fine, we’ll also read sexting Yoosung.”

“What?!” All of them seemed to ask at the exact same time.

“Yeah… there’s sex scenes on here…”

“I… this is… I want a lawyer.” Jumin added.

“I don’t believe you can get a lawyer for this Mr. Han.” Jaehee replied quietly.

“He can if he tries hard enough!” Seven piped in.

“Excuse me!” Zen shouted, causing some of them to scoff. “I would like to read one too! My name is in the title!”

“Ok we’ll read about you cutting off your rat- pony tail.” Seven answered with a smile.

“Cutting off MY WHAT-”

Jumin covered his mouth so they wouldn’t get anymore stares. The employees were getting suspicious of them.

“For Jaehee we’ll read about whether she’s a meister or a weapon!”

“A what?”

“From Soul Eater~” Seven answered as if it was the most obvious thing.

“Oh I love that anime!” Yoosung cried.

“I know it was so amazing~” Seven gushed.

“Ew you weirdos…” Saeran mumbled.

Seven laughed and clapped his brother on the back. “Don’t be like that~”

Saeran grimaced and moved away, almost bumping into Jumin.

“Oh yeah Jumin!” Seven cried, pointing at him dramatically as Jumin tried not to scowl. “We’ll read one about you getting married!!!”

“To MC?” Jumin asked as his face turned just the slightest shade of pink.

“Oh course!!! Unless you want to get married to me~?” Seven answered, winking and blowing a kiss to him.

Jumin’s face quickly turned a sickly shade of green and he clapped a hand over his mouth before walking away.

“Hm… I wonder if he ate something bad…” Seven mumbled before turning back to the screen.

Yoosung almost spoke up as Seven picked one for himself but V covered his mouth with a shake of his head.

“For V we’ll read the pocky game~” Seven said with a wink at V.

V blushed and turned his head. He was a bit embarrassed but he was sure it’d be ok. I mean these people didn’t actually know him. Right?

“And for Saeran~ The right gift~”

Saeran looked disgusted for a second before pushing his brother aside once more and beginning to read through his part of the story or whatever he could call it.

“A locket???” he asked himself with a roll of his eyes. “Wooooooow so accurate~”

“Just keep reading!!!” Seven exclaimed excitedly.

Saeran rolled his eyes once more before actually continuing the short story, thing, reading, passage, text, whatever!!!

“Oh…” he mumbled as he got to the end.

Seven smiled happily as he noticed Saeran lightly touch his neck as if wanting to feel a locket there. He’d have to tell MC they needed to get one for him.

“I… it’s stupid!!!” Saeran cried with a huge blush before turning away. In truth, he actually liked it. He loved the thought of always having MC by him in some form. It sounded like a wish come true, including the part about MC being the one to give it to him. If he had that he would cherish it as much as he cherished his new freedom.

The others were practically in awe seeing Saeran react like that but they were all a bit nervous to look themselves.

“Yoosung~!” Seven sang. “Why don’t you come read yours~?”

Yoosung was a bit nervous but stepped up. He felt like he was in the Hunger Games, or maybe Harry Potter. Or a terrifying mixture of both.

He immediately deflated though as he remembered the best friend part. But… if MC only wanted to be his best friend then… then he’d respect that!

He blushed heavily as he read, realizing he’s already doing some of those things with you.

“They can’t beat me in LOLOL…” he mumbled embarrassed. He wouldn’t admit they had gotten very close before he took them out himself. He was pretty sure they were still clueless as to how it happened.

He blushed and pouted a little as he finished. “MC wouldn’t hit me right?”

“I would.” Zen said without a second to process it.

Yoosung’s pout became more prominent and he looked down. “I don’t want MC to hit me… I love them…”

“Then don’t compare them to Rika.” Jaehee added in with a push up of her glasses.

“But- okay…”

“Read the second one Yoosung!”

“The second one?” Yoosung asked confused before he remembered. “Oh… um… I don’t know…”

“Do it!!!” Seven cried.


Yoosung gulped as he began to read over the dirty passage. “O-Oh…”

He could feel a tightness in his pants just imagining it. “I-I don’t think I’d be that rough with them…” he whispered.

“Hmm~ I don’t know about that~”

“I wouldn’t be!!!”

“Alright… we’ll see when MC actually does send you dirty pictures~”

“WHAT?!” Yoosung cried embarrassedly. “They wouldn’t!!!”

