When the Black Fairy discovers the product of true love, Emma Swan, is pregnant, she threatens to take the child, as this child is also a product of true love, and posses even more power than the savior herself.

In order to escape the Black Fairy, Killian, Emma and her family must take a portal to another land where they will be untouched by the Black Fairy.  But as they embark, Emma goes into labor below deck and the Black Fairy becomes enraged at their plan to escape her, and produces a deadly storm on the sea in hopes of stopping them, and taking the child.

fic:  In the Clear

author: aclosetlarryshipper

rating: mature

word count: 81k

summary: After Princess Gemma and her fiance Niall are captured by the witch from across the land, Harry and Louis are forced on a journey together to save them.

Featuring Lumberjack Liam, Magical Zayn, unsolicited tattoos, and untangling the past.

Also known as The Larrietale.

collage x


  • Medicine (Next-Door Edit)
  • The 1975 // typical-healy
  • Medicine (Single)

lets just imagine that youre next-door neighbors with matty healy. youre lying on your bed, and every night you can hear the familiar sound of the band playing so loud you can hear it through the walls of your bedroom.

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Commissions are officially Open!

It is finally here! I have offcially entered winter break and can work entirely on commissions. It is almost time for Christmas and maybe you’d like a piece of artwork from me? Hopefully you all can find something that fits your budget in Prices! :)

Check my Commission FAQ or send me an Ask if you have any questions!
What I will draw❖ 
What I won’t draw

Important to remember:

1- I need to be payed before I start  a commission. I don’t want to work on something and then be told that   you suddenly can’t pay. Also Once I start and I get the project done, don’t ask for me to change stuff. We can always set up something if your somission is really specific.

2- You must have a picture or a detailed text description of the character or person that you want me to draw. If you have specific details about an outfit  or poses, let me know aswell.

3- If you have a dead line (like a birtday, gift or other) : Let me know when commission me please! It will make the organisation clearer for me and make the chance of me respecting the deadline possible

4- I only accept paypal for payment

Please, when you’re sending through the payment, mark that you are paying for a service, not a product, otherwise it’ll think I have to physically ship you something and the payment will take longer to process.

Contact me: curtisgrahamcracker@hotmail.com (with descriptions and references of characters!)


Thank you!! <3


ALL DONE!!  with the velvet coat and everything! God i’m so proud of this one! It was such a challenge, and i was so… “yeah right you think you can do this, do ya?” when i started it. now it’s all done, and it looks like i have a right to be a bit proud of this one. It’s beautiful Edmund, in To the end of the world", all bloodied up, done with staedtler HB, 3B, 4B and white charcoal, with a bit of sépia for the blood, on grey toned paper. Thank so much for looking! 

Hoping this on will be reblog-worthy :-) !!!!!!!