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"I-Izaya... It's n-not fair!" Mikado cried, pounding his tightly closed fist feebly on the informant's spine, tears streaming down his cheeks, creating a small puddle in front of him. "I d-don't understand... Every time I reach out to Kida he ignores me, the Dollars is a complete mess, and Anri is gone!" He wailed out in agony, pain filling his heart. How did his life get so out of control? It was probably Izaya's own doing, but he needed someone now, and the informant was the only one there...

Izaya swung his feet back and forth, happily enjoying the chiming of his cell phone which went off every few seconds or so. He was currently sitting on the ledge of a roof on a particular high building in Ikebukuro, staring down at the brightly lit phone in his hands and promptly ignoring the sobs coming from behind him and the light ‘thump’ against his back. 

“Fair?” The informant’s head snapped up, his eyes focusing on the brightly lit city below them that illuminated the night, “Since when has anything ever been fair?” His mouth parted slightly, revealing the top of his teeth as the corners of his mouth turned up into what most people would classify as something along the lines of evil or..perhaps sinister would be a better word? Izaya mused at that, his vermilion eyes flicking back to the messages on his phone. 

“You only have yourself to blame, Mikado.” Izaya spoke, “Humans are…complex….delicate. Many don’t like liars, nor do they like false appearances and if I recall correctly…you’re teetering on both of these.” 

Izaya turned his head just enough to get a glance at the sobbing high school boy behind him. “I believe the saying is……Life isn’t fair.” A low chuckle escaped his pale lips.