“I don’t know~”

Yoosung covered his face embarrassedly and went behind Zen to hide his red, blushing face. “I hate you!!!”

“Zen!” Seven cried dramatically. “Why don’t you come up and test your luck~?”

“Fine.” Zen answered as he pushed his hair back dramatically.

The others chuckled remembering exactly what his passage was about.

Zen, very dramatically, flipped his ponytail before beginning to read. “Hmph. This isn’t accurate. You guys can’t peer pressure me.” He mumbled.

“Oh, you’d be surprised…” Jumin mumbled.

As he finished off the short passage he looked up as if shocked at this. “T-This… I do love my hair more than anything but!!! Would MC love me without it?!”

Everyone nodded without a second thought and even a few 'maybe they’ll love you even more without it’s were mumbled.

“You guys are horrible.” Zen mumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I’ll have you know that my ponytail will stay forever.”

“Jaehee come read your two sentences!!!” Seven called.

Jaehee sighed and rolled her eyes as she made her way towards him. At least it was short. How bad could two, (2), (ll), be?

As she reads she wonders what a meister is and her face must say it all because Seven immediately jumps into an explanation.

“A meister is someone who can control a weapon! A weapon is a person who can shape-shift into a weapon of some sort! Which means you’d be using MC!”

Jaehee falls silent as her face lights up in a blush. That was… definitely a concept, she could say that.

Seeing Seven’s face she didn’t want to ask what exact ways you could use a weapon. He’d probably saying something horribly indecent.

“Ok Seven…” She mumbled as she walked away with a deep blush.

“Hey Jumin~” Seven whistles.

“No.” Jumin immediately answers.

“Why not~? Don’t you want to read about marrying MC?”

“No, because it’ll be inaccurate.”

“No!!! It’s very realistic!!!”

“I don’t trust you.”

“It’s okay. No one does.” Seven replied as he pushed Jumin up to the tablet. “Now read.”

Jumin scoffed and took his jacket off to shake it as if Seven had left deadly germs on him. “Fine.”

He leaned down and his face was already red as he read the first line. Would the day he proposed really be the best in their life? He’d love it if that became true one day.

Although he doubted he’d blush. He never blushed. Ever.

But as he read on his face did get warm. But it was probably only because of how hot it was in this new place. No other reason.

He did love every side of MC. He doubted there was anything he didn’t love about them. They had to be the most person ever made.

“Well what did you think?!” Seven practically exclaimed in his ear.

Jumin grimaced as he moved away from the screaming redhead. “It was okay.”

Seven seemed to deflat and Jumin rose an eyebrow. “The way you react makes it seem like you run this blog.”

“No I don’t!!! I wish I did.” Seven mumbled.

“Of course you do.” Jumin replied dryly.

V gently touched Jumin’s arm as if telling him he somehow understood as Jumin walked past.

Jumin turned and smiled at his friend before gently touching back.

V quickly turned though as he felt Seven’s hand grasp his. He wasn’t ready for this shitshow.

Nonetheless he listened quietly as Seven dramatically read it out for him.

V couldn’t help grimacing at how Seven said it but was blushing as he imaged it.

He wondered how soft their lips were. He always heard the small pop of a chapstick around them so they must be like pillowly clouds. And they were probably really pretty and pink. And the pocky would make them taste sweeter too.

“V!!!” Seven shouted.

V jumped and snapped out of his thoughts. “Yes Seven?”

“Did you like it?!”

“It was… pleasant…” V admitted embarrassedly.

“That’s what I like to hear!!!” Seven exclaimed as he clapped V on the back.

V jumped and grimaced as he rubbed the stinging spot. “Thank you Luciel.”

“No problem buddy!!!” Seven cried before turning back to the tablet. Quickly reading one for his own pleasure before showing them the art wouldn’t hurt right?

They were already bickering about which was most accurate to MC anyways.

Even though he had read it a million times a small smile still came to his face as he read it over.

He even mouthed some the parts and could almost feel the smack of them hitting him for trying to catch a glimpse at their breasts.

He was a slight pervert but he would actually cry seeing them in a wedding dress. He wanted to marry them so bad.

But that could wait. He would get his chance in one world.

“Hey guys~!” Seven cried, snapping out of his calm, sentimental feelings.

The others groaned and looked back at him. There was more?

“Who wants too see artwork?!?!”

