yay! happy new year :)

Happy New Year everyone!!
Let’s make this a good year! I’ll try too!

Next Gen’s New Year’s Resolutions

Teddy: find a place near Uncle Harry’s, because he spoils him

Victoire: binge watch all the Disney movies in one night ( “That’s impossible, Vic.” “Go die in a hole, Scorpius.” )

Dominique: disarm Aunt Hermione in the family duels

Louis: eat an entire pizza in 3 minutes ( “Does the Weasley-Delacour family have any realistic resolutions?” “SHUT UP, SCORPIUS, I’M GONNA DO IT!” )

Molly: get better grades

Lucy: learn how to speak Punjabi with Molly and mum to hide stuff from her dad

Fred: drink nine bottles of firewhisky and not pass out ( “Fred, you’re not even of age.” “WATCH ME.” )

Roxanne: go viral on YouTube with a video of her “miraculously moving things with her mind” ( “Against the law, Roxy.” )

Rose: get better grades, become a prefect, learn how to speak Gobbledook, defeat at least two of Hogwarts’ Quidditch records, write an award-winning book, skip a few grades, beat Uncle Harry out of his Head Auror placement, singlehandedly join the wizarding and Muggle cultures together… ( “Dammit, Rose…” “I’m gonna do it, Scorpius. Watch your mouth, you’re gonna wanna stay on my good side.” )

Hugo: make the Quidditch team

James: get good enough grades to get into Auror training ( maybe even find out what his sexuality is ffs )

Albus: spend more time with his boyfriend ( “That’s sweet, Al.” “Also, learn how to make you less grumpy all the time.” “I’M NOT GRUMPY!” “Of course, Scorp.” )

Lily: jump while simultaneously doing a handstand on a broomstick. while it’s in the air.

Scorpius: find a new boyfriend (this one’s family is exhausting)

okay, well not that.

he really likes his.

crazy, unnecessarily large family and all.

Hello and happy new years! Just like last year and the year before, I’m doing another follow forever post for the blogs and friends that I really adore. 

2017 was a very long and difficult year, not just for me, but a lot of people really. Too many things happened all at once, even personally speaking with things from my own life. Still, this year I also accomplished many things I never thought I would and it makes me happy knowing I’m close to accomplishing at least some goals in the current part of my life! Now I don’t want to get too sappy with resolutions and things I want to achieve in the new year, but I hope that I can make 2018 more positive and hopeful for myself and those around me as I continue moving forward in my life. 

Now onward with the follow forever! All blogs listed are blogs I admire and would definitely recommend following!! mutuals will be in bold. I hope everyone has a great start to the new years and that you’re able to accomplish everything you also want!!! 💕💕💕


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