The others actually looked at each in surprise and a little excitement. Although there was worry. What if they knew what they looked like? What if they were stalking them?

“I swear it’s really good and really realistic!!!”

“Thanks that makes us feel so much better~” Saeran groaned sarcastically.

“No really come over and look!!!” Seven said.

“Is that me?!” Yoosung asked as he came forward. “I… I actually look good for once!!!”

The others looked at each other suspiciously before coming over and peering over his shoulder.

“It’s a miracle…” Zen whispered.

Jumin laughed as Yoosung delivered a strong sucker punch to Zen’s gut for that.

“Yoosung always looks so cute~” Seven cooed with a wink. “But he looks sexy as hell as a Mint Eye agent.”

“Stop being gay!!!” Yoosung cried with an embarrassed blush.

“No can do when you’re gay too!” Seven rhymed.

“I want to go home this world is making Seven weird!!!” Yoosung cried as his blush grew.

“Or so you think~” Seven hummed as he jokingly leaned in for a kiss.

“Ew!!! I love MC!!!” Yoosung cried before running away from him.


“PG 13!!!” Jaehee cried smacking Seven over the top of the head.

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!” Zen screamed looking and sounding absolutely devastated.

Jumin covered his face as people looked over and whispered about them.

“WHAT THIS IS?!” Zen asked pointing to a picture labeled “Before the accident.”

“Oh um… you don’t want to see that…” Seven whispered as he quickly scrolled past it.

“I didn’t know someone could look so pretty even while crying…” Saeran whispered.

“That sounds more than only a little creepy.” Jumin muttered.

“You’re next to be punched.” Saeran replied.

“Wow…” Zen whispered in awe putting a hand on Seven’s to stop him from scrolling. “Jaehee should wear glasses less often.”

“I thought you were devastated…” Saeran mumbled.

“Then I’d be blind Zen.” Jaehee mumbled louder than Saeran.

“Yeah but you look… well sexy… I should take you out on a snow date!” he joked causing Jaehee’s face to light up a bright red.

“Oh… you know snow is-”

“Great!” Seven yelled cutting her off. “You should totally do that!!!”

“Is that… my son?!” Jumin asked, gazing at the screen of the child that looked so much like him with the perfect mix of MC.

“Oh yeah. Cute huh?” Seven asked as he looked over. “I’d steal him without a doubt.”

“Touch my son and I’ll kill the cops. Or murder you.”

“Don’t give your son trauma!”

“By kidnapping him you’re giving him trauma!”

“No! I’m sure he’d be fine with it!”

“No he would not! I’m going to get an order protection in advance to make sure you stay 3,000 miles away from him.”

“Jeez that’s pretty far. How will I visit my beautiful MC?!”

“They won’t want to see you at all.”

“Ouch you’re so cold Mr. Han. Maybe we should call you… Mr. HANS!”

“WAS THAT A FROZEN REFERENCE?!” Yoosung practically screamed in horror.

“Yes it was!!!! And no would can stop me from making more of them!!!”

“I’ll stop you when I mur-”


“You did not draw that…” Saeran mumbled, peering at the screen. “I’ve seen what you can draw and you can’t even do stick figures.”


“Those are okay I guess…” Saeran mumbled, turning away.

Seven gasped and held his chest. “THE POWERS OF ART!!!”

“That looks creepy though… how do they know what I look like?”

“Well… um… that’ll be explained later…” Seven mumbled.

V shot Seven a nervous glance. “Luciel I-”

“Shhh babe… I got it under control…” Seven whispered as he gently caressed V’s face.

“Luciel please stop touching me.”

“Kay honey…” Seven whispered again as he took his hands off. “It can wait.”

V let out a deep sigh and gently massaged his forehead.

“Excuse me gentlemen.”

They all turned towards a man in a business suit. He had seemed to have gathered all the attention in the room.

“You forgot the lady.” Seven said pointing to Jaehee.

The man rolled his eyes before continuing. “As the manager, I’m kicking you all out for being disruptive.”

“WHAT?! NO!!!”

“See this is exactly why I’m kicking you out. Security!”


“When can we get rid of him?” Jumin whispered to V.

“Whenever we’re allowed home I suppose.” V sighed. It was going to be a long day.

{Edit: Thank you to @zens-ponytail for the hc’s mentioned in this! All credits go to them! And @myetie for the art mentioned in this! All credits go to them too! *Unpaid promotion btw*}

I found myself in Wonderland. Get back on my feet again. Is this real? Is this pretend? I’ll take a stand until the end.

headcanon where during one of their encounters with a certain god of mischief Tony got (temporarily) sent to….. you guessed it!

Happy (late) New Year! Okay so yesterday my computer decided to lose the original finished picture entirely. I had to do the lineart and colors all over again :/ But to be honest this one looks a lot better than the one before. So it was kinda a win lose situation haha. It would’ve been done a while ago but my family was leaving today and i wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. :]

Taking a break from all those breeding and finally got the time to finish off Battle Tree. I’m taking days off work for New Year too! Yay!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
I know it’s a bit late but… oh, well!

I’m done with Super Singles for now. I’m gonna continue to Double and Multi after New Year.

Oh, my Dragonite destroyed Red’s whole team solo, twice, on normal and super single. I’m a bit disappointed tbh.

It’s still amusing tho how silent Red can be.

I also love how he just stand there waiting for us after his defeat, and then shoved all those Mega stones to our face without saying a word… Like, I imagine his face totally saying “Don’t say anything, I know you want it”.

And I just encountered Guzma, ma boi!
He’s levelled up to the title Pokemon Trainer. I’m so proud of him.

You can also scout Guzma and take him as your partner in Multi. I’m totally taking him when it’s time to face Red & Green.
(Still hoping to encounter him with his Golisopod tho)

If only our character can squat like him too!

I’ve also scouted Grimsley, Anabel, Colress, Mallow, and Cynthia along the way. I’m playing Moon, and I heard Sun has slightly different characters that you can scout… Is that true? Well, I haven’t seen Kiawe and Plumeria so far, even tho I’m sure I saw someone encountered them in Battle Tree.

I’m still trying to beat Wally! His Magnezone… it destroyed my team and broke my chain twice yo wtf

Sturdy + Magnet Rise + Bright Powder literally NOTHING hits it. That’s just dirty. Totally unfair.


For anyone wondering/needing help. Here’s my Battle Tree team for Singles:
(level them to at least 50 because it’s the cap for BT)

Adamant Dragonite @Choice Band + Outrage
(this set generally solo OHKOs everything that isn’t a wall or doesn’t resist it, only problem is Dragonite is pretty slow and weak to ice)

Timid Tapu Koko @Life Orb + Thunderbolt
(backs up when Dragonite is down)

Timid Gengar @Gengarite/PoisoniumZ + Sludge Bomb & Shadow Ball
(fairy killer and speed backup if Outrage fails)

**Mentioned moves are mandatory, the rest is your call. All mons preferably have perfect IVs/Hyper Trained & fully EV trained.

Two Hearts Intertwined

Sirius Black x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1178

Warnings: Swearing, kissing, cheesy prophecies

A/N: Guys, I love Sirius Black so much! This was a lot of fun to write. I know that Trelawney probably wasn’t a professor when the marauders were there but idk man it happened. Anyways, thank you for reading! Hope you continue to read our hourly imagines for the New Year! Happy New Year! Love you!

“A true love awaits you at midnight. On New Year’s Eve, there is no stopping the two hearts that will intertwine.” Trelawney’s words echoed in Sirius’s brain.

It was 11:50 and so far none of these people seemed worthy enough to be his true love. What was he even thinking? That lady was crazy as hell! Maybe, that prophecy she had said wasn’t even about him.

Tapping his fingers anxiously against the chair he sat in, he watched for anyone that stood out to him. The only problem was that he’d never connected with any of them before. He’d made out with at least half of the people in the room and none of them had been anything more than that, a make out session.

“Padfoot, are you okay?” James asked, bringing Sirius’s attention back to the group of friends that sat around him.

“Yeah, I’m fine…I’ve just been thinking about the prophecy Trelawney told me…” He trailed off, once again searching the room for someone.

“You need to calm down. She didn’t specify which New Years it would be. It could be years away.” Lily tried to calm Sirius, a worried look on her face.

“Or she’s just batshit crazy!” James suggested, Lily elbowing him in the ribs.

“Lily’s right, this could happen anytime in your life. It doesn’t have to be right now.” Remus said, ignoring James’s comment.

“If it isn’t suppose to happen now, then why wouldn’t she wait to tell me?” Sirius asked growing angry instead of anxious. “James is right, the lady is crazy. Screw this prophecy!” Sirius stood up grabbing his coat.

“Sirius where are you going?” Lily asked, the group watching Sirius in concern.

“I’m going to prove that this lady’s prophecy is bullshit. Everyone at the school is here at this party, so I’m going to go out on the astronomy tower. The only thing I’ll be kissing is the cold air.” Sirius said, determination gleaming in his eyes.

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Remus asked, fidgeting with his hands nervously.

“Of course it is! Go prove her wrong, Padfoot!” James cheered, high fiving Sirius as he left the party.

“Are you kidding me, Prongs?” Remus glared at James.

“I think you should be thanking me. There’s less people to confuse him here. Of course there’s going to be somebody up at the astronomy tower!” James grinned, the others looking at him in shock.

“Good job James. That was…smart.” Lily cringed as she said the word.

“I know!” James grinned, plopping an arm around Lily’s shoulders.


Sirius walked up the winding stairs to the astronomy tower. He may have said that he was going to prove Trelawney wrong, but really he was hoping someone else would be up there. Besides that, he also needed the fresh air to clear his brain.

Making it to the top, Sirius walked around to see it completely empty. Breathing out a sigh, he walked up to the edge leaning against it. He was so stupid to think that anyone else would come here on New Year’s Eve.

“Be careful! Those walls may seem safe, but you would be surprised at how many people have leaned too far and fell.” You warned from behind him.

Sirius turned to be met with someone that was indescribably beautiful to him. It was incredible, no one had ever caught his eye like this. He stared at you, his eyes wide in shock. He was sure he looked like a complete idiot, but he couldn’t stop staring.

“Are you okay?” You asked, worried about the boy.

“Um, yes. Sorry about that, I’m Sirius Black.” Sirius said, his signature smirk appearing on his face.

“(Y/N) (L/N). What are you doing up here on New Year’s Eve?” You asked, tilting your head in confusion. He seemed like the type of guy that would enjoy a party, yet here he was.

“I should be asking you the same thing.” Sirius chuckled. “I’m out here because I needed a breath of fresh air and a moment to clear my head.”

“That’s understandable, I didn’t go.  I’ve never been a party person, it’s just too overwhelming.” You smiled, Sirius’s heart skipping a beat when you did.

“Well, that would explain why we’ve never met before. You see, I’m quite the party guy.” Sirius grinned at you.

“I can tell. You don’t seem the type of guy that would come out here with only a minute left til midnight. Maybe if you had someone meeting you up here, but I haven’t seen anyone else up here tonight.” You said, unconsciously shifting your body closer to his.

“None of those people in there seemed worth kissing. Now you, you’re a different story.” Sirius smirked, watching your face heat up with a blush.

“What’s so special about me? I believe I’m just the same as the many people in that party.” You said, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks.

“Yes, but there’s something that draws me to you. It feels like, I’m supposed to be here, with you.” Sirius admitted, shrugging his shoulders to play off the fact that this had come from his heart.

“What if I told you I feel the same thing? It’s as if two forces are trying to push us together…” You trailed off, hearing the kids at the party begin to countdown.

“There is no stopping the two hearts that will intertwine…” Sirius muttered under his breath, a small smile on his face.

As the clock struck midnight, the world seemed to stop spinning and Sirius couldn’t stop himself from kissing you. Your lips fit and molded perfectly with his. Your hands felt not an inch out of place, resting gently against his chest as he deepened the kiss. He cupped your face, the skin tingling at the touch.

You had just met, yet nothing had ever felt more real. It was as if this was destined to happen. There was nothing else in this moment that could possibly matter more, than the ache your souls felt for each other.

Sirius pulled away, keeping his hands on your face to stroke it with his thumbs. He studied your face, taking in every little mole, freckle and curve. You were too good for him, he could already tell. But after meeting you, Sirius never wanted you to leave his life again.

“Did you feel the atmosphere as we kissed? It changed into something I’ve never felt before…” You said, trying to steady your heartbeat and your breathing.

“Maybe that means we should kiss more often.” Sirius said with a coy smile.

“Do you know why the atmosphere changed?” You asked, ignoring his flirty suggestion.

“I promise to tell you later, if you let me kiss you again.” Sirius suggested, throwing a small wink in for effect.

“I’d like that.” You grinned, pulling him in for another amazing kiss. Sirius smiled into the kiss, holding you tightly to himself. He had found his true love and couldn’t be happier that it was you.